Irumbu Manithan – Tamil Movie | Comedy Scene | Santhosh Prathap | Archana | (English Subs)
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Irumbu Manithan – Tamil Movie | Comedy Scene | Santhosh Prathap | Archana | (English Subs)

What’s the cost of one parotta ( Roti ) ? Huh ? What’s the cost of one parotta ( Roti ) ? Parotta ?
-Huh It’s so good..
Kurma ( gravy ) is excellent. Not that..What’s the cost of one parotta ( Roti ) ? I can’t hear clearly..Say louder. Why didn’t you say it first. Vessel mouth buddy
Huh ? well. Why so much time to cut that tomatoes ? Gonna finish it.
-I want to cut? Nothing you carry on eating
Ok it’s good taste Greetings.
Greetings come Planned a function in temple..
You both should come for the function. Come for sure. It’s our pleasure Do something what you wish
He will do something Buddy One minute.. Do they look like wise men because of that white dress ? or they wear white dress as
they are wise men ? Huh ..Why do you ask me such questions ? Even though I know answer
I can’t tell you. Mind your business. Else you tell…. Will you answer even you know ? Munikannan, Are we riding some vehicle..? Why is this girl asking for lift ? Are you riding Benz car to ask you lift ? minute. The girl is making humour ..
Why don’t you laugh ? Stop laughing..
Take my money. “ Sublimity is in knowing the duties meant for self to do
excellence ,without much ado “ I’m a living example of a poetic line that says, So, respect is more important for me. You are an illiterate..
then how come you know these. Learns while kids studied.
Oh it’s like… Give me the balance 50 paise
which the conductor asked you to give. Why can’t you take a big amount
when decided to take it ? You took only 50 paise. Be quite Munikannu. I want my 50 paise now..
Here and now give it Give it to her..Don’t make her to die because of that and end us going
to prison because of that. Debt breaks love. So , from now on you are a stranger to me. Hmm hmm. Even before you were strangers only. Sundaram hotel. Welcome sir, what would you like to have ? We are not here to have food. Huh. Who is Sundaram here. Let me call him. Sundaram.
-Huh Sir calls you. Huh I’ll come one minute Tell me sir. Sundaram, Hope people like
you who have small shops Doesn’t get to know about big shots like me. So, I come straight to the matter. Sundaram I have a bad habit That is,If I see something good
then I wish to buy and have it my own. Likewise, I heard about your hotel
and I like it very much. 10 years from now, this place
becomes hot of the town. So let’s make a deal between two of us. The place, the tables , the chairs
and the employs be the way they are.. I never need to change those things. But just make a small change. Remove that board Place a board holding my name
“Vasantham hotels “..That’s it. What do you say Sundaram ? Sir, I came to Madras as an orphan. This is the business which gave me food. This hotel is not my property..
It’s my relation. It’s like my father..As a any Tamilian not change his
father’s name. So please leave from here. Sundaram, don’t hurry. Turn on the radio and hear news. Tirunelveli town as a murder held at a college because of
caste problem. There is so much of tension among people in There was an accident near vandalur zoo.. Accudent with water lorry tanker 5 students has died in that accident and
12 are badly injured admitted in hospital Hey we don’t your child that it is Don’t lose your children because of your father. Sundaram I’m at the height you can’t even think of. So don’t be adamant
You take seven days Within change your decision. Change this board too. Come on guys. Who are they ? Dad. Hey, are you alright ? Sundaram, the little one. You always say that, we shouldn’t cry
at any cost we suffer in our life. But why do you cry now ? Don’t cry.

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