How to install drivers for Xbox 360 chinese wireless receiver (Code 28)
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How to install drivers for Xbox 360 chinese wireless receiver (Code 28)

Greetings. This tutorial is for people
with the latest Windows build that broke non-original Xbox 360 controller
driver support me including me. This guide only requires you to download the official drivers on modifying them just a bit. So a few numbers just basically
so let’s get started and the link of the step-by-step information drivers is in
the description. First of all, we will uninstall all the old drivers and Xbox
controllers we have installed. So go to device manager select your unknown the device. In this case, I will remove the correctly installed device and its drivers Once that is done just pull out your USB
for your receiver and plug it back in And then scan for the new devices. And then right-click on the device and go to the details tab and select Hardware IDs
property. The official one will end in zero seven one nine. And yours probably as mine was is zero to nine one so take a note out the number zero to nine one
yours might be different so just the last four numbers. Next we will download
the drivers from the Microsoft website. The link will be in the description
below also the link to the article after download we go and extract xbox360 64 n file. If you were on the 32-bit windows then down the 32-bit version. Once you extract a folder for the path Xbox360_64Eng xbox360 setup64 files driver win7 and finally open xusb21.inf You can use it Notepad or any other text editor. Once In the notepad go to edit replace then
type in zero seven one nine. The number from the step two we previously
put in now notepad. In this case it’s zero to nine one and just hit replace all and after that save the file. Next we we have modified the drivers and
now they are not digitally signed windows will not allow us to install
them so now I have to turn off the driver of check temporary. For this will
set windows in the test mode. Will open the start type in CMD in the search field and then click on it and run it as an administrator. In the new window paste bcdedit /set testsigning on and then press Enter. Then you’ll get a
message: The operation completed successfully. Now you will have to reboot
your PC so just stop this video for a second and reboot your PC. So now you have rebooted your PC and in the bottom right corner you’ll see a watermark. That’s good that testing mode is on. Now we must go back and find the xusb21.inf file we modified in the step 6. When you find the file just right-click
on it and select install. You’ll get several warnings, just accept and click install the driver software anyway. At this step
windows might already have installed your the drivers so you only have to
restart the PC but if it did not happen just go to Device Manager find the
unknown device and then choose update driver click on the browse my computer
for drivers and then choose let pick from the list of available drivers on my
computer and install the drivers. So that’s basically completes it optionally
I’ll recommend to install the Xbox360_64Eng.exe it will install the Xbox software and you get all a little icon thingy it with the battery charger
and if your controller is actually connected think it adds something else
so just recommend to install it before starting just open the same D again
right click to as admin and type in bcdedit /set testsigning off and this will
disable the thing appears to enable and then we start your PC. After that everything should be working just fine your controller will connect
to your wireless receiver and that’s it okay so well if you have any questions
just leave them in the comment section below I’ll just try answer them all
around we’ll just add the additional information to the article be sure to of
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and of course just hit that like button again thanks for watching.


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    00:30 Remove old Xbox 360 drivers and devices
    00:56 Find Xbox 360 receiver Hardware ID

    01:36 Prepare the drivers for non-original Xbox 360 receiver

    02:46 Enable Windows Test Mode and Disable Driver Signature Enforcement

    03:26 Install drivers for Xbox 360 Receiver

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