FROZEN 2’s DELETED ENDING: How Disney Almost Killed Elsa & Destroyed Arendelle Castle
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FROZEN 2’s DELETED ENDING: How Disney Almost Killed Elsa & Destroyed Arendelle Castle

Yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers, I’m Jan and in
this video I’m revealing the Frozen 2 deleted scenes that completely changed the end of
the movie, including a heart-breaking message from Anna
and Elsa’s parents, and an awesome song for Kristoff that we never got to see. Frozen 2 took some dark turns; however, the
movie’s original ending was going to be even darker with the destruction of Arendelle Castle
and even the possible death of Elsa. At the end of Frozen 2, Anna makes a momentous
decision on how to restore peace to the land: “We have to break the dam.” “But Arendelle will be flooded.” She provokes the Earth Giants into destroying
the dam which causes a huge tidal wave that’s about to engulf Arendelle until a reanimated
Elsa arrives and creates a giant ice barrier to stop it. However, a deleted scene on the Blu-ray now
shows that in an earlier version of the movie, Elsa wasn’t there to stop the tsunami which
went on destroy Arendelle Castle and probably flooded much of the kingdom. The deleted scene takes place as Anna, Elsa
and Kristoff assess what to do in the aftermath of the devastation caused by the flood. “We’ll rebuild the castle. New, no secrets, no deceit, new rules even!” This original ending would have been a little
darker as the consequences of the Arendelle’s betrayal of the Northuldra would have had
a much greater impact on the kingdom. The Art of Frozen 2 book also gives more details
on what happened afterwards in this original ending, explaining that the castle would have
been rebuilt in “a combination of the Northuldra and Arendellian styles.” In this alternate ending, Anna also says she’ll
do away with the old lies and secrets and create brand new rules. That last point is likely a reference back
to another deleted scene in which Anna and Elsa discover a hidden room in the castle,
and inside they uncover secret books and journals belonging to their mother. “These next pages are in English, but also.. Northuldrian.” “Northuldrian? But that language is forbidden. Why would mother know it? Or dare use it?” It sounds like the repression of Northuldra
culture in Arendelle was even more extensive than we saw in the film, and now as she’s
aware of both this and her own mixed heritage, it’s clear that in this alternate ending Queen
Anna planned to abolish this type of discrimination. “Our lands and people, now connected by love.” There’s another part to this original ending
in which Elsa uses her magic for Anna to bring back a memory of her parents, revealing just
how highly they thought of their younger daughter. “I wanna show you something.” “Wow.” “Darling, I’ve been thinking.” “Oh!” “It might be time to tell Anna about Elsa. I can’t bear keeping her shut out any more. She’s maturing now, she can be responsible.” “It’s not Anna I’m worried about. What if we let them get close again and the
feelings are too much for Elsa? Joy brings her powers out as strongly as fear.” “But if anyone can find a way to help her,
it’s Anna.” “You may be right about that. There’s not much that girl can’t do.” “Oh, her love could hold up the world. OK, we’ll tell her when we return.” “Oh! Thank you so much for that.” “They believed in you Anna. And so do I.” This scene was meant to address the idea that
Anna has always felt insecure about her parents’ decision not to tell her about Elsa’s powers. And it could have been a beautiful moment
that boosted her belief in herself, setting her up even better to become Queen of Arendelle. On top of that, when Elsa tells Anna:
“They believed in you Anna, and so do I”, the cut scene would have mirrored perfectly
what Anna said to Elsa earlier in the film: “I believe in you, Elsa. More than anyone or anything.” The deleted scene may have also gone some
way to address some people’s criticisms from the first movie about Agnarr and Iduna’s parenting
skills and their decision to keep the sisters separated from each other. Another big change to the film’s finale was
that, originally, it wasn’t going to include Kristoff proposing to Anna. Indeed, Kristoff almost had a radically different
character arc in Frozen 2, which started with his proposal to Anna happening early in the
movie rather than at the very end. In earlier versions of the movie, Kristoff
had an elaborate grand proposal and song planned for Anna in the castle gardens which then
turned into a charming duet for the couple. “So you’re a lord now.” “Uh, yeah.” “And here we are.” “Is it hot out here?” “I don’t know, erm..
but I think it’s romantic.” “Is it?” “Well I thought..
kind of” “I mean, yeah, er..
and here we are.. I’m feeling very er..
romantic.. cos it is romantic. And I guess I.. I, I wanted to ask you.. “Ah huh.”
“..something.” “Yes! I mean er.. OK.” “Why is this so hard?” “This is hard? I’m sorry.. I.. I didn’t mean..” “No, no, no!” It’s not you, it’s me.” “Ahhh. Hey, what do you think the odds are he turns
out to be a deranged murderer, and tries to kill you like the last guy she
tried to marry?” There are lots of intriguing moments and details
in this deleted scene and song, such as the fact that Kristoff is now a lord;
how it’s Anna who ends up actually popping the question;
and Olaf’s savage joke to Elsa about whether Kristoff will turn out like Prince Hans. The scene is obviously a lot of fun and full
of much more spectacle than Kristoff’s sweet and simple proposal in the final film:
“Anna, you are the most extraordinary person I’ve ever known. I love you with all I am. Will you marry me?” “Oh. Yes!” But ultimately, the filmmakers have said that
they decided to take the idea of Kristoff struggling with proposing to Anna and extend
it over the whole film instead. Kristoff’s original arc through the rest of
the movie had him keeping secrets from Anna about how he was unhappy with his new position
in Arendellian high society. And I’ll go into more details about that in
my other Frozen 2 deleted scenes video. Now, if Arendelle Castle was destroyed in
the original ending for Frozen 2, it indicates that Elsa wasn’t resurrected in time to save
the kingdom or, as some rumours for early test screenings suggest, there’s a version
of the ending in which Elsa never came back to life. In the actual movie, after Elsa unfreezes
she falls into the depths of the icy water beneath Ahtohallan and, if you look closely,
you can see the Nokk looking on. Concept art from The Art of Frozen 2 book
shows the water spirit lifting the unconscious Elsa from the water in a deleted scene that
might imply that Elsa didn’t make it. And there’s a moment from the secret room
deleted scene I mentioned earlier that could support the theory that Disney were considering
killing off Elsa. “I can find no record of a human with power
like hers but for the ancient myths with their tragic fates.” There’s also something strange about the final
epilogue scene in Arendelle. In the scene, Anna unveils a statue in tribute
to her mother and father, but Elsa isn’t there to share the moment. And the earlier part of the scene feels like
it was originally going to be Anna’s coronation day given the very formal green gown, cape,
and crown she’s wearing. “Presenting Her Majesty, Queen Anna of Arendelle!” And just how dressed up Kristoff, Olaf and
Sven are. Again, if this was originally Anna’s coronation
day, then it seems a little out of character for Elsa to miss her sister’s special moment,
given how close they are. And even if the scene was always meant to
just be a statue unveiling for their parents, it still feels slightly amiss for Elsa not
to be there. Still, ultimately, it seems like Elsa remaining
dead at the end of the movie would have been an unlikely decision for Disney given just
how popular she is. At most, they might have contemplated reviving
her in a post-credits scene or perhaps teasing her resurrection in a third movie via an end-credits
sting or some other hint, but even that feels too much for an animated Disney film, given
a third movie could be up to 6 years away. More probable is that, in the original ending,
Elsa wasn’t going to recover quite so quickly. So, after the Nokk pulled an unconscious Elsa
from the water we would have been led to assume she was dead. This would have been followed by Arendelle
being hit by the wave destroying the castle; then, in the aftermath, Elsa would finally
have come back to life. This ending would have been more impactful
and darker given the destruction in Arendelle and Elsa remaining dead for longer than she
did in the final movie. We’ve also got many other deleted scenes in
Frozen 2 that would have changed other parts of the story massively. I’ll be going into more detail about the castle’s
secret room, Olaf’s amazing deleted song, and the alternate version of “Into The Unknown”
in my next video. You can tap to watch that here as soon as
it’s ready or follow the link in the video description. And if you’d like to see even more of the
concept art and amazing behind-the-scenes details I discussed in this video, be sure
to take a look at the “The Art of Frozen 2” book. Links are also in the video description below. So, do you like any of these alternate endings
and deleted scenes for Frozen 2? And how do you feel about the ending that
we did get for Elsa and Anna? Comment with your thoughts below. If you enjoyed this, then a share and a like
are hugely appreciated. Tap left for my full Frozen 2 playlist or
tap right for another video you’re sure to like. Thanks for watching and see ya next time. Yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers!


  • Flicks And The City

    Would you like to have seen this darker ending for Frozen 2?! 😲😱
    And what did you think of Kristoff proposal song to Anna? 😍🤣

  • Natty xD

    If they'll do Frozen 3, they could do that their parents didn't deid, but somehow survived. It would be a nice 🤕💔💕

  • HappyJayJay 922

    Wait, what if Elsa did die in the original movie making Ana the next queen and rebuild the castle like Ana said in the deleted scene and also somehow the powers of Elsa got passed down on Ana's future child/children (which obviously Kristoff is the dad) since Ana didn't inherited the powers and the story then continues with the development of the child/children's powers in the forest uncovering more secrets about their new habitat which later on somehow more powers are spread among new Borns and stuff.

    Idk it was just a thought ;-;

  • RedRoseSeptember22

    It would've been heartbreaking beyond words for them to actually kill off Elsa, not that Disney is a stranger to death of course coughcoughMufasacoughcough I also feel like Kristoff's original song with Ana would've been the PERFECT after credits scene/song, instead of the goofy Olaf scene we got at the end, that felt kinda like a rip-off when we had so much more potential and missed opportunities with all the great stuff they deleted. Ana proposing to Kristoff totally fits her personality, I wish they'd done that instead. Also, they should've left ALL the stuff with the parents in because the movie felt like it was all about Elsa and Ana was just kinda there. It would've been great to see her get the recognition she deserved. Overall I still love the movie, but it could've been better.

  • memo Uwu

    Me:*watches frozen 2 With my mom and Big twin sister-
    My mum: *Just stares at ahe screen more then me-

  • Liren Alaria

    I like film the way it is. The "Arendelle destroyed" thing is just unecessery in my opinion.
    The fact that Arendelle was "allowed" to be safed by Elsa (Nokk as one of the spirits helped her get there in time) shows a beautiful way of showing mercy.

  • Martin Moore

    The scene where Arendelle is going to be flooded reminded me of that movie, The Wave.

    The second coming of Tsunami.

  • scarlett

    Girl dat face
    Olaf:"what are the chances that hes a deranged murderer and tries to kill like you the last man she almost married?"
    (At 4:55 also this isnt exactly what he said)

  • iiShay_Films

    I dont understand why everyone saying. OH thd deleted scenes are better. OH elsa should have been dead. OH Arandelle would be better of being destroyed. GUYS, REMEMBER!!! LITTLE KIDS are watching this. Dont yall think these kids would be heart broken to see elsa DIE? YEEEES. These things are mainly for kids so dont expect Disney to even try putting those kind of scenes. YES PERIAD

  • Grand Prettymoon

    I really wish Elsa “died” and a third movie was released where Anna had to get help from all of the spirits to revive her sister using the same hug Elsa revived Anna with in the first movie. But the one thy have is good

  • Prince Aguada

    They could’ve just destroyed arendelle and “killed” Elsa and f2 should’ve been ended with a future scene where arendelle is rebuilt and then they find out that Elsa wasn’t actually “dead” but sealed and that would’ve made f3 and could keep the story more consistent

  • Moonlight Me

    I have the book about it it’s called frozen 2 forest of shadows
    If you don’t want to know about it then don’t press read more

    A shape shifting monster called “nattmara” who shape shifts into a sickness wich makes the crops turn mouldy white and the animals fur will turn white and their eyes turn inky black then they fall into a deep sleep and no one can wake them up then Anna finds a secret room and a book with runes and her mother writes down what the runes mean but skips a few AND THEN Anna thinks Elsa doesn’t need her little sister anymore then they find a person called Sorson and defeat the nattmara

  • IdolEyes84

    Did anyone watch "Once Upon a Time" ? They said that Elsa's powers scare the parents and Elsa blames herself, this was similar to Frozen 2.

  • Simon

    I would have loved if Arendelle actually were destroyed at the end. I thought Elsa just saving Arendelle was so Deus Ex Machina

  • food lover:3

    I feel like its to deep in the ending. pretty much the deleted scenes are good but I don't want Elsa to die though.

  • M I D I

    I would of prefered the darker ending, I WANT ARENDELLE GONE AND ELSA DEAD! Not because I hate it, because then Anna will grow as a person

  • Leila Rashidian


  • Ashheartpaw

    I would have liked an ending where the town destroyed and then Anna builds a new one. Maybe everyone would think Elsa is dead, but then she just thought it would be the best and then she would have stayed in the forest..?

    (i'm not good at explaining this and speaking english, so sorry xD)

  • Celina Baters

    I wouldn't wish to change a thing about this movie. They have it perfect all the way through with a settling ending.

  • Brett Smyth

    So you’re telling me originally arendelle would’ve been destroyed, Elsa would have died and Kristoff and Anna broke up?!

    I would have been devastated

  • Overall _ Ava

    Why couldn’t there just be a fricken 3 hour long Disney movie for frozen. I would pay to watch that plus all the deleted scenes

  • Edna Person

    You can't say what happened in Frozen 2 we saw what we saw and it's just a kid movie you don't need to say what would happened to the girl they died you're just making the movie more unappropriate

  • nyranon

    Anna is such a relatable and wonderful character. Also, I would love for Disney to create a second version of the film where they keep the original darker plot and ending. I miss the days when they weren't afraid to create darker movies like Hunchback of Notre Dame.

  • Lovely Lala

    I like the alternative ending as it would have fit the choice of her becoming queen better. Elsa wanting to study with the north aldiran people to help hwr rebuild etc it would have been smoother and not having elsa die would have been a good medium. I felt like something with the ending felt strange but i think she should have done the deleted one now that ive seen the storyboard.

  • Rebecca Gibbs

    It's a damn shame they left out those scenes (I'm okay with the castle surviving lol) because it boosts my belief that this film was originally stronger in its themes of decolonization and the legacy of privilege

  • keepmeposted25

    A longer timing reveal of showing Elsa alive and well would have been nice. The impact would have definitely hit harder, especially after Anna loses her home, along with thinking her sister is dead, as well.

  • Bon Jovi

    Every time I watch this movie and Anna goes "we have to break the dam commit an act of eco terrorism" My dad replaces it with this

  • Random Person

    They should make another frozen 2 where they add some deleted scenes back into the story like they did with endgame

  • Miguelgamingtv

    I would've liked Elsa to stay dead because it gives the moral of touching on loved ones that have passed away, we will remember them but we can't let the guilt weigh on us and we have to keep moving forward this would have encouraged anna, even more, to do what's right for her kingdom.

  • Lailah Morales

    All the parts they took out of the movie would have been good for the movie, not too dark 😂I mean they could’ve tooken kristoffs song out and put these in.

  • Mcplayer 5000

    okay if Frozen 3 doesn't have Anna exploring a cave near arandelle or the enchanted woods and getting Fire powers I don't want it…

  • NightDemonWolf Gacha

    I Would've loved if Elsa had died, but she was revived as a fifth spirit. And Arendelle has been destroyed, but have been rebuilt in Northuldra and Arendellian style ( also if Kristoff and Anna broke up but Elsa as a fifth spirit would bring them back together and all live happily ever after XD )

  • Sun Hat

    I think them keeping the secret books in would have been better because it would have emphasized why her parents never mentioned the tribe

  • darkyami12141

    Honestly I felt that they should have destroyed the kingdom, that way it would've shown how Anna is rational and level headed she needs to be for Arendelle. Even if they didn't want to kill Elsa in the end, she still leaves leaves and let's Anna becomes it's queen and this would've demonstrated how capable she is as a ruler

    They really did Kristoff wrong as a character in the movie, it would've made him a better character with the original character arc.
    Also I get that they do have a time limit, but they really should have kept those deleted scenes in

  • Angelica

    I'll be honest I'm pretty mad that all the deleted scenes tell me that Frozen II could've been a /much/ better movie. I don't like it too much as is and I wish they went with the earlier story ideas.

  • Amber Pulling

    That deleted memory is in the twisted tale frozen book. Literally line to line exactly the same! It was my favourite part of the book wish they put it in!

  • Yeet Girl Tsubasa

    Personally I feel Disney should have done their original plan. I like that story more than the current one, and it's true that a lot of us watching the movie aren't particularly young, since we were there and watched the first movie when it came out six years ago. I understand that Disney makes its movies for kids too, but I wish they'd released these scenes fully into a movie. I wouldn't even have minded if they released everything in a draft/sketch form – I would enjoy it just as much.

  • Alex Hearts

    Ok but they seriously messed up by getting rid of kristoffs subplot. The entire time I watched the film, I felt like Anna and Kristoff had 0 chemistry. Anna felt like an overbearing person trying to push Elsa into a box, and it breaks my heart that they did not play around with the kristoff subplot. Lost in the Woods is hilarious, don't get me wrong, but it feels out of place. Get This Right hits Anna and Kristoffs personalities right on the nose.

  • godsknite

    I feel this would have been superior in every way to the current Frozen 2, however, I don't think it ever had a chance as a Disney movie. Though if they had at least had the consequence of Arendale being taken out before Elsa revived at the end of the movie, I think it would have been far more impactful. Also what might have helped would have been if they didn't just throw a bunch of songs willy nilly and hope someone liked one to recreate what they did in the first one. Let's face it, the soundtrack was kind of forced and restricted to predictable formulas for people to watch. Well, really the whole movie was. Disney, I'm more ashamed now that I know you COULD have made this an actually good movie, and decided 'nah, we'll just do a cash grab, that's good enough.'

  • Anami Dalsaniya

    The part that made me the saddest in frozen 1 was that their parents never told Anna and if they did everything could have been ten times better. But now I'm just heartbroken that they were actually going to tell her when they got back from their trip. 🙁

  • Anami Dalsaniya

    The part that made me the saddest in frozen 1 was that their parents never told Anna and if they did everything could have been ten times better. But now I'm just heartbroken that they were actually going to tell her when they got back from their trip. 🙁

  • Phidippus Audax

    I guess this is like a Jesus thing. Elsa (Jesus) died for the sins of others (Arendellian people) then is resurrected.

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