Ice Cream Taste Test Tournament: Chocolate Flavors

– Today begins the ice cream
tournament of the ages. – Let’s talk about that. (groovy music) Good mythical morning. – All around the country, there’s an event that begins in the month between February and April where college students play
a game with an orange ball in elimination style tournament. From our understanding, it’s an absolute month of mayhem. – And while this very
litigious organization has their fun, we’ve created our own exciting and non-copyright-infringing elimination style tournament that has absolutely nothing
to do with orange balls but instead ice cream. – Yeah, last March, we ate 32 of the most popular cereals and crowned Cinnamon Toast Crunch as the overall cereal champion and this year, we’re gonna crown the queen of the cream. – Welcome to day one of
an ice cream competition that will span five episodes
of Good Mythical Morning. In the end, only one ice
cream will remain standing. It’s time for Take it to the Scoop, National Ice Cream
Tournament Chocolate Region. Behold our hugely humongous deliciously delectable
ice cream bracket board, AKA the brrracket. – Oh yeah, you lift the lid and the flavor smoke
comes out of the corner. As you can see, each of the four quadrants or regions, represents a category of
store bought ice cream. We’ve got chocolate, we’ve got vanilla, we’ve got fruit and we’ve got miscellaneous. – And we’re beginning with 32 competitors which we already narrowed
down from 64 with your help. We did that by compiling a list of the top 16 ice creams in each category based on sales stats, online sentiment and mythical crew surveys and then 45,000 of you, more than 45,000 of you voted
via Facebook and Twitter on your favorites within each category and that brought us to eight
ice creams per category. – And today, we’re gonna go
through the chocolatey region. Now, just to clarify, chocolate ice cream qualifies even if it has other ingredients as long as the base is
chocolate ice cream. Let’s meet our top eight seeds. – [Rhett] We’ve got Ben &
Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie. – [Link] Breyer’s Chocolate. – [Rhett] Haagen Dazs
Chocolate Peanut Butter. – [Link] Baskin Robbins
Peanut Butter and Chocolate. – [Rhett] Haagen Dazs Chocolate. – [Link] Blue Bunny Super Fudge Brownie. – [Rhett] Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food. – [Link] And Blue Bell Rocky Road. (dinging)
(slurping) – Okay, we’re starting with the top ranked seed in this category with 23,997 votes, Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie versus the lowest ranking seed with 7,974 votes Breyer’s Chocolate. – That is a lot of votes. Now, for this and every category and every matchup, we’re gonna be assessing
taste, mouth feel, distribution of ingredients, if there are any, and overall joy of the bite. Now before we get into joying this bite, I just want to acknowledge the comments of our 1,700th episode where we ate all of
the Ben & Jerry’s pints and rated them, people said that I was
a little inconsistent and overcritical with my scores. – But that was not a surprise to anybody. – I acknowledge that. – And that doesn’t matter anymore because we’re doing the tournament format which completely eliminates that problem. – Okay, Breyer’s is a classic brand. You feel like you can count on them to give you a high quality joy bite. Let’s dink it and sink it at the top here. Ooh, and I love how it’s
melted just a little bit. – It’s a classic chocolate flavor. This is chocolate fudge brownie. So it’s got chocolate and fudge brownies, not chocolate, fudge and brownies, but chocolate and fudge brownies, there’s a difference. – All right. Mmm.
– Ooh. – And there’s chunks of brownie, big. Look at that, that’s a big chunk of brownie. I’m sorry to pull that out of my mouth but I just had to. – This is the first flavor that we tested in our Ben & Jerry’s thing and I gave it an 81, you gave it a 72 and I think it was just
because it was the first one, we didn’t know what we were doing but it definitely, this
is a good solid ice cream if you just want chocolate. – Yeah but when you want that extra chewy chocolate-packed goodness, this has to move on. – This is easy. Chocolate fudge brownie moves on. – Oh yeah. Chase. Oh, you’re on a step ladder. – I am on a step ladder.
– We can see further up your shirt from that angle. – You look super athletic. – That was an athletic move. – Hey. (dinging)
(slurping) – Okay, now we’ve got a
peanut butting of the heads with our two middle seeds. The fourth seed with 9,588 votes, Haagen-Dazs Chocolate Peanut Butter versus our fifth seed with 9,414 votes Baskin-Robbins Peanut
Butter and Chocolate. – Now, I think we’re gonna like these. – ‘Cause we love peanut
butter in our ice cream. – And my mama would get the Haagen-Dazs ’cause she thought it sounded fancy. It turns out Haagen-Dazs doesn’t mean anything. It’s just made up. – Even the peanut butter
distribution looks similar. – Oh my gosh. Look, I got a peanut butter gold mine. – [Link] Oh you did? – I’m not gonna eat all that but I’m going in for this. – Mmm mmm. – Did you get a peanut butter bite? – I got a lot of ribbons. – [Rhett] That’s good. – The peanut butter comes
through so aggressive. – Ooh. I’m just peeling it right off the top. It’s like a strip mine. – I’mma get a very, I thought you were gonna
say like a stripper. – Wow, these are strikingly similar. – Whoa now though, the chocolate in this comes through more. – These are both very, very solid but in my mind, the smoothness of the
chocolate from Baskin-Robbins and also the chocolateyness
of it is better. – Seriously? – You were gonna say
that the Haagen-Dazs– – The peanut butter is stronger here and the chocolate, give it another taste. – Hold on, you know what
I totally forgot about, I forgot about the peanut butter nugget. I got the giant peanut butter
nugget out of this one. – And let me tell you, the chocolate is markedly better
from the Haagen-Dazs, man. There’s no denying that. – That’s smooth, though. – It’s smoother but there’s a lot of air. – I’m totally willing to be swayed. – You’re getting the consistency like air. – I’m about to agree with you. If you keep talking, I’m gonna go the other way. – I just want you to be right. – The size and the chunkiness
of the peanut butter I think makes it ’cause this is chocolate peanut butter. So I’m gonna go with
the Haagen-Dazs as well. Sending it through. – Chase, do that before
Rhett changes his mind to just teach me lesson. Oh my gosh. Chases’ butt just knocked
down four other containers. – Yeah, but I look good. – How did you get so many?
– Look at his face. (laughing) (dinging)
(slurping) – Remember, every Saturday, we drop a new two man vlog over on the Rhett and Link channel. So go over there, check it out and subscribe while you’re there. – Also, follow us on Instagram @mythical. Every day, this week, the crew’s gonna be holding
their own tournament, yeah, to determine the best ice cream topping. I thought they would cheer but– – Yeah! – They’re working. – Okay, next up, we got seed three with 10,910
votes, Haagen-Dazs Chocolate versus seed six with 9,169 votes Blue Bunny Super Fudge Brownie. – So let’s just dig into
this Haagen-Dazs chocolate. – So this is just like
the Haagen-Dazs chocolate without the peanut butter. – It’s a good chocolate.
– It’s a good chocolate. – It’s a real good chocolate.
– It’s a good chocolate. I’m not gonna argue with that. – Now, we’re in a similar
scenario as round one here where now is this as good of a chocolate plus fudge brownie? The fudge pieces are kind of hard to find. – I like things to be
a little bit complex. So when you add brownies
to regular chocolate, I’m gonna go for it every time. – I hate knocking that Haagen-Dazs off ’cause it’s a really good chocolate. This Blue Bunny’s gotta move forward. – The Blue Bunny jumps ahead. – [Link] Watch yourself, Chase. – [Rhett] Do it like a bunny, Chase. – Chase doesn’t know how to be a bunny. He’s never done that. – I just made him jump on a ladder. I’m sorry for that. (dinging)
(slurping) – Our next matchup is number two seed with 11,050 votes, Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food versus our seventh seed with 7,990 votes Blue Bell Rocky Road. Now both of these have marshmallow but the phish food also has
phish-shaped chocolate chunks and caramel. – You gave this a 21 during
our Ben & Jerry’s taste test. I just want you to know. – If you get a caramel pocket, that’s all you’re tasting. – Rocky road was my
favorite ice cream flavor growing up before I was
introduced to other roads. – And it’s got some
almonds in there of course. – It’s nice. I like going down that road. – This is this minus the nuts plus the
chocolate and the caramel. Ding, ding, ding, ding. – I don’t understand but I agree. Phish food moves along. Do it like a fish fan. (laughing) (dinging)
(slurping) All right, next up, we’ve got the number one
seed Chocolate Fudge Brownie versus the number four seed Haagen-Dazs Chocolate Peanut Butter. – Now when I eat ice cream, I like to smoosh it down. – Well this is we’re
eating ice cream right now. That’s the thing, we’re
both eating ice cream. – You can find some goodness that wants to pop out that way. Mmm. Mmm. I eat the ice cream and then I get the fudge.
– Please, no moaning. This is the overall number one seed? I get it. – But this has peanut butter and it is the most expensive ice cream that we’re eating today. – I’ve got to find those
peanut butter nuggets. – Mmm, I just love peanut butter. – You ever been gold mining? – I bought a sack of rocks
at the state fair one time and then ran some water over ’em. – Yeah, isn’t this just like that? – Exactly. – This is like getting a sack of rocks at the state fair and
running water over it. – This is so good but it’s chocolate on chocolate. It’s like a joke on a joke. We’re comedians. – It’s a hat on a hat? – It’s a hat on a hat. – I think that this is super solid. – This is just a pairing like no other, like two guys eating ice cream, that’s what this is like. – There’s something
about the fudge brownie that isn’t what it could be when stacked up against peanut butter. And it is smooth, it’s growing on me. – You want to go back in there. Chase, move the peanut butter– – Hold on, are you sure about this?
– Yes! This is the overall number one seed. We’re gonna piss everybody off. – But we love peanut butter. It’s just a magical complexion. – I’m sorry, we’re gonna have to do it. We’re moving it along. – [Link] All right, yes,
and I’m not gonna apologize. – I am gonna apologize just a little bit so don’t hate us. (dinging)
(slurping) – Now we got the sixth seed
Blue Bunny Super Fudge Brownie versus the two seed Ben
& Jerry’s Phish Food. All right, let’s go into this, I touched your finger. – Yeah, I’ll just grab it for you. – That’s a good ice cream. – It is good.
– Chocolate on chocolate but still you can’t–
– I think I might like the fudge brownie in this better than the fudge
brownie in Ben & Jerry’s but that’s sacrilegious to say, I’m sorry. – I do not. – You don’t like the fudge brownie? – It’s smaller and it’s
a little harder to find. But that’s not what we’re judging. – [Rhett] I’m just
talking about the flavor. – We’re judging it with
the phish food, my friend. There’s a lot of
marshmallow, lot of caramel. I mean the chocolate is
shaped like a fish, man. That’s workmanship. – As much as I like the taste, I can’t eat it without
picturing a phish concert. Like I just picture a
bunch of sweaty hippies and it’s just, it’s not appetizing. You know what I’m saying? I kind of want to get on
the outskirts of that. – I cannot deny the
variety here versus that but that just means we need a tiebreaker. – Okay, here we go. Please welcome the super
star of fixing cars, he puts the swish swish in ship ship and he’s no oxygenarian. It’s Goorgen Zargarian. – Woo, there he is, check
it, check it, check it. Hey Goorgen, come on over. Yeah, right here in the middle, man. – Hey Goorgen.
– Always glad to have you back.
– How are ya? – Nice to meet you.
– Hey man. Sit down right in there. Now we had you waiting in the wings. Okay yeah, there you go. – I’m big man, I’m big man. – He just said I’m a big man. He’s stealing your taglines. – Hey, there could be
two big men around here. Definitely not three. – Important I am between two legends for the Good Mythical Morning. – No, you’re the legend. – Okay, you’re gonna tell us which one of these you prefer. – [Goorgen] Maybe this one is okay. I check it, yeah? – Yeah, check it. If you haven’t seen the commercial that we made with Goorgen, you should. – What do you think about that one? – It’s good, it’s good. – You got the chocolate,
you got the fudge. Now try this spoon and the phish food. So you got some– – [Goorgen] It’s free, right? – [Rhett] It’s definitely free. – We’re not gonna charge you for it. So that’s got some
chocolate, some marshmallow. – Very hard to say which one is better. Both is perfect. – [Link] Both is perfect but – Which one tastes like sweaty hippies? – In five, four, three, two, one. Which one do you choose Goorgen? – This one. – That’s right, Goorgen. – The Blue Bunny Super Fudge Brownie moves forward, Chase? – The blue bunny sneaks
under the fence once again. – So you don’t like marshmallow? – I feel something inside,
it was so delicious. – [Link] Well fudge, fudge. – [Rhett] There’s
delicious fudge in there. – You said free, I can eat everything. – [Rhett] You know what, you can take it with you. – You can hang out back. (laughing) Take that with you. (dinging)
(slurping) – All right, our final matchup is an unexpected battle
of the middle seeds. We’ve got the Blue Bunny
Super Fudge Brownie in the sixth seed and the fourth seed, Haagen-Dazs
Chocolate Peanut Butter. – Goorgen couldn’t take
his eyes off this stuff. – I saw it in his eyes as soon as he ate it. – I mean there’s nothing to complain about when it’s on its own. I haven’t had a big nugget yet. I don’t want– – [Rhett] You know what, just take that. – Okay. Mmm, mmm. – You gotta know how to get a chunk, man. – That’s like a scoop of
peanut butter in your mouth. – Y’all know what’s
gonna happen right here. I mean I told you I
like this fudge brownie better than the other fudge brownie and it’s true, I do but— – I don’t. – It’s no competition for the
Haagen-Dazs Peanut Butter. But either way, it’s going
to the frozen finale. – [Link] Chase, oh he got it. – [Rhett] Look at the athleticism. – [Link] And he slammed it, yes. – [Rhett] That was the best
part of this whole episode. – I agree. – Well, the Goorgen part
was pretty awesome, too. – Yeah, it was. – Be sure to come back tomorrow because we’re gonna be
determining the winner form the fruity ice creams. – Yes, and thanks to Goorgen for being a part of this and thank you for subscribing and clicking that bell. – You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Lauren. I’m a Zumba instructor from New Jersey and I just finished teaching my class and it’s time to spin
the wheel of mythicality. – You don’t look sweaty enough. – Zumba, click the top link to watch us guess car air freshener scents with Goorgen in Good Mythical More. – And to find out where the wheel of
mythicality’s gonna land. Can you see anything? – No, I can see. There’s something up there, man. There’s something in the distance. (spooky music)

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