Instagram Q&A with Brendan Gallagher
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Instagram Q&A with Brendan Gallagher

Hey guys, Brendan Gallagher here. I’m back home at my place in Tsawwassen. I just got up. I want to hang out with you guys, so send me your questions. 15 seconds or less, I’ll do my best to answer them. I’ve done a lot of things around the house that I normally wouldn’t get the chance to do. I finally set up my Google Home this morning. Hey Google…play music. [GOOGLE HOME] Sure, music on Spotify. Here you go. [Music plays] I’ve been watching a lot of movies. Most recently I watched Coach Carter. But I went through a phase there where pretty much everything I watched was Will Ferrell. Of course I miss hockey. It’s strange waking up without a real purpose, especially this time of year. But I think there are obviously more important things going on. At a time like this, we’ve got to do what
they’re asking us to do. Trust that they’re doing the right things
and trust the medical professionals that they’re advising us in the right way. They’ll get this thing figured out and sooner rather than later we’ll be back to doing what we all love to do. It’s a tough question for me. I don’t really know what we’re listening to most of the time. In the mornings, Pricey [Carey Price] plays the music. It’s country. It’s more relaxed. Then for games, it’s either Foles [Christian Folin], Domes [Max Domi], or Tuna [Tomas Tatar] and they play techno. I don’t really know what the names of the songs are, but I enjoy it. My favorite team to play against… it’s always fun going into Boston and winning. It’s also fun coming home and playing in front of friends and family here in Vancouver and out west in Edmonton and Calgary. Basically anywhere we win… This next question comes from Artturi Lehkonen. The carpool game… Yeah, it was another successful year. I enjoyed being your champion. It’s nice that you could point this out and I could tell all the people about it. But it was a game that I actually taught Jordie Benn and Lehky but they could just never quite get on my level. My fellow Cincinnati Bengals fan would like to know our best prospect. I mean, is it too early to get a Joe Burrow jersey? Probably not. I’m going to go get one of those. I mean, we’re in for a hell of a decade, buddy. Me and you. We’re going to enjoy many rings. The 2020s are going to be our decade. I feel good about it. Favorite moment from this season? It’s always cool seeing the young guys reach milestones. You know, seeing Suzy [Nick Suzuki] and seeing Evy [Jake Evans] score their first goals. Seeing Preems [Cayden Primeau] get his first win. Fleur [Cale Fleury], seeing Fleur get his
first goal — sorry Fleur, I got you, buddy. Yeah, seeing guys get their first career goals and wins, it’s pretty cool to be a part of. It’s been easier since I’ve been back in BC. It’s been nice and sunny here so I’ve been
able to go outside and go for walks and enjoy the outdoors. I keep active that way. Yeah, I’m talking to guys on the team pretty much every day. We’ve got a group chat going. We were playing Call of Duty when I was in Montreal, but I left my PlayStation there. They don’t need me, I’m terrible. They’re better off without me. A good sacrifice I made for the team. But we keep in contact. Obviously I want to know what they’re up to. Yeah, me and Domes felt really fortunate to get the chance to sit down with Mr. Cournoyer and ask him questions, but most importantly to listen to what he had to say. He’s played with so many great players but he’s a legend himself. Just his wisdom, his advice, and his stories he can tell, it’s a great opportunity for us to just sit there and try to take it in and learn as much as we possibly can. [Speaking French] Oui, toi? All right, that’s it for me today, guys. Stay safe, stay isolated and I’ll see you guys all very soon.


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