HUGE Funko Pop Collection OVER 350!! Disney, Pixar, & Star Wars! How to Display Funkos?
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HUGE Funko Pop Collection OVER 350!! Disney, Pixar, & Star Wars! How to Display Funkos?

Today I will be doing an updated Disney Funko pop collection. Let’s get started I Have a total of 353 disney/pixar in Star Wars Funko pops There will be some pops in this video that are not shown as they are packed away with some holiday decor And there are also some jumbo pops that currently do not fit in my room Display, so they’re also being stored currently So I will just be showing you guys the current Funko pop collection that is stored in my room, which is the majority So let’s get started as most of you know I have shelves that go all the way around my room featuring my Funko pop figures. So starting above my desk I have all of my Pixar characters We have characters from Coco inside out while we the good dinosaur Finding Nemo and finding dory Ratatouille and then we move into my Mickey 90 figures along with the special edition Donald figure and my classic Mickey and Friends like Chip and Dale Pluto, Mickey and Minnie and More from there we transition into my small Incredibles collection Bug’s life monsters ink and monsters University and cars and cars 3 Also below the shelf above my desk we have two other jumbo Funko pops We have two of the Mickey Mouse ones And there’s also another shelf below my desk which includes some overflow of the Toy Story characters. We have the Pizza Planet truck Arcee and some other making those figures that do not fit on the show before we head up to the next shelf down below here on my Mirror I have at the four pack of dapper Dan’s these are d23 Expo exclusives next up the shelf above my door is mainly miscellaneous characters along with a little bit of overflow of Toy Story characters Starting here in the corner We have one of the Disney Papa rides, which is the rescuers and then we have some Dumbo characters and one Funko pop up from Emperor’s, New Groove Next to that we have lady in the Tramp and Bambi and the big hero six characters and Mary Poppins Now we move into the overflow of the Pixar characters here We have all of my Toy Story characters from the original movies along with some ones from Toy Story 4 Here we took back into some of the miscellaneous ones we have Eliot’s from peach dragon and we have Huey Dewey Louie and Scrooge McDuck We also have some of the Lion King characters we the Pooh and Zootopia and Then we move into my bigger lilo and stitch collection this features some of the pop Ryan characters along with some duo sets Next to that we have my really small Avengers pop collection, I hope to grow that collection a little bit more and then right there on the end We have the red head from Pirates of the Caribbean which will transition us into the Disney Park pop fingers Between the two shelves next to my door. I have a smaller shelf that drops down so I can put some of my pop Boxes up there. I really try to keep the Disney parks exclusive pops in their boxes Although I do take some of them out. So here on this little shelf. We have all Disney parks exclusives So we have the Tiki Room collection the collector from guardians of the galaxy mission breakout chef a figment from the International Food and Wine Festival the Epcot 35 Figment Orange bird for a rabbit bear Fox and Brer bear and then right in front of that We have the Splash Mountain ride vehicle and the Indiana Jones ride vehicle. I Also wanted to mention that I do keep and store all of my Funko pop boxes So if I were ever to resell them or want to put them away I do have all the correct boxes next that we have the shelf above my bed, which features the overflow of Disney parks, exclusive characters here We have all of the Haunted Mansion ones and I’ll have my full review of this particular series linked down below along with my other Disney Funko collection videos and reviews Next to that we have a little bit of overflow Confusion here. This is the little section of the Halloween characters that I put back up after my display I’m currently working to reorganize my Funko pops so this is also a small little miscellaneous section featuring record Ralph’s characters and Some Toy Story characters and also some Nightmare Before Christmas characters After moving away from those characters and moving into Disney Princesses along with the bear villains So we have karela de Ville The Little Mermaid Moana Beauty and the Beast along with the live-action Being in the beasts and then we have some smaller collections like Princess and the Frog and Pocahontas Next now, we have tangled. I really wish they had more tangled characters We also have Alice and Aurora with two different Maleficent’s we also have a smaller Snow White in the Seven Dwarfs collection We have some alignment characters in Cinderella characters, and then I move into frozen I have a lot of but none of these are from frozen – And Behind the there and on the end we have Peter Pan along with two different Tinker Bell’s and a Captain Hook movie moment before we head up to the last shelf in my current display here I have some of the Disney park ride vehicles displayed I really don’t have room for these ones on my shelf as they are bigger figures So here we have the Matterhorn a bobsled a Funko pop from a Disneyland And we also have the Disney skyline and that includes Mickey Mouse on the shelf above those We also have two other Disney perks, exclusive Funko pops. We have a DJ Rex and hondo, ohnaka Moving up here to my top shelf above my closet door and next to my pan board I have all of my Star Wars figures. These ones are currently arranged by movie So we have a new hope and Power Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi and rogue one And then we move into the newer movies like force awakens slash Jedi and one from the rise of Skywalker I hope to get more from that particular series and then we also have the Mandalorian I do plan on collecting a lot from that series and especially the child So those are all of my Funko shelves but here’s a look at some of the other pups that were not completely packed away But I just did not have on display right now here We have the diamond Edition Disney parks Exclusive abominable snowman from the Matterhorn attraction two of the Aladdin movie moments This Fantasia or sorcerer Mickey pop movie moment This 2-pack. I just recently reviewed on my channel. This is the Funko pop up house and Kevin and lastly here. We have the jumbo scrooge mcduck Before the video continues I wanted to let you guys know that I did not receive an email response From the giveaway winner from a few weeks ago. So today we will be picking a new winner So if you did comment on that video You may have a chance here to win the winner must email me their address to official Disney cupcake at That information will be down below. They’ll have one week to reply or a new winner will be chosen as you guys can see Right here. I am on the comment generator. Let’s see who won The winner is Gloria Congratulations, it says I’ve been watching your videos since 2016 and I love them all Thank you so so much again You’ll have one week to respond your address to the email down below now back to the video So that is my Disney Funko collection. I hope you guys enjoyed this video comment down below what your favorite character was I would love to hear about it or let me know down below if you collect Funko pops I love to hear about your collections too with that in mind Make sure to check out my Instagram linked it down below and share your collection with me using the hashtag Disney cupcake collection and we’ll be liking all of those and checking them out So thank you guys so so much for supporting me there as well. Make sure also to subscribe to this youtube channel there will be a 10,000 subscriber giveaway coming up along with other Collection videos just like this one If you guys like to see my Disney collection grow over the years Make sure to check out my Disney room tour videos all linked down below along with other Funko videos I hope you guys have a wonderful day and remember to do what you love and do it makes you happy and I’ll see you Guys next time bye


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