I Rode Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway! (NEW Disney Ride!)
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I Rode Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway! (NEW Disney Ride!)

What’s up losers I am back at the
happiest place on earth whoo Actually you know what? If Disney’s
considered the happiest place on earth, which Disney Park is the happiest? Huh?
Huh? Is it the one here? Is it the one in Anaheim, or is it the one in Paris? Or…I
don’t remember where the others are but which one? Can you imagine I made a video comparing
all the parks? Like good God, imagine having the money to be like let’s figure
out which Disney Park is the best. I bet you now some rich person’s gonna see
this and copy my idea and get a million views on it. I’m already triggered. So the
whole point of today’s video is there’s a new ride here Mickey and Minnie’s
railroad whatever I just figured I’d come check it out and you all will be
real proud of me I put on sunscreen today. Give myself a pat on the back. I’ll
probably still get sunburned. There’s so many spaces up in the front
my dumbass parked all the way in the back. Exercise! So in order to go on this
new Star Wars ride you have to get here at like 6:00-7:00 in the morning or
something in order to like I don’t know the whole process but you have to get
here early in the morning to get a thing that tells you when you can come back
later to do it so if you guys want to see me do that
just leave a comment below and I’ll do it for you I got you good! I’m not waking
up that early girl bye 10 years later and I finally arrived cuz
I parked in the very back. Alright I’m in there’s just one thing missing
bippity-boppity-boo! Oh my God I cannot see at all. Okay, alright. The things I do for all five of my
subscribers here we go oh I’m already getting dizzy from all
this windy-ness. This pray for me I hope this isn’t too crazy because I
have to pee Why didn’t anybody tell me the tag was sticking out Gosh. Supposed to have my back. I also have these on backwards No wonder it was so uncomfortable Well hi folks! Wanna take a ride on
the train? Excuse me, you there! -Who me? Do you mind helping these good people into the car while I fix this – Well I guess I could do that for you Goofy Thanks! Be back in a jiffy to pick you all up Here we go Mickey: Hi folks! Minnie: Hello there! Mickey: Hi goofy Goofy: Hey Mick and Min Mickey: Make sure to take good care of our friends Goofy: Of course! They’re with me, what could possibly go wrong? Mickey: Oh no! I must have hit that track switch! Minnie: Goofy, wait! Hurry, hurry, hurry! Step right up ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls Mickey: There they are! Minnie: Yoo-hoo! Minnie: We made it! Mickey: Nothing can stop us now! Mickey: We have to stop them before they go over! Daisy: Welcome dancers, welcome! Come, come come. Oh, look at all those bright smiling faces. It’s so nice to see you. Come on in. Don’t be shy. That’s right. Everyone to your positions Ready? And…one two three, one two three, oh excellent! You’re all waltzing so beautifully together. Now let’s conga! Mickey: We did it! Goofy: Well that concludes my guided tour. Hope you had a relaxing ride around the park And thanks for sticking with me. Hey picnic-ers, told you nothing was going to go wrong * Mickey singing* “Nothing can stop us now, I knew somehow that we would finally make it” Alright I’m out I can finally pee! Okay
I peed I can function again. So yeah it was pretty cute like I like the graphics and
everything. Would I wait an hour and fifty minutes again for it? No but at
least I got to go on it once and see what it’s like. I really had no idea what to
expect going in. There used to be another right here and they took it out to put
this so I don’t know what it was like or anything but it was kind of cool I
wouldn’t wait more than like 20 minutes for it again. But hey, its new I had to
check it out, get the views *laughs* Yeah right like three people are gonna watch this.
Shout out to the three people who always support me thanks! So one of my favorite
rooms I’d say for that was the Daisy one I like how it turns to a
little dance party I was like yeah trying to hit my moves but I couldn’t because I’m being thrown all over the place but whatever Daisy I’ll forgive you this one
time. I do really like that they did the little train how they…that you ride on
I thought that was really cute but yeah overall it’s a cute ride
like I said would not wait more than 20 minutes for it again I’m sorry
also this headband is murdering my big fat head like why was I born with this
gigantic head it’s killing me but I have to wear it.
It’s difficult being such a true Disney fan So do you guys know what day it is? It’s Thirsty Thursday! That’s right Sarah is
thirsty and she needs a drink and I found one that looks pretty good
so we’re gonna give it a shot a shot Haha shot, clever! Ok I’ll leave oh yeah I didn’t get carded. I’m old I know that’s mine. Come on I’m right
here. All right I got my drink whoa whoa It’s very sour
alright guys with that that concludes Why am i right by a speaker? Hold on. Alright this is much better This is pretty bomb
anyways what that concludes my video of my Minnie and Mickey railroad I already
forgot the name I only really care about this right now
thanks for watching and happy Thirsty Thursday I have such an annoying habit
when I make videos I constantly am pulling my hair forward and moving it
back like stop touching your hair Sarah oh there’s a squirrel!

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