FUNNY FOOTBALL MOMENTS๐Ÿ˜‚| Episode-2 (English Subtitles )
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FUNNY FOOTBALL MOMENTS๐Ÿ˜‚| Episode-2 (English Subtitles )

ohh shitt !! they’re attacking us all together Welcome back guys .Happy to meet you guys again on our channel . Today funny football moments 2 gonna release why because it’s saturday ! coz every saturday saturday we’re giving you guys this content you’ve given amazing response to my last episode ! with that motivation we’re giving you this content compliling the funny football moments ! there will be segements yesterday we’ve announced 150k giveaway contest’s winner . if you haven’t participated , no worries because there’s a giveaway waiting for you guys when we hit 175k subscribers so subscribe now and get notified that when will the giveaway contest starts. if you’re new to this channel ,MY name is PRADEEP and this is my channel PRSOCCERART consider subscribing it coz we creating amazing football content in tamil ! without wasting time let get into the video ! like last week ,this week the first segment is ! Funny goal Celebration this week what im gonna show is that a guy scored a goal with that mojo what he did is he went to the substitute bench and hit an plastic shed with his head and he broke that ! broke that into pieces after that match he would have got a bill to pay i guess ! now we’re gonna see the second segment “funny goal ” yes funny goal. we’ve seen spectacular gaols even in isl ! but funnily ? like, can we score a goal like this ? this segment is all about that ! this is almost similar to trickshot ! because the opponent kicked the ball towards goal but that didn’t contact well and went on a spin and rised up the goalkeeper tries to catch the ball what happened is that ball spinned and went inside the net ! see this ! you can say that as insane trickshot ! he confused everyone including his own teammates that the would spin and go inside the net ! so the next segment is WWEin football ! if was first wwf and it got changed into wwe where they smack each other that wwe will happen sometime in football too if it happen how it’ll be. that’s this segment is all about ! in that case, this week’s wwe in football in that case, this week’s wwe in football hitting the same team boy !! like that he tried to tackle his opponent ending hitting his own teammate and opponent gets a goal the next segment is Freestyle FootBall Fails there’ll somany funny things will happen in freestyle football training but while uploading in the social media they only upload the terrific and insane videos but there’ll be so many funny clips behind the scene why because when we go for training we start recording clips and we start our training we think it might click while recording in doing so , there’ll be so many fail have been recorded ! in that case we have a couple of fail clips ! so hte next segment we’re gonna see is refree fails ! no importance given to the refrees in the football world we’ll be talking only about players all days ! but we’re not giving importance to the refrees how much fitness does a refree need .. how hard they work ! how they’ve become a refree they should run in order to match the players pace like messi and ronaldo ! they’re doing so much of hardwork so we’re gonna talk about the refrees here but we’re gonna talk about the fails ! this week ,for you guys refree fails is that regarding a women refrees there’ll be so many fail clips for them ! they’ve even done so many funny things.What’s that is.. see this ! everybody thought she gonna give a card to that player but denying to that ,she took hand kerchief and wiped her sweat ! that was unexpected ! now that we’ve arrived for the last segment .lastly, what we’re gonna see is that “prsoccerart pic of the week” even in our last episode we’ve uploaded neymar’s video ! and all the neymar fans got pissed off and humiliated me in comments but i don’t care about that ! this week’s pic of the week ,what’s that is a poor boy was sitting beside the ground stating that he’s not gonna play.that poor boy , see what happened ! after that he went to home and never came back to the ground ,i guess now that ,we’ve arrived at the end of the video how was funny football moments ? comment down below and like this video, if you enjoyed it not only that ,share this video with your friends , family so they can laugh watching this video don’t worry about yourself . just be yourself ! and laugh more and have fun ! if you’re her for the first time ,consider subscribing it ! because it is showing in our analytics that 80%of the people watching video without subscribing it ! so consider subscribing it sothat the channel grows ! and ill be growing ! so support us ! there’s no trickshot or quiz in this video because this video regarding funny football moments ! See you tomorrow on an another video . in that there’ll be a trickshot and quiz ! so you guys have to wait till tomorrow ! i see you tomorrow with that video ,Until then ,This is PRADEEP signing -off !


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