• Rob Ram

    Awesome. Can it tweak EQ or Dynamics?
    I am going to try to ask one last time but no one at @BEHRINGER seems to be able to answer.. Can the X32 faders be controlled via MIDI…. NOT the scene presets but the channel faders thru MIDI control change info for example.

  • davevengelen

    Great mixer, thinking of buying one 🙂
    But the iPad app could be more advanced. EQ, Effects, Channeljobs, Channel names, Full access would be nice with the ipad app.
    I would also like to see a offline editor to create show in advance.

    Go Behringer

  • Joel LeBreton

    One thing wrong here is manually putting in a static IP address in the DHCP range for the X32. You should use an IP address outside of the dhcp range but within the same network. Since the router's address range for DHCP was ( –, it would be advised to use something within ( – or ( – This would avoid any conflicts with devices actually using DHCP assigned addresses.

    Awesome tool to have though.

  • Damien LEFEVRE

    What I find quite a pitty there is the IPad support only. Are you guys considering other tablet vendors or publish a cross platform API?

  • ehill99

    I had made this exact comment a few days ago, and it was flagged as spam. 🙂

    As an aside, if you look carefully, you can see the actual address they assign to the X32 in the video. It's outside of the DHCP range, as it should be.

    Thanks for your comments. Hopefully they'll stick, and maybe prompt Behringer to fix the video.

  • Mujabmusic

    great mixer , except the ipad app which lacks more advanced control for the EQ , DYN , and other parameters , although it's found on the laptop software but using the ipad is more portable and convenient !

  • Paul Fehr

    Definite interest. Really don't want to install parallels/windows to be able to do this with my x32 that gets to my church on friday 🙂 Super excited.

  • Andy Findlay

    Hi all, just picked up x32 and connected ipad. Seems that you are unable to eq channels. Is this true or iam i missing something ! Stuff like phantom power phase reversal would be done on set up from the desk and is not really needed on ipad. I thought the object was to be to mix the show in the audience. . Desk is sounds great and suits my requirements!!!!!!!Comments please

  • Kenneth Casey

    There is a bug. I have no control over the main section. It is all grayed out and unable to control master fader! Also is there any chance behringer is going to put an eq function on the out put channels? Without this capability the app is not useful for mixing. So far I'm very pleased with this board. I own 3 other Midas consoles doesn't sound as good but a lot easier to set up for non rider events! Lets hope it lasts 🙂

  • Brandon Marshall

    I just hooked up the Ipad but have a concern. One is that there is no control for EQ. Second and more importantly the matrix/main bank is greyed out so I can't control it.

  • legolas11795

    Loving my X32.BUT , did a gig last saturday, was forced to put the desk next to the stage. Thought it would be a great time to try the Ipad . It was next to useless during soundcheck. Seriously can't wait for the graphic EQ to be accessible . Would make ringing out the room and wedges a breeze. As well as mixing a show with more than just channel volume. Any idea WHEN the update will be coming?

  • legolas11795

    ok. Any idea when? It's next to useless. I'm thinking of buying a pc touchscreen laptop and running the control software, which is great. I dont want to do this if the APP will be out next week. Or next month…

  • Matthew Winfree

    simple request: double tap resets to 0 or default detent position for everything. double tap fader? it goes to unity. double tap pan "pot"? resets to center or 0.

  • Jk Loftin

    Behringer Tech Man-You've got a game changing, winning mixer on your hands. Don't blow it by not implementing the suggestions by these users. I know of 2 groups looking into purchasing one, just so they can leave it by the side of the stage, so no traditional snake. But if you can't access enough of the screens to actually mix from the tablet, the all you've done is frustrate the very users who adore and want your product. Make them happy and the world's previous perception of Behringer is gone.

  • david rodriguez

    Hello. I'm David. I ask a question, it is necessary to use iPad for remote application or I can do it with any tablet? Thank you.

  • Mitle

    Purchasing this desk soon! Really looking forward to the Android app! Is there anyway we can follow the development progress including testing?

  • james miller

    What is the procedure to connect directly to a Mac Pro? I think I've tried everything and still not able to connect. OS is 10.7.5.

  • Tobias Berger

    thinking about buying a x32… this app seems quite useful for my use case, especially when it comes out for android at last… please be quick on that development! The Android marketshare is growing (for phones it's already twice as many as iOS), you need to consider those users…

  • drummistx

    i'm so excited to hear the reviews of the x32! so much so, i order one! can't wait to get working with it. one question – the video didn't show an ethernet cable supplying internet service to the router. do you have to have ISP internet to the router? can i just get a router and connect it to the X32, and wirelessly connect iPad/iphone, etc.?

  • yessy GIMS

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  • Glenn Andrew Smith

    I take back a comment I made a few months ago re the ipad app v pc app. I now have an ipad with the app and it works amazingly well and is much easier to use for a live show. I never run a multicore any more. The PC app is still quite usefull for pre programming shows and saving/loading from usb stick and for emailing patches.

  • phel21

    There's already a working 3rd-party application for the X32 available from the Play-store called Mixing Station. It's not a Behringer products, and it is in rapid development as more features are added through weekly updates.

  • Larry Anglin

    The video instructs the user to assign an IP to the X32 out of the DHCP range of the router. That will create an IP conflict when the router assigns that IP to another client, breaking everything. You should assign the X32 an IP within its subnet but not within the DHCP client pool.

  • SRAWsam

    in My church we recently got a x32 rackversion. we where wondering if It is possible to send the solo audio to the pc/iPad you are mixing on. We couldn`t find that option.

  • mnash3

    I am interested in learning more. I am primarily interested in the XR18 that works with the X32 remote app. My question is, it is nice that there can multiple IPads to control monitor mixers, but my question is how do I connect the X32 app to a ProTools or Reasons DAW? Is there a video that shows how to route the interface or does the x32 just lock the app? I want to record a live session for the a band. By the way, I have seen videos on how to connect the x32 to Protools on the physical mixer, but I am trying to figure out how do you do it with the virtual x32 mixer or if it is doable at all…. Hope to hear from you soon…


    Is there a way to use x control to operate transport control of my reason 7 daw? Thank you in advance for any help . I am so enjoying my x32 compact unit

  • AVdude

    You should only select an IP address inside of your router's DHCP scope (100-199 in this video) if you create a reservation for the x32, otherwise the router still considers it an available address and may assign it to another device on the network which will cause the x32 and that device to not work. If you can't create a reservation then you can assign an IP address outside of the DHCP scope. If your subnet mask is then your available addresses are x.x.x.1 through x.x.x.254.

  • MrPatachou

    I've been at it for a couple hours and I still cannot connect my iPad to my X32 producer. If anyone out there could help me I would be very grateful. I have all the details written down, all the IP addresses I am using, all the messages etc. I have absolutely no idea why it wouldn't work.

  • Paul Valenti

    Loving mine! However there is a very simple to fix problem with respect to mixing during a show. You can accidentally hit the Routing page and then change routing causing HUGE feedback problems! There needs to be a way to lock out changes during a performance. Should be simple for your coders to fix this. I'd like to see it be a customizable function button. If anyone at BEHRINGER reads this PLEASE pass it along!

  • Joseph Dixon

    I was just about to order an X32 Rack because I thought it was an X32 in three rack spaces.But it looks like (sounds like) I have to buy another piece of gear because it actually only has 16 xLR inputs and 8 XLR outputs. Ugg. OK, so what is the name of the exact piece of gear I'll now have to buy so that I can have 32 XLR inputs and 16 XLR outputs?I just want it all in one rack.
    Thank you.

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