EZPZ RECORDING EXPERIENCE – ezcap295 HD Video Capture Pro [Pinoy / Tagalog]
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EZPZ RECORDING EXPERIENCE – ezcap295 HD Video Capture Pro [Pinoy / Tagalog]

Hello and welcome to the channel. Today, we’ll unbox and test this ezcap295 HD Video Capture Pro. I bought it in Lazada for 2665 pesos (52 USD). Our seller included a socket/plug adapter, which is separate from the box. Thank you! There’s also a cloth bag, which most likely I won’t use. And our box of ezcap295. On top of the box, “HD Video Capture” On the side, it says it is standalone, capture to USB disk, most likely flash drive, no PC required; One key capture, easy to use; 1080p HD Video Capture; With editing software, share on Youtube. On the other side, “HD Video Capture”, “HD Video Capture”, and “HD Video Capture” On the bottom, more specification like storage media, USB flash, told ya’. The resolutions listed here are not for recording, but those it can passthrough to the TV. Record format: MP4 video, AAC stereo audio. Record quality: 1080p 30fps Record file: 1.95GB per file, this may be how the file is split during long recordings. Record place? 140MB per minute or 8GB per hour, it seems like the file size generated during record. and listed here are the ports it can accommodate. Let’s open her up. Let’s just slide out the cover. And it immediately shows our HD Capture Pro box. Let’s remove it from the plastic. On top of it, there’s a single button. On the right, a “host” USB, this is most likely for the flash drive. On the left, a mini-USB port, an older port, PS3-era. On the back, all input and output ports. And on the bottom, serial number and ventilation holes, I think. There’s a smaller box inside. In here is our wall adapter, with an EU/round socket. That’s why seller included a plug adapter. There’s a component video cable, for older console, like ps1 and wii, or tv box if you want to record tv shows. There’s also a remote, and all the controls are here, like source, aspect ratio, volume, scheduled recording, resolution, etc. No included battery, so we won’t be able to use it for now. Quick Start Guide, for those who can’t use a device out of the box. Mini CD, probably has driver for live-streaming on PC. So if you bought this and don’t have a CD/DVD-drive, I have a link in the description to download the files. And a mini-USB cable, for the DC-in or PC connection. Nothing more on the smaller box. And that’s the whole contents of our package. Let’s put back in the box those that are non-essential, and let’s start recording. I’ll be using a flash drive, specifically the Kingston DT100 G3, that I reviewed earlier. Let’s plug the minu-USB DC-in sa wall adapter. This flashdrive to the “host” USB. Connect the TV to the HDMI OUT. Connect the console to the HDMI IN, in my case the PS4 Fro. FRO. NICE! So now our setup is connected and working. It has a green light indicating it’s powered on. If we click the one and only button, it changes to red indicating that it’s recording. Let’s play. This will just be a supercut and I uploaded the gameplay to a separate video. It’s my first time buying this kind of device and I don’t know what to expect. But daaaaaaaaaaamn, Aerith is so beautiful… I mean the… the… the… the recording. Readable texts from the game are still readable on the record, like no details were lost. The file splits are almost seamless, like one second of audio and one frame of video are lost. You may watch the whol screen capture on the upper-right pop-up or on the link in the description. As stated on the box, its files are MP4 AAC format, 1080p 30fps resolution. It took me one hour and nine minutes of recording with a total of 7.25 GB file size. It splits the video files into 1.95 GB files, but has variable bitrate so their durations are different. To use this for live-streaming, we need to plug it to our PC. Let’s remove the wall adapter, and insert it on our PC’s USB port. Again, if you bought this and don’t have a CD/DVD-drive, I have a link in the description to download the files. We need to install the driver included in the CD, or else the device won’t be recognized by our PC. It’s very easy to install, just run the file “DrvInstall” on the CD, Next, and t’s finished. It’s that fast, and our PC now recognize the device as “IT9910 Grabber Device (HD)”. Let’s restart the PC for a cleaner install. We’ll be using OBS Studio for live-streaming, there’s a link in the description. Let’s first add a Scene, click the Plus sign and rename it to “Game Screen” Now, let’s add a Source to our created Scene, click the Plus sign then Video Capture Device. Rename to “ezcap”, then OK. On the device list, we’ll choose “IT9910 Capture Filter”, wait for an image… and OK. We can also add webcam, so that they’ll see our handsome faces. Let’s sync the webcam so it matches the timing of our game screen. Adjust to your heart’s content. OBS Studio has so much features, and that’s for you to experiment. To choose a platform where to stream, go to Settings, then Stream. On Service, click the platform you want,. “Show all” to see the whole compatible list. I tried the Facebook Live. Let’s got to our Home page. Under ‘Create Post’, click the 3-dots, then Live Video, and we’re redirected to the Live Page. Under ‘Get Started’, choose ‘Use Stream Keys’ and copy your stream key. Let’s go back to OBS, paste the stream key on the space provided, then OK. Click ‘Start Streaming’ and wait for 20 seconds. You can also change that in the settings. We should see an output on our Facebook Live page. Write a Title at Description, and click “Go Live” to start the live-stream. You can watch my previous live stream on the link in the description. About the response time… I don’t have a high-speed camera and other apparatus to test that. My phone camera can only do 60 fps so it’s up to you to decide. Try to guess (or do frame-by-frame) which of these two is connected directly to TV vs. connected to ezcap. I tried to look at difference by eyeball in actual and I can’t find any difference. Give up? On the left is connected to ezcap, and on the right connected directly to the tv. I chose this ezcap295 because of its usb recording according to a table I found on reddit. No need to boot up a PC just to record every time. It has much more feature when using a remote, but I consider it a bonus since I’m just after the recording. It’s also the cheapest in shopee and lazada at the time of finding, around 2 months and a half ago. I also checked out Elgato devices, but the price threw me off. *confused laughing* I was nervous as it has no ratings nor items sold, so I’m the first customer if ever it was a scam. It was a “LazMall” shop so went ahead with it, and I’m glad it still works, even if I first used it two months after it arrived. I recommend this for budget live-streaming and screen recording even if not for gaming.


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