Historia de Alunos com Delphi
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Historia de Alunos com Delphi

Hi Guys, my name is Talita. My name is Mateus. We will tell a little bit of our story, how we met Delphi. And how Delphi helped us get through college. Well, Me and Mateus, we finished this year Last year, but this year we’ll have a degree (2020). in Information Systems. I already have a background in biological sciences and I decided to venture into the technology part because I know that technology is the future. There’s no turning back. And this is my first training. So I called Mateus: Matues, since you have no college You will start one now I knew that Mateus was very interested in this part of information technology. computing, anyway … I asked him to do college together because it would be easier we help each other. Only it came last year we had a story that was “Programming for Games”, that I became very interested, I started to do very well in this matter, the teacher encouraged me a lot, I think one of the reasons why I was interested in the subject is that the teacher went there and encouraged me. “No Talita, you can do it … come on” And in the last year too we started messing with the CBT We had to obligatorily program. So the TCC was to program! I had no alternative. How I am fascinated by this game story that we had in the first semester, that the teacher was encouraging us a lot, I said: “Mateus, let’s try to make a game?” then he agreed. As we like Friends a lot and we know that all over the world there are many fans of the Firends series, we proposed to do a “quiz” about Friends. And we showed this idea to the teacher, who used to give this game material, It was Java programming using the framework called LibGDX. He was super happy, he said he was going to guide us, that he would help us … So we totally changed our project. We had four months to do a “Quiz” with Java and LibGDX. The game started to come out cool, there were some nice interfaces, like this … But we couldn’t finish it. Put all the features We even suggested to the teacher, then, to switch to Java using Android Studio. Because we thought it would be easier to use Android Studio. But then the teacher said: “No, because you will not have all the features that LibGDX provides”. We tried again with LibGDX The teacher helping us … sometimes we met until two in the morning … three o’clock in the morning. the teacher with us on Whatsapp, we trying to but we, like …, there came a point that “stuck!” we were so worried too I didn’t have time, then at dawn we had a tired head … reached a point in the game that “crashed”. And then we started to get kind of worried because time has passed … And I was already close to delivering the TCC … and we wouldn’t be able to develop. If we continued, I would certainly believe that in four or five months we would succeed. End the game. Then Mateus had the idea of ​​moving to Delphi. Because at “his” company, where Mateus works, they program in Delphi. And there we would have the plus, like this, as he works there, people work with Delphi, the system is developed with Delphi. I could search, if necessary, seek their help, right ?! Sometimes sit with them there … see, seek a direction where we could go, within Delphi. There in a short time even Mateus through a course, taking a course … online, he took a course, entitled to a certificate … in a short time the game was set. I think it was “in what?” Three days? Four days??? [Around] Three days, four days the game was all set. beautiful, the way we wanted, it was even better than we wanted. on desktop right? And then another part of the problem started … we were happy, because it was working … but then another part of the problem started. We couldn’t generate the APK (app) So the game ran right on the Desktop … but when it comes to switching to APK … it didn’t run. He crashed … or it ran without the interfaces … it was all disfigured. And we said: “There is little time left, we will have to deliver anyway.” “With this app as ugly on mobile” “We present the desktop …” “and if they ask to see the app, ok, we will have to show it that way. ” Only then it started to crash on the cell phone too. There were, if I’m not mistaken, about three days for us to present the CBT And then we started watching videos again … Then I was watching a video that Mateus was watching and I said: “I’m going to try to talk to the author of this video.” that was Landerson. I said, “I’m going to text him …” “… e-mail, I don’t know … wherever he is. I’m going to look up and try to talk to him.” Without any hope, because I was sure that I would not be able to contact him And … then I entered a website, typed his name in Google … I discovered his website … there was the address of Instragram, Facebook and email. I texted him on these three channels Facebook, Instagram and email. Telling our story and saying that I was desperate. I sent it like this: “That I was desperate …” “why if we couldn’t generate the simple APK we wouldn’t be able to graduate” “There would be no way …” And I was hopeless. I didn’t think Landerson would respond. Because we had already asked for help from other professionals before, for other people, we had no return. And to my surprise, that was the night … about eleven o’clock at night that I sent these messages, without any hope. and to my surprise … the next day, in the morning … about seven-thirty in the morning. Landerson answers me … I couldn’t believe it! And I was so desperate, I texted him like this: “Look Landerson, I just need you to run the APK …” “I pay you to only generate the APK for us.” “The code is ready,” “desktop is running,” “it’s all right, we programmed …” “but does not generate the APK …” “So I’m desperate, I pay you to generate the APK.” Then he said: “No Talita, I will do better …” “I don’t want you to pay me anything …” “I will sit with you, I will teach you how to generate the APK.” “Because you think it’s a seven-headed bug …” “you will see that it is the simplest thing in the world.” Then I passed the contact from Mateus to him, on the same day they talked … and said: “look, there’s only one problem …” “today I am embarking for another city …” I think he was going to install the Delphi course in another city “I will only be able to talk to you at night.” I said: “Oh … it won’t work …” “I’m sure he won’t be making contact again.” “It won’t work, it won’t work …” And at night he made contact with Mateus. And with me, we set up a little group … and he started talking … super cool, started to explain in detail … … he stayed on course all day, and even at night, he still had that time to talk to us and explain. He was in a hurry at the moment he needed to leave we were talking at that moment and he said: “Man, I’m a little rushed here but let’s try to make a connection there …” “Give me AnyDesk …” If I’m not mistaken, AnyDesk was what we used He connected, took a look at the source code … as it was there, advised to make some configurations in Delphi itself. to be able to generate the APK to try to run and he said: “So Mateus, this is what I can give you now …” “try it, if you can’t, you will contact me later and as soon as i can i will answer you.” “if you can also let me know.” I tried to do what he asked I made the settings, I generated the APK … Unfortunately it didn’t. I said, “Dude … it didn’t work.” Then he took the source code again … took a look … and realized that some settings were missing from the code itself It would be the permission to run on Android. That I hadn’t put in, that I hadn’t typed in the source code there. then he said: “Look, Mateus … this, this and this look was missing … it’s here!” “after I put it turned normally.” It ran on his cell phone, he sent it to me, sent it to Talita we tried ROUNDED! And it was the day before we delivered the TCC. That we managed … he explained to Mateus … and Mateus managed to generate the APK. Then at the presentation of the TCC, when we had to say that we changed the language we were not very well received in the change right ?! They thought it was too late when we switched languages ​​… but I explained … “look, professor, we needed to deliver the TCC …” “we were able to deliver results using this language.” And we managed to learn. So much so that we managed to generate a perfect APK. And our game was very good … Not praising us, but praising the language … we managed to achieve what we wanted. We did market research afterwards … I sent the app to all Friends fans who wanted the app … everyone praised, everyone managed to play, it worked just fine on everyone’s phone. and everyone gave top marks, because I asked whoever I sent this application to give some feedback with some note from one to five, one the worst grade and five the best grade. And everyone scored five because they liked the game very much. So, we wanted with this short story … we face a lot of difficulty … but that thanks to this language (Delphi) we were able to complete our course something that we would not conclude. And they even doubted us … the teachers doubted whether it was us who programmed it. “No … it’s impossible, how did you manage to program?” It was possible … it was possible because it is a language that it is easy to work with. They asked if it was nobody who programmed for us … we were so questioned, that we were the only pair to have to post on the Play Store (GooglePlay) our application … And we put it on the Play Store and we are proud to speak … as much as “quiz” seems to be a cliché game … very common, … there was no Friends Quiz in Portuguese. I did a search on the Play Store and everyone complained that they only had Friends Quiz in English. And Brazilian, likes easy things … so he wanted it in Portuguese. So we are the first, the first people … to actually program … we programmed from the beginning, raw, from scratch … we program a Friends Quiz in Portuguese. You can see there, we are the first to put it on the Play Store. So … we are entering this area now, of technology, we intend to pursue a career, we will continue to specialize, right ?! We are very grateful for Landerson’s help. We are very grateful to Delphi, right ?! Because if it weren’t for Delphi or Landerson, we wouldn’t have been able to complete the course. And we have it (app) posted there now he is fine… he’s really a beginner. Simple thing if we compare it with other apps … with other Quizzes that have been developed that are posted there (Google Play) But we don’t want to stop here … We want to improve it. Put a new face on it … Everything improved, a better interface … A simpler user interface. So we want to continue this project … And again I want to thank Landerson for all his help, right ?! Who arranged his time for us … to be helping, to be guiding. So thank you very much! We hope this video here, our story may be inspiring the people who are entering the development area, right ?! And man … Delphi he is an amazing tool! That’s what we want to tell. That’s what we want to go through with this story that we told. Our story … Delphi is amazing !!! And thanks again! And that serves as inspiration I know it’s kind of a simple story … but that if it inspires someone we are very happy! That’s it … a big hug to everyone! Thank you!


  • Carlos Barreto Feitoza Filho

    E mais… Se podia entregar o TCC em qualquer linguagem, qual o problema em trocar de última hora? É aí que a gente nota como a galera de Java se acha melhor que todo mundo

  • Adriano Santos

    Fiquei sabendo dessa história e foi muito loko. Me dispus ajudar também, mas já estava tudo encaminhado, top demais.

  • Marcel Branco

    que sensacional!!!
    Parabéns aos irmãos em persistir na busca de uma solução e entregar o TCC e ao Landerson, um cara excepcional, sempre disposto a ajudar!!

    depoimento maravilhoso!!!!!!

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