How To Make A Cake Look Like An NHL Hockey Puck – Easy Ice Hockey Puck Cake Idea
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How To Make A Cake Look Like An NHL Hockey Puck – Easy Ice Hockey Puck Cake Idea

How to make a cake shaped like a hockey puck. Today I’m going to show you how I made a Toronto Maple Leaf sports cake for a hockey birthday. Hi, I’m Amanda van der Gulik, from and today I’m going to show you how to make a cake shaped like a hockey Puck more specifically, a Toronto Maple Leafs sports cake cake for a hockey birthday fan. My wife is a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey sport fan and has managed to make me one too! Normally, I would have just used a round pan to make this cake but I had just finished a few rectangle sponge cakes and had levelled off the tops. So I decided, since the tops were still good and yummy, to layer them together with my Yummy Mocha Icing and to make a new cake for this hockey birthday sports themed cake. I printed off a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey puck picture that I found and I cut it out to use as my template. I then put on a first layer of the Mocha Icing to crumb coat the cake. That helps the cake crumbs stick to the cake so they don’t show through the final layer of the icing. I let that chill and then put on a thicker layer of icing. I rolled out some chocolate fondant, while the cake was cooling one last time. Then I covered it completely with the fondant and tucked in the bottom edge before trimming it with a paring knife. That helps to make sure that you don’t trim the fondant too short. I then used the back of a thin cutting board that had a tire track kind of texture to it. I transferred that pattern onto the cake to represent the textured edge of the hockey puck. I used black food colouring, thinned down with some water, and then painted that all over the cake and let that dry. I borrowed my daughter’s Exacto knife and cut out the different sections of the photo, that I printed off earlier to make a template to cut those sections out in fondant to place on the cake. I did find it a little hard to transfer over the sections of the circle since they were so thin, they didn’t really want to stay nice and round. But after a few attempts I managed to get them on and sit nicely on the cake. My wife, Cindy, loved her Toronto Maple Leafs sports themed hockey cake, especially because I made the Toronto Maple Leafs 100 years of hockey puck for her. Unfortunately, that year, the Maple Leafs didn’t win. And because I like to bring a cake to work to surprise Cindy for her birthday, and because she’s a really avid hockey fan, I didn’t want her colleagues teasing her with a cake reminding her of a team that had lost. So instead, I took off the Maple Leafs 100 years logo and I replaced it with an NHL logo instead. She loved it! Her colleagues loved it, they couldn’t believe how real it looked! And it tasted great too! It actually turned out so much nicer than we expected because when I added the cake layer tops from the other cakes they were each very thin, and so I had a lot of layers with a lot of thin layers of icing in between. This actually made the cake really cool! When you put it in your mouth, it literally melted on your tongue as you ate it! It was delicious, we LOVED it! So my tip for you is: Never waste your cake scraps! You can always use them to create new cakes or fun things like cake pops! For more fun cake decorating ideas go to Where I also have a FREE GIFT for you, just to thank-you for taking the time to watch my video. And if you enjoyed this video then click the Like button and leave me a comment to let me know what you liked most of all. Don’t forget to click Subscribe and hit that notification bell so you’ll be the first to know when my next video comes out to help inspire you with more fun cake decorating ideas! Hey, if there’s a particular kind of cake or cake tip that you would like me to make for you, let me know in the comments below and I’ll even to do a shout out to thank-you for your great idea! Thanks for watching!


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