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Engaged Couples Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

– Have you ever seriously
considered breaking up with me? – Not seriously, no. – [Host] Have you casually considered it? – Um, yeah, let’s just take the shot. (laughing)
– Let’s just take this. (symphony music playing) – [Host] Who are you guys? – I’m Amy. – I’m Shannon. – I’m Hope. – Swanks. – I’m Hailey. – And I’m Carlos. – [Host] And what’s
special about you guys? – We are newly engaged. – [Host] Congratulations! How long have you guys been together? – Well we met in 2010, so we’ve known each
other for like ten years. How long we’ve been together… unclear. (laughing) – I say seven.
– Like seven, yeah. – I say seven years. – [Both] Eight years. – [Host] Let’s drink to that. Take a shot. – [Both] (laughing) (symphony music playing) – All right. What was your very first impression of me? – I was walking into Encore in Tacoma. It’s like a nightclub, and he was like walking down the stairs. I looked at him and I
like elbowed my friend, I was like, “oh my gosh,
I think he’s so cute.” And then we were making out on the dance floor.
– Yeah. (groaning) – But I was like, “okay, well I’m tired,
– So… I’m gonna go sit down. See ya later.” And he was like, “wait, like can I get your number?”
– We kissed on the dance floor I don’t really do that, so… I should probably get your number. – I mean if it wasn’t for him, we like, wouldn’t be sitting here today. (laughing) – What was your very
first impression of me? – I thought you were very hot. I remember the very first time I met you. And I was still dating someone else, and I was like, “she’s
definitely out of my league.” “She’s definitely straight.” – Little did you know. – [Both] (laughing) – How were we raised differently? And has that ever been an
issue in our relationship? – I grew up in Mexico, like, very, very, very poor. And you were like, pretty well off. Like now, it’s an issue cause
I had no money growing up. Like, I liked spending all my money. – It’s gotten to the point
where he just gives me all his money. – And she gives me allowance. – And I give him an allowance. And I know that sounds very controlling, but it’s for the best. Because we would not have a
house if it was up to him. – Is there anything important that we completely disagree about? Not important.
– No. – I feel like we disagree about
– Not important. – [Both] Small things. – Like I would say like, he wants to like, go to oiled nights,
(laughing) where as maybe, like, I don’t. – Is there anything about
getting married that scares you, that you haven’t shared with me? – I feel like the only
thing I’m scared about is just like, all of my grad school debt that you’re now gonna take on. I just feel bad because if I die, like, it falls to you. – (laughing)
– So I feel bad about that. – I guess when you put it like that. – [Both] (laughing) – In what ways am I not the type of person you imagined you would marry? – Every way. – Mhm. – My parents raised me
thinking that I could only aspire for Prince Charming. That picture was white, blonde, blue eyes. – Yeah. – You weren’t anything I was expecting, and I love it. – Yeah, I’m so spicy huh? – (chuckling) – What is something you
have always wanted to try in the bedroom that we haven’t done? – I’m actually gonna take
a shot cause I would not describe something like that. – [Host] Because you’ve tried everything. – (laughing) Yeah that, that part. (symphony music playing) To all the thing I’m trying to do. – I feel like the only thing is like, I’d want somebody who’s more dominant, but I don’t really feel like
that’s gonna come from you, so if I ever want that, I think I’d need to go to somebody else. – [Host] Are you guys monogamous? – We have slept with at
least one other person, but you are the most important
person to me for sure. So like, I wanna prize our relationship over everything else. – Yeah, same. – Has our sexual chemistry
changed in five years? How? – Every time we have sex, it’s like, better than
when we started dating. Oh, what was that? (laughing)
– No. No, no, no. That’s not what I mean. I think things have slowed down. – Yeah. – It attributed to your age. – And to live with another person. – Yeah, that’s a big one. – It’s really hard. She’s there looking all pretty (laughing) – [Host] The other person? – No, her.
– [Both] (laughing) – She’s sitting there next to me, she’s beautiful, and I’m like,
– There’s another person. – Wanting the booty, but then the other person is like, in the room, so it’s really hard finding ways to like, just do it. – What does your family
honestly think about me? – They love you. A lot. They might love her
more than they love me. – Well, my dad’s particularly
cold to anyone new entering into the family. – I don’t think he was very
happy about you being queer for a long time. I think he had a pretty strong
vision of what he thought your life was gonna be. But then I think he learned
that I care about you, and that you’re my number one priority, and I think that really changed
his mind on a lot of things. – I think it took a
long time for my parents to want us to get married. They saw us in our early
years fighting a lot. There was a long time when you were like, “I don’t fucking care about them.” “I don’t care what they think.” And that hurt me. – Cause you were in the middle. – I was in the middle trying
to defend both you guys. – [Host] What did you
guys used to fight about? – You were not showing me affection. – We used to be long distance. So you projected a lot of – Yeah. – negativity on to me, and I didn’t know how to fix that. I didn’t know how to cope with that. – But you stuck around. – Yeah, and you stuck around. – Have you ever seriously
considered breaking up with me? – Not seriously, no. – [Host] Have you casually considered it? – Um, yeah, let’s just take the shot. (laughing)
– Let’s just take this. – Have you ever seriously
considered breaking up with me? – I mean, yeah, when you were
not showing me affection. The beginning of our relationship, yeah. – And I mean I seriously
considered it for you too. I was done with the drama. I was done with the fighting. I was done with everything. – Yeah. – I was still young, and this guy was a hot mess. And you said, “give me another chance.” “I know I need to improve.” And boy am I good. I gave you a second chance. – When did you know
you wanted to marry me? – I knew for sure when we
first started dating that I was like, if I don’t date this person, I’m gonna regret it for
the rest of my life, and I had that really strong feeling, so, – [Host] Do you feel similar? – I think for a long
time I like, didn’t know if I would marry at all. I mean I feel like you’re
just so much better than anyone I could imagine myself with, because you’re like,
really smart and ambitious, and really attractive. – [Both] (giggling) – And so, it’s like all of
the things in my self-loathing I didn’t think I deserved. And I feel like you’ve shown
me that I do deserve you. – When I realized she was my best friend, that’s when I knew she had
to be my wife actually. – That’s so cute. – [Host] Great, thank you. That was beautiful.
(clapping) – If you like to drink or tell the truth, you should play truth or drink. – It’ll break your relationship apart, or make it stronger. (clapping)

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