Dylan Sprouse Was SAVED By Disney Channel!
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Dylan Sprouse Was SAVED By Disney Channel!

It’s been 15 years since we checked into
the Tipton Hotel every week to see just how ‘sweet’ the Suite Life of Zack and Cody
really was, but Dylan Sprouse hasn’t forgotten what the show has taught him as he shared
all his thoughts with his longtime fans. What’s up guys, it’s Sussan Mourad here
with Clevver News, and don’t worry, Clevver isn’t going anywhere! We are still going to be delivering you all
the celebrity news that you need to know, we are just going to be working from home
to do our part in preventing the spread of Coronavirus. But seriously, can you believe it’s really
been fifteen whole years since Zack and Cody’s hotel shenanigans, life lessons, and frequent
scoldings by Mr. Mosby? It seems like just yesterday we’d come home
from school and wait for the newest episode of whatever it was the semi-terrible twins
were up to, but thanks to Dylan Sprouse, we were able to escape from all the craziness
going on in the world and relive moments from the glory days. Dylan took to Instagram to share a throwback
photo of he and Cole as Zack and Cody and in the emotional caption he touched on how
the show was his saving grace. He wrote, “Yesterday marked the 15 year
anniversary of when Suite Life first premiered on TV. It was so long ago that the cold open of the
pilot episode was Cole searching for non existent armpit hair on me. We were both around 11 years old when we started
filming. A lot had happened in our lives that was difficult
then and this show, in a way, saved us. 1000 years of gratitude to all involved. I love you all and I’m glad this show can
still give families the nostalgia they once had when watching it. I’ll keep those memories forever.” Past and present fans of the Sprouse twins
went wild in the comments, sharing some of their favorite memories from the show, and
relations to their own lives at the time. One user wrote, “You guys were the literal
definition of rascals. I’m having flashbacks looking at these little
baby faces of that Comet song you always used to sing “drink some Comet and vomit today.” Another user even went as far to ‘stan’
the series, and call it the ‘best show of her childhood’. Camila Mendes, who currently stars with Cole
on the CW series Riverdale, took an opportunity to troll her costar, who played Cody, commenting
with the hashtag “#TeamZack”. The show went on through 2008, and shortly
after, the twins came back for two more seasons of the spin-off, The Suite Life onDeck and
also starred in the Suite Life Movie in 2011. Kim Rhodes, who played the twins mother, Carey
Martin, has previously shared photos of her time with the Disney Channel cast. Last year, she took to Instagram to share
a sweet photo of herself with the boys, writing, “Did I share this already? I am procrastinating by browsing my photos. @colesprouse and @dylansprouse as Itty bitties,
shooting a pilot. A long time ago.” Although Cole has yet to commemorate the show’s
anniversary, both he and Dylan are known for trolling each other via social media, and
sometimes if we’re lucky, some Suite Life’ jabs are thrown into the mix. Back in 2017, Cole tweeted this hard-hitting
question to Dylan, asking, “were you Zack or Cody” to which Dylan popped back with,
“I don’t remember actually. I was too busy carrying the show on my back.” But the punches between the two always seem
to come back around in full force as seen by Cole’s most recent digs toward Dylan
earlier this year. Although Dylan was lucky enough to be able
to meet, star alongside and kiss Selena Gomez, apparently the outcome wasn’t the greatest
when Selena recently opened up about THAT kiss being one of the worst and most awkward
days of her life. Teen Vogue posted a link to the interview
to which Cole took the opportunity to troll his brother, commenting on the post, “@dylansprouse
I can safely say I’ve never had a girl say this about me.” Suite Life might be off the air, but I have
a feeling the constant trolling between the Sprouse twins is far from over. And if you REALLY need your Suite Life fix,
allow me to escort you over to Disney+ where you can binge ALL 87 episodes of The Suite
Life of Zack and Cody to get you through this quarantine (just be sure to thank us later). Right now, I wanna know all your thoughts
on Dylan’s nostalgic Suite Life anniversary post, and be sure to share all your favorite
moments from the show, down here in the comments. After that, you can click right over here
to see what Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian had to say about the entire rest of the Taylor/Kanye
audio being leaked, seriously this is juicy stuff you really don’t wanna miss. And be sure to keep coming back to get your
daily dose of entertainment news by clicking that subscribe button and that notification
bell. Thanks so much for hanging out, I’m your
host Sussan Mourad and I’ll see you next time.


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