How to get the Perfect Minnie Mouse inspired look! Disney makeup tutorial for Disney Parks!
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How to get the Perfect Minnie Mouse inspired look! Disney makeup tutorial for Disney Parks!

I am very very excited to share with you guys my new Disney bounding makeup Outfit series that I will be doing on this channel. Let’s get started So depending on how well these go I hope to incorporate more of these throughout my channel this year based on different Disney characters or upcoming Disney movies today We’re gonna be focusing on Minnie Mouse because I just went to the Disney Store last weekend to do the Minnie Mouse event Which I’ll have that video linked down below So I’m gonna show you guys a really really cool way to do it Disney bound makeup and also a subtle Disney outfit I’ve seen a lot of the Disney inspired makeup videos on YouTube But I’m gonna be doing them a lot different a lot of those videos and more like face paint how to look like the character But I want to do subtle Hints to characters that you can get away with wear to the parks and it just makes your outfit look like you are that character But not so much it looks like you just did face paint I want to do just nice subtle inspired by character makeup. And also none of the makeup I’m using this video is super expensive I get my makeup from the Ulta beauty section from Target from TJ Maxx From Marshall like those places. I don’t go buy fancy expensive makeup so Please don’t feel like you need to go buy any crazy makeup to do this cuz I’m not gonna be using it and it works is just the same in my Opinion so I won’t be using any of that in this video Please comment down below other Disney character inspired makeup and outfit videos that you guys would like me to do I asked you guys on Instagram recently some starting off with that list And then if you guys suggest anything else that hopefully I can make those videos as well so please make sure to like this video if you guys are interested in this new series and don’t forget to subscribe for a 10,000 subscriber giveaway coming very very soon before we get into the actual makeup part though I wanted to open a quick little fan letter that I got in my peel box recently This is from Emily’s paper and it’s in this cute little envelope I don’t wanna show the other side because of a personal reasons, but I really really love the washi tape. They use this all cameras How cool is that? Oh my goodness Whoa, check out This card isn’t that amazing? I love these sparkles. I love the Mickey heads how Adorable is that oh my goodness. Just keep dreaming on it. Oh, oh my gosh Thank you so so much Emily that is so so awesome. She just started a scrapbooking channel here on YouTube and she also included some fun little scrapbook Pieces well, thank you so so much. The letter was super super sweet and the card looks awesome today We’re gonna be focusing on this classic red and Minnie Mouse Look, I don’t really watch makeup videos on YouTube. So I’m probably doing this so wrong and I look so nasty doing it So first, I’m gonna be using this elf primer. Mist anytime I do like Disney bounding make it like this or I’m going to the parks I try to use some sort of primer just because sweaty gross I want the color to be on good I wants to stay on good but my spray is like super weird So I just kind of put it in my hands and do it all so not professional makeup person at all All right, once I get that on feel it kind of dry and now we’re going to be doing just my basic makeup stuff So if you do concealer foundation, whatever do all that So again, I’m just using elf brand makeup. I don’t do foundation. I just do concealer Cover up all little nasties and I’m just going to use a little blender to blend all that in again Just just like a normal like makeup step that people do I think? Now that I finished that I’m just gonna be doing the covergirl clean Alright so we blend all that in and Minnie Mouse doesn’t do like a lot of blush So I’m gonna do a more subtle kind but anytime I do these like character Disney about things I always like some sparkle on them. I always like to add a little bit of sparkle to it So I’m going to be using this uLTA Beauty It’s not gonna focus this uLTA Beauty like sparkly Blush, it’s like a subtle like kind of peachy pink so it’s not gonna be super super noticeable, which is good, but it will be there which is also good and we’re just going to Put that on like normal Next up I have this like toned down baked bronzer. This also has a little bit of shimmer in it So again, this is more like that toned down more subtle Look mini doesn’t have a lot of contour type makeup. So that’s not really what I’m going for on this character specifically So I do that almost like right below the blush Sometimes I’ll go back over then with the blush just to make sure That it’s covered in the bronzer is not too dark and I also like to go on the outside Of my nose with it That’s more just like what I do normally so whatever like your normal route makeup routine is that’s kind of what we’re sticking with Right now we’re just trying to tone it down make it more subtle like peachy, so I’m just going to kind of Like rub this out a little bit because it is a little bit dark So you guys can kind of see here what we have so far. We just have this like light peachy blush I know it might be kind of hard to see in the video, but it’s Pretty subtle. Alright, I tried moving the away a little bit You guys might be able to see a little bit better again light light pink, okay? Now we’re gonna do the highlighter and I got this one at t.j.maxx and I loved it This was only $5.99 It’s just like this glitter palette and they’re just basic shades So I’m gonna be doing more like this peachy like white shade I want you to be able to see it, but I also wanted to be blended in with the rest Certain characters that I will do I’m gonna want to use different colors. I’m gonna want them to be more obvious But with this character, I’m gonna be doing some crazy Eyes shadow with it because I like the look of that better than trying to do the different colors on the face Cuz again I don’t this to be like face paint and what this to look like a normal outfit, so Then you guys can see here. It just kind of shows like that cool like Shade that kind of going up almost around your eye a little bit But since we’re gonna be doing a lot of eye shadow, that won’t really matter as much Next you’re going to undo your normal Eyebrow routine the color the clear is what I do most the time, but for this particular one, I’m going to be doing that hint And sometimes after I get that a little bit of time I’ll do the clear over it just to make them stay next up again. Whatever your eyelash your teen is I’m just going to basic curl mine again. I got this from Claire’s. We’re not doing anything crazy here So now we’re gonna get into the fun part. This is really what’s gonna make it look like Minnie Mouse We’re gonna do that red eye shadow What we’re going to layer it a little bit and we’re also going to add the white Dots of course to show it really really well I’m also hoping to do that little bit of black winged eyeliner just to show that it is Minnie Mouse So this palette I’m gonna be using is actually holiday themed. It is by this brand never heard of it It’s from Target. I got it on sale after the holidays and that’s how how we dealing around here And I got this for these videos for all of these crazy colors because we’re gonna do this like really really bold and bright if you don’t have the super super bright red if you want it to be More toned down then just pick the shade you want to do I want this to be pretty crazy So that’s what I’m gonna be doing today I’m going to be using a few different shades of red just to help kind of blend it but make sure you have that on Hand if you’re following with me, if you guys are following with me, make sure to tag me in a picture on Instagram I’d love to see you guys do this if you guys like this. So just tag me on instagram I Belov to see it alright so first I’m gonna use a smaller eye shadow brush because I’m just gonna be going Underneath the eye a little bit and I’m going to use my darkest shade of red Because I want this to be like set back a little bit Maybe we just need we just leave it at this eye You guys can see here I just did the darkest layer kind of over top like kind of outlining where the eyelid is Where it closes and everything and then we’re gonna shade up a lighter from there So now I’m just gonna using the normal size eye makeup brush to apply this candy keen red color Oh my gosh, this is gonna be so bright kind of excited for it Whoa All right, so we’re going from overlooking neon pink look now This isn’t as a red as I thought it was going to me But it does look pretty red if it’s not red enough for you or if yours also looks too pink I’m going to go back over mine just a little bit with this darker red from this Star Wars Millennium Falcon palette that I have because I want this to look more red than pink So I’m going to use the Empire shade of red here And I’m just gonna go over it. This is mainly what I do with a lot of the eyeshadows I like to layer and mix them It makes cool shades cool fades Alright that works a little bit better over red for me So that’s what we’re gonna go with and now the super fun part adding the white dots now I did the Buzz Lightyear makeup with Halloween makeup I did not try it Which is normal I shadow so I’m gonna hope that this works the way I want it to I’m just going to take my white. I’m gonna use one of these little eye Blender things see I don’t know what these are called. I can’t be a normal makeup youtuber I can’t do this right we’re going to do the white dots I have a little bit on here. Oh That worked okay Alright so I think this is my best one, I just took the light again the pigment was really really good with this particular Set and I was easily able to just daun it on. Oh my gosh, it looks so cool This one go a little bit messed up But if you mess one up just take the color that you used back over it and then just re dot it So for example, you guys kind of see this sounds a little bit messed up Just blend it in There we go, super easy There we go fixed it You guys seen the Minnie Mouse vibes yet? Next I’m going to take just a normal black eye pencil and I’m going to do the eyeliner underneath my eyes Pretty good There we go, okay Now I’m going to be using a black felt-tip. This is just an altar brand one same with the other one. I just used And I’m actually gonna look at my mirror for this but I’m going to do B black Line above my eye here. These always like the hardest things to do and if you’re not one that knows how to do this if you’re not like super Into it, if you just feel like you were not able to get it right. I’ll show you my little trick Okay so I literally just grabbed my eyelashes and I like hold them down and then I’m just going to Just follow right behind my eyelashes. Yeah, we’re just were just drawn the line, you know If it gets a little wonky, it’s all good Because once you put the mascara on you won’t really be able to see it. Anyway, I Don’t know how well you guys could see that but if you literally just keep drawing the line and then rate and when you’re I Just touched it right when you get to the end of your eyelashes just stop and just like pull away a little bit That will help to give you that little bit of a wing that you want If you want a bigger wing do it, you know if you want a smaller one then stop right at there at the end But you know, it looks a little bit wonky and it’s all good. It’s fine Once you do the mascara and everything, you won’t really be able to tell that the line it’s not perfectly straight And I’m gonna do the same here with the other side Also, another thing don’t just literally take the tip and just do straight on do you want to hold it at an angle that way? The line gets a little bit thicker so you can actually see it And there we go. There’s There’s both of them and if you want to make it just a little bit more Just do just a little bits at a time. You don’t want to ruin eight at this stage Oh my god were literally almost done right now. We’re going to do it the mascara So I have a few different types of mascara that I’ve gotten like little samples everything I do the one that is like the thickest again for these inspired ones. We’re not going for a supernatural Look, we still want it to look like It’s inspired by characters. So this is kind of where you get to do as much as you want Adjust it as much as you want especially with the bright colors you want to make sure that it’s thick enough that you can see that you do have eyelashes because People’s eyes are going to go right to the I shadow Again Ulta brand I’m using for that I use two different ones just to make sure was thick enough to see you guys could see It really really well and then this great lash one. I got this from Target This is the very very black color. And this is always the one I do underneath my eye Just because I was a smaller tip It’s easier to see what I’m doing with it And I’m not putting a lot underneath my eye and lastly here to kind of help emphasize The white dot since they are a little bit faint We’re just going to be using this glittery eye shadow palette. This is from Walmart I have used this for so many different things I’ve used it at the parks and everything and it stays on really really well, but it also comes off really really well And I’m just I’m a huge fan of it So we’re just going to take our little tools that come with it and we’re just gonna get a little clump at the end That we can dot it on where the white dots already are that? Last step is optional if you don’t have the glittery One or if you don’t want to really deal with the glitter that day, it’s all optional you know, I really want these to be like doing your own how you’re comfortable with it and I almost forgot to add the Lightest shade of the color that you have. So I’m going to do my lightest shade of this red pink Right here on the inside Of my eye Like they’re doing a little bit of glitter right there too. I know some people do that Lastly here if you’re feeling fancy You want to be that Minnie Mouse vibe? I’m going to add a few little rhinestones to it You can do the yellow black and white for her shoes and everything to help kind of bring that together You can do the one little stone eyeshadow like stone there off of a wing if you think that looks cute Really if you’re feeling it if you have them I got these around Halloween time on sale about a few packs So I’m going to use for the parks everything because I know that’s a big Instagram thing that people do And of course to end this one we’re going to be doing the red lipstick Or if you have a more pink one I know my eyes a little more pink in this one that might help bring it together, too Now we need to get into our Minnie Mouse outfit So that was like a terrible transition, but we’re doing okay, so I decided my Minnie Mouse bow We have the little polka dots they’re all sparkly and then I’m just gonna do red shirt maybe Mouse necklace Minnie Mouse shoes You guys may have saw my Instagram and then the last thing I do is this NYX matte finish just cuz at the parks It’s funny. It’s gross you want this to stay on all day for all of the pictures? You’re gonna be taking so That is my Minnie Mouse inspired makeup subtle, I feel like You could definitely get away with this. It’s not super super crazy if you want to make it crazy You can just add a little bit more to everything and that is your Minnie Mouse inspired makeup tutorial Again, please please Comment other Disney characters you guys like me to do this year for this series? Some of the characters will have more makeup to them more detail to them more Disney inspired Stuff this specific character was a little bit more subtle, but they will get crazier They will get more subtle, please subscribe to this channel. So you guys do not miss those videos Make sure to check out my Disney park it videos link down below if you guys like to see some of the outfits and makeup That I have done their eyes. Have a wonderful day Remember to stay tuned for more Disney videos every Tuesday and Thursday at 2 p.m Eastern time and remember to do what you love and do it makes you happy and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye


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