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Hr Vs Employee: The Lie Detector Test | Ok Tested

Is it necessary to punch in and out every day?Can’t you believe that we are working? Is giving salary necessary? Does HR actually do anything other than making Rangolis?This is not true. This is the first time I am coming on the camera so obviously, I am nervous. And I am also nervous because of the lie detector. Either I will get a hike or I’ll be fired today, there’s no middle ground. I think the first person whom I interacted and connected with was Aakansha. The best quality of my HR that she is very well balanced. So my favourite thing about Aakansha is that she is very dedicated. She balances both her anchoring and her primary job as a designer. The best thing about me is that I am very dedicated and the reason she didn’t tell you about my worst qualities is that HR needs to lie at times. I am ready for the lie detector test. You can put me in the zone. Let’s see how it goes. I hope I’ll still have my job. Let’s just see. We are here for another lie detector test and this one is really intense. Because an innocent employee is thrown in front of an HR. The setup looks like as if it is my appraisal interview. Is this gonna affect my appraisal Poonam?See, HR lies so easily. You shock us during our appraisals, now the tables will turn. There is one month left for that. Every dog has its day. Are you ready for the questions? Who is gonna start by the way? – I’m gonna start.
– Of course.What is in store for you? Ok, I love this question. Have you ever submitted fake bills for reimbursement? It is the time of the year for submission. Yeah. Never. There you go, you’re caught. I am the most honest employee you’ll find I am a designer. So do you design bills too? Maybe for other people. Really? I know everybody’s dirty secret. Those who told me to make fake bills. But I have never done it for myself. So you design bills other than rangolis? Yes, I can design anything, I get paid for the same. Give me a knife and I can even redesign some faces. But I am a very honest person, Poonam. But not according to the lie detector.In Bihar, we say, “Don’t poop where you eat”. So I don’t do shit at my workplace. I hope we can be candid like this. But you still didn’t answer my question. So did you give fake bills for this year’s tax purposes? Not really. Not really? So I have registered all of this . You have? Yeah.Is it necessary to punch in and out every day? Like, don’t you trust us with the work? Tell me one thing, is it necessary to pay you every moth? This is exactly what I was scared of because I know I will have no comebacks in this video because they may have repercussions later. This is the just the first question and I am already f**ked. What will happen next? Can I use the word f**ked? Yes we are in a casual lie detector shoot today. We will have a formal discussion after one month. She’s scaring me. I should have been like a veteran but she is making me uncomfortable. So you’ve come prepared with a strategy but it’s my turn now. So this is my first question and it is exactly what I thought of. Does HR do anything other than making Rangolis?Yes.This is not true. Wasn’t Rangoli making a part of your first semester? Which team do you work for? You also make Rangolis, I guess. Actually I went to design school for that. Rangoli?So I think then we are in the same boat. The only difference is that I was actually hired to make Rangolis.Do you think our HR orders the cheapest cakes every month for monthly birthday celebrations? Not just for a monthly birthday celebration but for farewells too. Especially for farewells, they order the cheapest cakes possible.I like this very much. I don’t know why did I get a shock because everbody in the office knows about this. Who eats a Pineapple cake? But last month it was chocolate cake. You ate it too. I have a photograph. Photo? See they take pictures of employees while eating. But I didn’t fully lie Yes, you did. But I meant not very cheap but not that expensive too. I am glad that there is no alcohol today because I would have blacked out and puked all over the floor. But because of Poonam, we decided to behave. As long as we both get shocks, I am okay with this. Oh My God! This is a question I have been wanting to ask her for a long time. Do you think Poonam that your employees are underpaid? No, they are not. She’s getting a shock for everything. Yeah because she is an HR, lying is her prime job.She has to be in videos as well as make Rangolis. So I think every individual and every organisation… She got caught so bad. Everyone feels they are underpaid. When I ask how? Everybody feels they have more competensies over the other employees.After that hour-long HR answer I could conclude that she thinks she is overpaid and the rest of us are underpaid.Do you think working Saturdays and Sundays are pointless? A million times yes. Either way, nobody works on a Saturday everybody is lazing around only. Except me because I work hard on Saturdays.I think the last bit was a lie. You don’t even work on weekdays. So I am being paid for nothing. We have to work on alternate Saturdays and that is the worst thing ever. Because when I wake up my husband is sleeping and my dog is peacefully chilling. But I have to come to work and I don’t find any traffic because no other sucker has to go to work on a Saturday.And I enter the office to find a sea of sad faces everywhere. I am just telling you behind the scenes. But the point to be noted is, the HR team gets off on all Saturdays in this company. Really? Really! Tell them if I am lying. I will catch her lie on the video. I will show the footage of her chair on Saturdays. – You have to ask.
– Oh, I have to ask? Have you ever enjoyed firing somebody in this company?Oh, you couldn’t lie Poonam. I am right in front of this camera. Um yes, I have. And she is only been here since six months. I am liking this new side of Poonam.

How good or bad does it feel while firing someone? It’s really bad. Clearly not, Poonam. So I may be an HR but I do have an emotional side. When I have to fire someone my heart throbs and sharing this bad news takes a lot of preparation. Because it happens a lot when you tell a guy that he’s fired and he starts crying in front of me. This video is dedicated to the other side of HR that we make fun of. Because we are getting to know the things they have to go through. Are you punctual to the office? Am I punctual? Who put that question here? No, I am not. Yeah, I have never seen her early.It seems I am punctual to the office. I was so nervous because I am not a punctual person. But otherwise, I am a very hard working employee. Really? Yes. So are you not a morning person? I am so not a morning person. But I can and I do work late nights. When I joined this company, I worked till 7 in the morning and came at 11. I have my dues.Who put that question in there? But we get monthly updates of all your activities so I’ll anyway find this out. But the entire world knows know, earlier it was just you. Do you think workplace romance romance? No. Straight up. She got great shocks. Poonam believes that it’s okay to have romantic relationships at workplace. So guys get your freak flying.Or you may try extra-marital. Do you know about this dating policy that we are implementing? It’s okay because I am married and I really like my husband.Yeah. That yeah. She had to think a lot before saying yes. It’s a grey area because it’s very normal to start liking someone. But why stop them once they are in love. I think the work gets affected and you become partial especially if it’s inter-department. Work really gets affected and that’s why I feel that romance should be out of work.Our CEO and CCO are married. But see what I am trying to say that it is a grey area because you have no control over it. I have seen our Rohit Biswas falling in love every day. It’s my turn again. Would you rather fire one person from your team or take a 50% salary cut? Fire one person from the team. Wow! You’ll take the 50% salary cut? That one person could be me because I am gonna be a superstar soon.I have a certain lifestyle. But practically, I would fire someone. I’ll help them find job somewhere else. I can’t afford a 50% salary rise… I mean cut. Salary hike works for me? I’ll think about it.Is lying an important trait of being an HR? Yes. She didn’t even think twice. Everybody knows the answer. She is getting a shock for everything but this was the right answer. She had to do it. Why do you professionally lie Poonam? I am very curious to know one scenario where HR lies. Sometime we are the mediatore between the employee and the management. Sometimes the management takes time to come to a decision and then when I have to talk to the employee then I have to lie. Because I have to give them faith and serve them optimism intead of pessimism. So I think at that time I have to lie but you can’t give them direct answers.I have never seen an HR being so candid. I want to ask one important question. This is me not the cue cards. Do you think I am a good employee? Yes you are.Finally. She didn’t lie in this question. She thinks that I am a good employee. She made my day. You are a great asset to have. This is very rare for an HR to like an emloyee. This was a nice conversation that I never thought I could have with my HR. It was really fun. So I think this increased my bonding with her to the next level. If you liked this video then like, share and comment below. Also please download our app or I won’t get an appraisal if there aren’t enough downloads. And I am also saying it because we have a lot of fun and exclusive content that will be fun to watch too. It’s on the Google Playstore. Download it. Also subscribe to OK Tested.


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