GTA 5 Online: FREE AMMO! MAX Ammunition in GTA Online! (GTA V)
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GTA 5 Online: FREE AMMO! MAX Ammunition in GTA Online! (GTA V)

Hey everyvone how’s it going my name is Usman
& today I have an awesome way that can get you maximum ammunition for free in GTA 5 Online,
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for more awesome GTA 5 Videos!. with that said… So first of all you wanna add this
job in to your GTA Online, it’s call the roof war, this job is created by my good friend nnath95jag his psn will be linked down in
the description, so he created this job for PS3, sorry XBOX users I don’t have the link
for this job for you guys but as soon as I find for XBOX, I will link it down in description & if some of you guys find this type of job
for xbox make sure you guys comment with link. So yeah add this job in to your gta online,
once you added restart your GTA 5 Online & you wanna press start, go to online, click on
jobs, host a job, bookmarked deathmatches & pick
the Roof War, for the time settings pick 5 minutes & for the lock weapons pic the owned
+ pickups, once that done. Invite a friend because you need minimum of 2 people in order
to start this job. once you have a friend in your lobby
start this deathmatch & make sure you guys don’t kill each other just try picking up
every weapon possible because that get you ammo. if you pick up all the weapons don’t
worry they will re-spawn. So once you finish this job make
sure you do a mission or two just to make sure your ammo stay with you, overall it’s
a pretty cool method to get free ammo in GTA Online. Because I know ammo are expensive,
you prety much run out of your cash pretty quickly. So I hope this helped you guys out, if it
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that’s really about it.


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