Ice Guardians Extras: Dave Brown

– It was my first year and I played with a guy by
the name of Daryl Stanley. He was my roommate and still
a good friend and that. He was tough, really
tough guy, played defense. I think we were in New Haven. We were playing against I think Archie Henderson was there. Pretty sure it was New Haven. Archie Henderson was a big tough guy. He was a friend with Glen Cochrane too. He was six foot six, big guy, anyway. Archie had problems with his hearing. He had hearing aids in because he couldn’t hear. He’s always been a little bit deaf or had problems with his hearing. I was backchecking on the play and Archie was going down the wing and I was in behind him and Daryl Stanley was backing on the play and Archie went offside. Daryl Stanley says to him,
he says, “You’re offside!” Archie looked like, I think he thought Daryl Stanley was calling him on. Archie goes like, “What?” Stanley says, “You’re offside!” Archie thought he was calling him on. He says, “Okay, well let’s go then.” He dropped his gloves and they fly. Archie thought he was
calling him on to fight but Daryl was telling him he was offside because Archie couldn’t hear.

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