How to play Warhammer 40,000: perfect for beginners
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How to play Warhammer 40,000: perfect for beginners

Hey there, you’re watching Midwinter Minis,
I’m Guy, and this is Ant. Hi guys! And in this video, we’re going to show you
how to play Warhammer 40,000 8th edition. Whether you’re totally new to the hobby,
or used to play a previous version, you’ll find pretty much everything you need to know
about the basic rules in this video. Let’s cut the small talk, and jump straight
in. So, just to play the basic version of the
game, you’re just going to need a few things. Chances are you might already have these lying
around! So first off, you’ll need a few 6-sided dice. A measuring tape that shows inches. Some models to play with. And, to make the battlefield a bit more interesting,
some stuff to use as terrain pieces, or just to block that line of site, and to provide
a bit of cover, really. Now, if you’re just getting started, you
might be a bit intimidated by the huge armies and dramatic terrain you see people playing
with in gaming stores and in battle report videos, but don’t worry, you can get started
with just a few models and some cardboard boxes for terrain! For this demo, Ant is going to taking command
of this squad of Cadian Shock Troops from the Imperial Guard…about as close to 21st
century humans as you can get in the universe of Warhammer 40,000. Facing off against them, I’m going to be
taking control of this mob of Ork Boyz, one of the many types of ferocious aliens you’ll
find in 40k. Now, all of these models have statistics that
tell you what they’re able to do in the game. This is called a Datasheet. Don’t worry, it might look pretty complicated
at first glance, but it’s actually very simple. We’ll learn about each stat as we go through
during this video. Some models also have special rules that will
help them out during them game, and we’ll bring these up as we use them, too. If you’re wondering where to find these
Datasheets, they’re printed in the rule books, or codices, that each army has. So, to find the Cadian Shock Troops, you’ll
want to pick up the Astra Militarum, Imperial Guard codex, for the Ork Boyz, you’ll find
it in the Ork codex, and so on. They’re full of cool art, backstory, and
obviously the armies’ specific rules, but if you’re just looking for the stats so
you can start playing, we’d recommend you use Battlescribe. It’s a cool, free app that lets you build
army lists for multiple game systems, and Warhammer 40,000 is one of them. Once you’ve built your list based on the
models that you have, you can hit the view button, and it’ll show you all the rules
and stats you need to play. If you don’t have the codex, you might want
to print this out for easy reference later. You can also grab the battle primer PDF for
free from the official Games Workshop website. Before we jump in, let’s talk about the
most important rule. HAVE FUN! However you play 40k, or interpret the rules,
remember that you’re playing a game, and that games are meant to be fun! So, with the golden rule out of the way, let’s
play! We’re going to place our squads down so
they’re 20” away from each other, that way, we’ll be able to show you the different
dynamics of the game, both at longer range, and up close. Just a quick note on terminology for the rules:
individual fighters within a squad are referred to as models, while the squads are referred
to as units. When placing and moving your models, if they’re
in squads like these Shock Troops and Orks, you need to keep the models in what’s called
“unit coherency”, which is just a fancy way of saying that the models need to be within
2” of each other. Now, just so you know, we always measure distances
from the edges of their bases, not any weird sticky out bits of the models themselves. Okay, the models are set up, and are ready
to face off. To decide who goes first, we roll off! Ant rolled higher than I did, so he gets to
decide whether he wants to go first, or wait. Going first, or going second both have advantages,
which you’ll see soon. With that, I chose to go first, and so now
we’re going to start turn 1. Each turn consists of a few different phases,
these are… MOVEMENT, PSYCHIC, SHOOTING, CHARGE, FIGHT, … and then lastly, MORALE. And we’ll work through each of these in order. In the movement phase, Ant can move his models
if he wants to. We can find out how far they can move by looking
at the Datasheet. The “M” is for movement, and we can see
that the Shock Troops are able to move 6 inches. As the Orks facing them are fierce close combat
fighters, Ant chooses to keep his distance, and instead moves back a few inches. The psychic phase is next, and this is where
powerful warp-infused psykers can use their powers, but none of these models possess psychic
abilities, so we’ll skip this stage for now, but we’ll cover it later on. On to the shooting phase! Ant’s Shock Troops will now get to target
the Orks. These infantrymen have a selection of different
weapons. The leader has a small laser gun, known as
a laspistol. The troops have larger laser rifles, known
as lasguns, and one lucky trooper has been given a special flamer weapon. By looking at the datasheets, we can see which
weapons are in range. As the Orks are about 23” away from the
furthest Shock Troop, we can see that the only type of weapon that will reach the opponent
are the lasguns. The lasguns have a TYPE of rapid fire 1, which
means they shoot once, but at half range of 12”, they can shoot twice. The squad has 8 lasguns in total, so Ant can
take 8 shots at this range. He picks up 8 dice, 1 to represent each shot. Now we need to determine if these shots are
accurate, and actually hit their target. This is known as rolling to hit. To figure this out, we look at the Shock Troops
datasheet again, but this time we’re looking for their BS, not “bullshit” in this case,
it’s their ballistic skill. Basically how good they are at shooting. We can see it says “4+”, so for each dice
we roll that lands on a 4, or higher, that shot hits its mark. We’d call this roll requirement a “4-up” Let’s do it… 3 of the dice landed on a 4-up. Let’s remove the 5 that failed, and then
we can roll to see if any of those accurate shots wound the Orks. That’s called rolling to wound. To figure out what we need to roll, we compare
the strength – S – of the lasguns, against the toughness – T – of the Ork boyz. The lasguns are strength 3, while the Orks
are toughness 4. Because the target’s toughness is higher
than the attacking weapon’s strength, they are less likely to wound, and will only do
so on a roll of 5 or more. Let’s roll… Ant managed to roll 1 5 and 2 6s, so 3 of
those dice actually cause wounds, which is more than you’d expect on average. Now, there’s a chance that the Ork’s makeshift
armour might deflect the incoming laser fire. For each successful wound, the Ork player,
that’s me, gets to roll 1 dice. So, three dice in hand, but what do I need
to roll? Let’s take a look at the Ork’s datasheet
again. You can see the save value at the end says
6+. This means I need to roll a 6 for their armour
to deflect a shot. Let’s give it a go… Oh dear! No sixes for me, that means all 3 wounds go
through. The lasgun shots cause 1 damage each if they
wound – that’s the D on the weapon profile … and each Ork boy has just 1 wound, the
W in the Ork’s profile. This means that each wound kills an Ork. Now, I have to remove 3 Orks from play. See ya boys! As none of the other weapons are in range,
that means it’s now the end of the shooting phase. Pretty successful for the imperial guard! Now, we move on with the charge phase. For a unit to be able to charge, they need
to be a maximum of 12” away from an enemy. This is because the charge distance is determined
by rolling 2 dice and combining the results. We’re still quite far away, so there’s
no way the Shock Troops can charge the Orks. Let’s move on to the fight phase. But as we know, no units successfully charged,
and there are no ongoing fights, so we can skip straight to the morale phase. This happens at the end of each player’s
turn. Units that lost models now have to see if
any of their squad mates are scared off by the carnage happening around them. To do this, you roll 1 dice, and add the number
of models lost from a unit this turn. We rolled a 4, now we add the 3 for the models
we lost, to make 7. Now we compare this total to the Leadership
value, Ld, of the Ork Boyz. The Boss Nob is still alive in the squad,
and he has a leadership of 7. Exerting his influence, he’s able to inspire
the Boyz to stay in the fight. If we had rolled a 6, and our total was 9,
that’s 2 higher than the Ork’s leadership of 7, so they would have lost 2 more Boyz. Again, the player who controls the squad chooses
the casualties, but there were none of them this time, let’s move on to Orks turn 1. So first up, in the movement phase. The Orks are actually pretty ferocious when
it comes to close combat fighting, but they’re quite a long way from the Shock troops so
they’re going to need to get up as close as possible, so they’re going to want to close
that gap. They move their M value from their datasheet,
which is 5 inches, and Guy’s then going choose to make an additional move called an Advance. Guy gets to roll 1 dice, and move then move
that distance in inches in addition to their normal movement. So that’s another 6 inches for the Boyz. Doing this means they won’t be quite as
effective for shooting, but that’s not really their strong point anyway They just want to get up, and chop some stuff. So now we move on to the psychic phase, and
again, in this game, there are no psykers in play, so let’s skip this stage for now. Time for the Orks to unleash some dakka in
the shooting phase. So if you choose to advance a unit, you can
only use weapons that have the type of ASSAULT, and after advancing you also fire with a -1
modifier to hit. The only weapon that Guy’s got in range is
the Kustom Shoota the Boss Nob is carrying. It puts out a lot of shots though, which you
can see by the number on the weapon type. ASSAULT 4 in this case, so we’re going to
need to roll 4 dice to see if they hit The Orks are wildly inaccurate with their
shooting, meaning their ballistic skill is a 5+, so it only hit on 5s and 6s. But remember, we’ve got to apply that -1 modifier
for advancing that unit, so we’re only going to be hitting on 6s! Which is great for me, but not so good for
Guy. Let’s roll to hit, and see what happens. So Guy scores 1 6, so that shot made its mark,
before we roll to wound though, rolling that 6 actually triggered a special rule for the
Orks… The rule is called “dakka dakka dakka” which
means that “to hit” rolls of a 6 let you roll an additional dice, reflecting their
frenzied, trigger-happy nature. Does the additional dice hit? No, so never mind actually. Now let’s roll to see if that hit wounds. The attacking weapon’s strength is higher
than the target’s toughness, strength 4 vs toughness 3 in this case, so it’s more
likely to actually do damage, and Guy only needs 3 or above to actually cause a wound. Good for Guy, that shot wounded one of the
shock troops, now let’s see if the Shock Troops armour saves his life. The Shock Troops have slightly better armour
than the Orks, which deflects shots on a 5 or more. Unfortunately, the armour didn’t save the
soldier this time, and one model is removed as a casualty. So that’s the shooting phase done, now on
to the charge, and even though the Orks would love to get stuck in, they advanced in their
movement phase, which actually means they can’t attempt a charge. Not so good for them! No charging means no fighting either, so sorry
Boyz, you’re just going to have to wait. So straight on to the morale phase. The Shock Troops lost 1 model, but their highest
leadership in the squad is 7 for the sergeant and this means that even if I rolled a 6,
the total would still not exceed their leadership, so I’m pretty comfortable that actually no
one’s going to run away, so… keep stuck in there, boys! Turn 1 over and done with, now it’s time to
go on to round 2, which will be my turn 2. Now the shock troops can strategically move
forward to get their rapid fire weapons within half range. Getting within 12” will also let the sergeant
fire his small laspistol too. Moving forward, they’re now 9” away from
the Ork Boyz. Movement phase over, skipping the psychic
phase, on to shooting… The only weapon unable to shoot is the flamer,
as it has to be within 8 inches. 7 lasguns will be firing at half range, meaning
they get to shoot twice, so that’s 14 shots. The sergeant will also get 1 shot from his
laspistol. Apart from the range and type, it has the
same profile as the lasgun, so to keep things simple, we can just add his dice into the
pile with the rest of the shots. 15 shots incoming, hitting on 4s. Not bad, 8 made their mark. Now let’s roll to wound. Strength 3 of the Lasguns vs toughness 4 of
the Orks, so needing 5s to wound. 3 wounds! Let’s see if the wounds actually kill any
of the Ork Boyz. I make 1 6+ saving throw, but fail with the
other 2, so another 2 Boyz are removed from the unit. Now, on to the charge phase. The Orks are brutal at close range, so the
shock troops know that charging them would probably be suicide, even though they might
be able to pull it off. No, not this time, the shock troops choose
to skip the charge phase. Again, no charge phase means straight onto
the morale phase. With only 2 loss, and a leadership of 7, we
know we can’t trigger any more losses unless we roll a 6…. They’re safe this time. Moving on to Orks turn 2. So first up for Guy;s turn 2 The Orks don’t want to take any chances
now, so the shock troops are almost within touching distance. They can almost smell the sweat coming off
of them. So that means their standard movement of 5”
will bring them them just 6” away from their enemies. Which will actually be really good for the
later charge phase. And again, we’re going to skip the psychic
phase this time, and just go on to shooting. The Nob’s firing his kustom shoota, and 3
boyz will be shooting their sluggas, which have a 12” range, and because he’s within
range, the last boy is going to be choosing to actually throw a grenade instead of firing
his pistol. Ork Boyz have “stikkbombs”, so 1 of the boyz
is going to be chucking that and it’s within 6”, which is the range of the weapon on
its profile sheet. So let’s go in with the kustom shoota first
and 3 sluggas together, now, as they have the same strength and cause the same damage,
Guy’s going to be rolling them all together. 7 shots in total, and Guy’s going to be using
the normal ballistic skill of the Orks which is a 5+ because they moved normally, and didn’t
advance this turn. So that’s 3 hits So just like before, strength 4 against toughness
3 of the shock troops, these will wound on a 3. Great. They all wound! Woo. Now, let’s see if the shock troop’s armour
can save them. 3 saving rolls are made, and 2 are successful. We know there’s going to be 1 casualty already,
but before we start removing models, we also need to finish this unit’s shooting which
includes the grenade. The grenade does a random number of attacks,
determined by the roll of a dice, which is why you’ll see Grenade D6 in its weapon
profile. So, we roll a dice, or a D6 as its known,
and Guy score a 4. That means that single grenade is going to
turn into 4 shots. Then we proceed as if it was a normal gun. So that’s 4 shots, hitting on 5s again, and
2 actually hit. Now, the stikkbomb is only strength 3, so
when strength and toughness are equal, the wound roll is successful on a 4 or more. 1 wound, but let’s see if it gets through
the guard’s armour. Nope! Not this time. So, now that’s the shooting phase over and
done with, now I get to choose which models to remove as casualties. Now on to the charge phase, and I think there’s
going to be some charges going off! And this really is what the Orks were made
for, they just want to get stuck in, and start chopping stuff up. Guy’s going to be declaring that his Ork Boyz
are going to be charging the Shock Troops. Now, they’re only 4 inches away, there’s
a pretty good chance they’re going to be making that distance, which we’ll find out by rolling
2 dice. So before Guy rolls those 2 dice to see if
he makes the charge, I get to fire something which is called OVERWATCH. Now, this represents that my shock troops
are going to be charged, and they’re going to be frantically firing at close range at
whichever models are going to be charging them. They get to overwatch before the charge happens,
so even if the Orks eventually fail the charge, I would have had the chance to fire overwatch. Overwatch works a bit like shooting, but instead
of firing at your regular ballistic skill, shots will only hit on a dice roll of a 6. So, let’s tally up… there are 6 lasguns
remaining, 1 sergeant with a laspistol, and a trooper with a flamer. Because the Orks are within 12”, the rapid
fire lasguns get to fire twice, so that’s 12 shots. So that’s 13 shots coming in, hitting on
a 6. … and nothing. That is some pretty bad rolling. But, let’s remember there is a guard left
with a flamer? So it’s got quick a short range of only 8
inches, but automatically hits when it fires. Just like the grenade, you roll a dice to
see how many shots it makes. 5! I’ll take that. So that’s 5 shots coming in, automatically
hitting, so now on to wound rolls… The flamer’s strength is 4, which matches
the Ork’s toughness of 4… so the dice will all wound on 4s. So now the Orks can use their 6+ armour save
to protect them… 1 makes it, let’s hope that that was worth
it! NowI need to roll to see if my Orks actually
make the charge. I roll dice and combine their total to find
their charge distance. 2 4s, so that’s 8 inches in total. Easily enough to close the gap. Now it’s time for the fight phase! As this is a new fight, whoever made the charge
gets to go first. So that was the Orks, and they’re just going
to want to get stuck in. Before they get to fight, they can choose
to pile in up to 3 inches towards the closest model. First, Guy’s going to start off with the ork
leader, the Boss Nob. He’s packing a weapon called the Power Klaw,
which can make short work of the armour, so it really shouldn’t have any trouble with
these shock troops. To find out how many times he can attack,
we look at the A on his profile. and he’s got 3 attacks! Let’s roll to hit. The WS, or weapon skill, in his profile shows
you how good at fighting in close combat that Boss Nob is. He’s got a weapon skill of 3+, which means
he’s a brutal fighter, and he’s going to be hitting on a 3 or more. All well and good, but the hefty Power Klaw
he’s using is so unwieldy, that it’s got a negative modifier, which push it up to hitting
on 4+. This is explained in the Abilities section
of the weapon datasheet. So, that’s 3 attacks hitting on 4s… Oo, and he made 2 of them. Now, let’s see if they wound. The strength of the power klaw is listed as
“x2”, which will basically double the strength of whatever model is using it. So the strength of the boss Nob is already
5, so that makes the strength of these attacks a massive 10! As with before, the toughness of the shock
troops is only 3. When the strength is double the toughness,
or anything over like in this case, like 3 times the amount, you’re going to be wounding
on a 2 or more. So, as you’d expect, both of wounds go through. Now, let’s see if the shock troops can make
their armour save. Well, actually, we know they won’t! This is because the Power Klaw also has an
AP value, you can find it on the datasheet. AP means armour penetration, and this gives
you an idea of how piercing and powerful the weapon is against armour. So the Power Klaw has an AP of -3, which means
that it reduces armours effectiveness by 3 points. The shock troops have an armour save of 5+,
so an AP of -1 would bring that to a 6+, and an AP of -2 would mean it was an impossible
7+, but because this is AP-3, this is going to mean that actually even heavily armoured
troops and tanks have practically no chance of resisting the attack. So these 2 troops can’t possibly make this
save, there’s no way you can get 8 on a dice roll of 6, so there’s 2 casualties already. there, but the fighting’s not over yet. Let’s see what the Boyz are going to be
doing. So they’ve got 2 attacks each on their datasheet,
but because’ they’re using choppas, an ability on this weapon means that they’re going to
get 1 extra attack. So, 3 boys are going to be making 3 attacks
each, and if my maths are right, that’s 9 attacks in total. Ouch! So a weapon skill of 3+, Guy rolls, let’s
see how they do. So that’s pretty good, 6 hits! Now, let’s roll to see if those hits cause
any wounds. So these boyz choppas have a strength of 4,
and their weapons don’t have any other special effects, or any AP minus values, so strength
4 versus toughness 3 of their opponent, and because the strength is higher, it means they’re
going to be wounding on a 3 or more. So 5 wounds go through, and it’s looking pretty
dicey for my little shock troops there. So I manage to make 2 saving rolls on my 5
up, and because the choppas have no minus AP value, nothing’s going to change that. But this still means that there are 3 more
casualties. Add the 2 caused by the boss nob, and the
squad is reduced to just the sergeant, the flamer, and one other infantryman. Now its time for the shock troops to fight
back though. The 2 regular troops get just 1 attack each,
while the sergeant gets 2. The sergeant is also carrying a chainsword
close combat weapon, which means he gets an additional attack, as detailed in the chainsword’s
abilities. That’s 5 attacks coming in, and hitting
on the troops weapon skill of 4+. So 2 make it, now let’s see if they wound. Strength 3 against toughness 4 of the Orks,
I’m going to need 5s to make any wounds go through. 1 goes through, and now let’s see if the
Orks can make their armour save. Unfortunately, that makeshift, ramshackle
armour that the Orks are wearing is not enough to repel an attack from a mighty chainsword,
which means that one Ork goes. So now on to the morale phase. To determine if any of these shock troops
are actually scared away by their friends dying around them, and having these Ork greenskins
in front of them just chopping at them, we need to take a morale test. So I do this by rolling a dice. and I roll a 5, and then add the number of
casualties that I suffered this turn, which was 6. The 5 plus the 6 equals 11, Now this is 4
higher than my maximum leadership for the sergeant of 7. I need to remove 4 models, but I’ve only got
3 left, so those 3 guys are going to be running away so I remove them from the squad. So you can see that, even given the benefit
of the doubt, some armies are much better at shooting, and some armies are much better
at fighting up close, and others have mixed, interesting tactics. Before we finish the video, let’s quickly
bring psykers into the mix. Let’s pretend that, all the while, there
was another unit nearby, a human conduit of psychic energy, an imperial guard primaris
psyker. Let’s move on to imperial guard turn 3. The psyker can keep their distance so long
as their psychic ability is within range. So Ant decides to move just slightly. Now, on to the psychic phase. The player who’s turn it is can now try
to summon one of their psyker’s abilities. This particular psyker knows a power called
psychic maelstrom, which requires a warp charge of 7 to activate. Ant rolls 2 dice, trying to get a 7 or higher
so that that psychic power manifests. and it does! If I also had a psyker nearby, I could attempt
to counteract this, but as the Orks don’t have one of the field, I just have to sit
back and let it happen. Psykers denying each other’s psychic abilities
is called Deny The Witch, and generally you just have to roll higher than your opponent
rolled to cancel out the ability. So, for this particular psychic power, going
by the details you’ll find either in the codex or in battlescribe, we roll the dice,
and on a 2+, it causes 1 mortal wound for the Orks. Now, mortal wounds can’t be saved, so that
6+ armour save can’t even be attempted. Goodbye Ork number 1. Now with psychic maelstrom, Ant can do the
same thing again, but this time to dice roll required goes up by 1… Goodbye Ork number 2! And again, but this time he needs a 4. He still makes it! Now my boss nob has 2 wounds, so I use a dice
just to remind myself that now he’s down to 1 wound. And here we go again, and well, that boss
nob is dead! So, that little demo gives you an idea of
how powerful psykers can be in the game, and they’re quite a useful type of unit to take
in most armies! We hope you’ve found this video useful,
and that it’s helped you form a rough outline of the basic mechanics of the 8th edition
of Warhammer 40,000. This is obviously no replacement for getting
hold of the rulebook and codices, but it should give you a good foundation for starting to
play some games. Warhammer 40,000 is constantly evolving, with
FAQs, and yearly updates called Chapter Approved, but it’s all still based on the concepts
that we’ve covered in this video. So, good luck getting started! If you’re looking for easy to follow painting
advice or fast, fun battle reports, subscribe to this channel! That’s sort of our speciality. Thanks so much for watching, please like the
video, leave a comment, and we’ll catch you in the next one. Bye for now Bye!


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    Also, I would recommend against newcomers using BattleScribe. Players should know how to make army lists using the books as the designers of the game intended. Actually I'd recommend against anyone using BattleScribe; it's unofficial and riddled with errors. Also, version 1 was a paid app which many bought, then the developer created a separate version 2 which was nearly identical and, yes, needed to be paid for again. Everyone who had paid for version 1 now had a useless unsupported app.

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