Hosting friends, Tokyo Disney, Makeup+Skincare Heaven in Harajuku // January Japan Vlog
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Hosting friends, Tokyo Disney, Makeup+Skincare Heaven in Harajuku // January Japan Vlog

*upbeat music* 🎶 ask me how I do it, I
just stick to the plan, stick to the plan. 🎶 Celeste: So I am here in Shibuya at an izakaya and I’m waiting for Nick and Elliott who
arrived last night, but I had work today so I was pretty busy. We’re out here to get
some drinks and I’m just waiting for them. They came all the way from Odaiba, which is
pretty far from here, so they’re running a little late. I went ahead and ordered because
I felt awkward. I felt like the waiter was just staring at me and was like, “Is this
girl gonna order or what?” And so, I ordered just some fries and a Calpico Sour. Celeste: They’re here! They arrived! Fresh from the onsen, glowing~✨ *upbeat music* Celeste: We’re in Shimokitazawa with Nick and Elliott because they wanted
to go thrift shopping. And— *interrupted by a super loud interview playing in the store* —I have no idea what they’re playing in the background. *laughs* *upbeat music* *sounds of the Omotesando shopping streets* Celeste: We’ve come to Omotesando for today’s date. Today’s date is just coffee, walking
around, and window shopping. *upbeat music* Celeste: We came to a wagashi cafe called “Toraya Cafe and Stand.” The concept is
that they sell wagashi, which are traditional Japanese sweets, and it comes from a pretty
famous wagashi company? Hiroki: Yeah, one of the most famous wagashi
companies. Celeste: So, we have come to try some of the
wagashi and their lattes. We’re sitting outside because inside is full. They have
two floors but they’re full (;-;) so it’s pretty popular. But this is still nice because
we get to film without bothering anyone and they gave us blankets to sit outside so it’s
nice. Hiroki: Yeah. And anyways, I got a haircut.
Celeste: Oh yeah Hiroki got a haircut today. Hiroki: Yup. It’s pretty nice I think. I
wanted to get hair like Leonardo DiCaprio. Celeste: Leonardo DiCaprio? Like a young Leonardo DiCaprio? Hiroki: Uh huh yeah yeah! Like this line— Celeste: Oh, oooohhhhh now I see.
Hiroki: Yeah like why I got it cut kind of like this way. Celeste: I see.
Hiroki: So once I style my hair like him, it will be like that. Hopefully.
Celeste: I see. I didn’t even know. Hiroki: Like this way.
Celeste: I see I see. Celeste: They invited us in because there’s
space inside now so we came inside because it was pretty cold outside?
Hiroki: Yeah it was. It’s not like we can’t stay there, but it’s better to stay inside.
Celeste: Yeah I think so. Hiroki: Oh, it’s so hot. Celeste: How is it? Hiroki: It’s really good.
Celeste: Really good? Hiroki: Also it’s f*ckin hot. Celeste: *laughs*
Hiroki: Even for my tongue. It’s very like wagashi taste, but it’s also like houjicha.
Celeste: Ahhhhh. What did you get? Hiroki: An-Houjicha Tea Latte.
Celeste: Ohhh so there’s red bean inside? Hiroki: Yeah red bean inside. That’s why
it looks like this. Celeste: Ahhhhh I see. Celeste: So this is the famous bun that they’re famous for. There’s a lot of red bean. *laughs* Celeste: Oh my gosh. Everything is just spilling. Hiroki: Yeah. Hiroki: Is it good? Celeste: *nods*
Hiroki: But it does… look… Celeste: Shut up.
Hiroki: Yes ma’am. *upbeat music* Celeste: Amazing. That was amazing. The new
@Cosme store literally right across from JR Harajuku Station is amazing. I like died.
Went to makeup heaven. Makeup AND skincare heaven. They have tester bars for like everything
and it’s organized by skincare step and your skin’s preference. Like dry or oily,
combination. And they even have sinks to wash everything off. *sighs in amazement*


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