Gully Football – Indian Gully Football
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Gully Football – Indian Gully Football

Bro lets play something ..
– lets play cards lets play cricket .
– no lets play football where is the football ?
-we don’t have it bro , the world is round ,, and your bother has got the football , and all of us have two BALLS. wow..
-lets form group and select the players yesterday i had pepsi,, so your brother has the player messi wow. so i have Chamar sorry i mean Playmar. come here bro yesterday at my place they were playing drums , so my player is Ronaldo ohhh .. so we don’t have less ,, he got 150 stitches , we have our player KAKA hey move .
– what happened? you burst my football . get lost crazy .. look there he has come ohh.. he has come hey bro.. (chorus) .. wait … hey wait hey he is here ,, be quick
-get up quickly .. Vinay get it here ,, Vinay .. Vinay Rohit take it there.. hey,, again he ran .. Are you mad ,, who makes a goal from his own goal .. suddenly my employer can in my thoughts , so i didn’t control take it .. take it .. take it.. hey. take it,, come on take it .. wow! bro you are awesome (chorus) go back,, move back . one minute .. come here , go back and stand come on what are you doing ?
– look bro ,don’t frustrate me i have never been a goal keeper you won’t become a goalkeeper ? get up and go there behind give me the ball hey bro what’s this ? look how small is your goal & our goal is big enough bro i swear its the same . idiot . take this Dharmendar goal ! yes .. hey! the ball .. goal ! yes come on Dharmendar ( chorus ) hit it Arjun .. Arjun ……… if you loved our video
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