[FMV]  Disney’s Mulan | Official Trailer Bae Suzy Version
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[FMV] Disney’s Mulan | Official Trailer Bae Suzy Version

Do you know why the phoenix… sits on the right-hand
of the Emperor? ♪♪ She… is his guardian… his protector. She is both beautiful and strong. Your job is to bring
honor to the family… Do you think
you can do that? ♪♪ Citizens! We are under attack
from northern invaders. Their leader calls himself Bori Khan. He fights alongside a Witch. No survivors. By edict of his Imperial Majesty every family must
contribute one man to fight. Have you no son? I am blessed with two daughters… I will fight. ♪♪ We must be strong ♪♪ The hell a fate Loyal, brave and true it is my duty to protect my family. Ancestors, please protect her What is your name, soldier? Hua Hun commander, Son of Hua Zhou we are going to make man.. out of every single one of you Close the gate! Your spirit is evident.. but something hold your back When the find out who you are.. they well show you no mercy I’m Hua Mulan i will bring honor to us all

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