How To Play “Easy (Like Sunday Morning)” by Commodores | HDpiano (Part 1) Piano Tutorial

Hey what’s goin on everybody? Welcome to HD piano, my name is Dan. In this lesson we’ll learn how to play “Easy” by Commodores. We’ll learn the main riff in this video. And the main riff sounds like this. So this is gonna cover the main riff. We also have the bridge, the key change, and the whole some play through all featured at
so head that way when you’re finished here. A question before I
break down the pain riff: What’s the easiest song you’ve
learned with us at HD Piano? Comment below. So this main riff, or what I played specifically the intro, also counts for the verse and the chorus
and a lot of the interludes. And it starts on this Ab major chord. A flat on the left and then
Ab, C, Eb on the right. Top note of the right hand stays everything else changes to
give us this C minor seven. Which is C in the left,
G, Bb, Eb in the right Everything shifts down from here to a Bb minor seven,
that’s our next chord. Bb in the left, F, Ab Db in the right. And then our final
chord of the progression has us leaving the right hand the same we were here, right hand stays
put left hand drops to E. That gives us Db over Eb. So to recap those four chords. Ab major C minor seven Shift that down on whole
step to Bb minor seven. Right hand stays put, we have Db over Eb. See if we can make this
transition together slowly Two, three, and, two, three, four, one, two, three, lets loop that one, two, three, four one, two, three, One more time, and… Make sure you can make
those chord transitions because now I’m gonna
introduce the rhythms involved. At this point it would kinda sound good I mean it would sound
certainly recognizable if I were just to play: Just quarter notes in the right hand ♪ I’m easy like Sunday morning ♪ However, in this main
riff we hear a rhythm that’s repeated throughout and that rhythm looks like this: Watch the right hand specifically. What’s happening is we’re playing the chord on the down beat and then we’re doing short,
long on the top two notes and the bottom notes respectively So one, Short, long Three, short long One, short long Three, short long On exactly the chords we just learned. Okay? See if we can do that
right hand part together. Ready, a little slower. Ready, and, play, E-and-A one E-and-A, two E-and-A, three E-and-A, four E-and-A One E-and-A, two E-and-A,
three E-and-A, four E-and-A Repeat, two E-and-A, three
E-and-A, four E-and-A One E-and-A, two E-and-A, three E-and-A, Here’s the left hand, together Watch it So what the left hand is doing is anticipating the next down beat. So it’s playing one
E-and-A, and two E-and-A A three E-and-A, four E-and-A A One E-and-A, two E-and-A,
three E-and-A, four E-and-A One E-and-A, two E-and-A, three E-and-A, four E-and-A. Alright and that works sorta, well in sync with the right hand And you can hear them working,
kinda playing together. One E-and-A, two E-and-A,
three E-and-A, four E-and-A One E-and-A, two E-and-A,
three E-and-A, four E-and-A Lets see if we can play that riff with the rhythm at a slow tempo. Ready, and, play E-and-A Two E-and-A, three E-and-A, four E-and-A One E-and-A, two E-and-A,
three E-and-A, four E-and-A. Repeat. Alright, that right
there is our main riff. That’s gonna cover 80,
maybe 90% of this song. Learn that well, learn that comfortably because we do have some variations within that main riff, okay? Why don’t we play, lets do this, lets play that main riff at studio tempo, and then we can move onto
some of those variations. Two, ready and a, play E-and-A. E-and-A, two E-and-A,
three E-and-A, four E-and-A So if this were the intro we’d hold. Two, ready and then verse. Okay, and lets actually play the verse. So here’s assuming this is the verse. ♪ Know it sounds funny ♪ ♪ But, I just can’t stand the pain ♪ ♪ Girl I’m leaving you … ♪ – Listen to this, one
and, two and three E-and-A Alright, so there’s our first variation. It’s a rhythmic one and it happens in the middle of the verse. So we play one rep through normal and on the second repetition of the verse we get to this Bb minor 7. One, two, and then we the Bb, or pardon me the Db over Eb we play. One, two, three, four, five and We play it five times And we anticipate that Ab major chord. That’s kinda hard for
an untrained ear to hear but listen to it, I’ll count the time. So here’s the second repeat: And two, and three, and four, and One and, two and, three E-and-A four and one, and two, and… Alright so that pulse
needs to keep coursing. That’s the first variation,
it’s a rhythmic one in the middle of the verse,
and you will hear me play that in the whole song video
later in this lesson. Okay, the next variation
happens in the chorus. The chorus conveniently is the same chord progression and riff. Hence, main riff. This is the same thing. ♪ That’s why I am easy ♪ ♪ I’m easy like Sunday mor- ♪ – The last two measures of the chorus right there we play this: ♪ Morning. ♪ – Kinda a tag on the end of the chorus. And it’s Gb chord, Which is Gb, Bb, Db on the right. We drop down to a Db over F. F in the left, F, Ab, Db in the right. And we do short, long
on this E minor chord, pardon me, Eb minor chord. Eb in the left, Gb, Bb, Db in the right. So that’s, Right before taking us back home to this Ab chord where we started. So, if we were approaching
the end of the chorus, the end of this main riff, we would hear this: ♪ I’m easy like Sunday morning ♪ – Okay, so we play Gb, Db over F, Eb minor Okay? So those are our two
variations on the main riff. The other one is just so drastic that I had to give it it’s own video, it’s a key change. Which means we’ll be
playing this main riff up a half step, if you can fathom that. And again we’ll talk about that in the third video of this series. What I’d like to do now,
while we’re sorta wrapping up our learnings on this main riff is just play it one by one. So we’ll do the intro as the
main riff occurs in the intro, then we’ll do it as it
occurs in the verse, all going to be very, very similar, just those couple variations. And then we’ll do it as
it occurs in the chorus. Okay? So here’s the intro to Easy: Two and, ready and, play. Hold, two, three, four Okay, here’s the verse: ♪ I know it sounds funny ♪ ♪ But, I just can’t stand the pain ♪ ♪ Girl, I’m leaving you tomorrow ♪ – Here’s the main first variation and one, and two, and three Okay so that’s that. When we do get to the end of the verse we have an augmented final two measures. Meaning, instead of just this It’s four each, so it’s twice as long on the final two chords. So, one, two, three, ♪ Yeah ♪ – Setting up the chorus ♪ That’s why I’m easy ♪ – Okay, so there’s that,
we’ll pretend we played through the chorus, and
here’s the end of the chorus. ♪ I’m easy like Sun- ♪ – Tag, Gb Db over F Eb minor, Ab Two, three Verse, two Alright, so that’s it. That’s the intro, the verse, the chorus some interludes later in the song. And I should just mention a couple things. This was played live, okay? Somebody didn’t play this four chords and then hit the L button for it to loop. Somebody played this live, meaning they’re gonna
play it maybe differently here and there. So you might hear something like this: Okay, those are all very
exaggerated features, but know that you might
hear some of those nuances, those are just performance nuances and I’m not gonna say
too much more about them because it would really,
really clutter this lesson but know that they exist, and
that might be what you hear in the recording if
you feel like something is maybe a pinch off. But this should be very close, okay? You’ll get 95% there with
what I’ve taught you. The song is “Easy”, it’s by
Commodores and Lionel Richie was made famous by this. But we do have some more
sections to learn on it and again those are at The bridge, key change and
whole song run through. While I have you on the line,
let’s connect on social media. On Twitter @HDpiano is the handle Send your requests to #HDrequests. We see ’em all, we love ’em all. On Instagram I’d like to see
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hybrid piano lesson. See you for that second video.

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