DUNE 2020: Coronavirus Impacts Release
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DUNE 2020: Coronavirus Impacts Release

beep I just got word that Wonder Woman
1984 has been postponed as well that was the thing I was most concerned about
because of because Black Widow was already postponed well probably I can
easily see Top Gun being postponed so this is just I can easily see the Green
Knight being postponed so I just think at this point right all these are being
released the video on demand the smaller movies are gonna probably be released on
video on demand but the larger movies there’s no way they’re gonna release
them unless this gushers in a completely new system which I don’t think the
cinemas are ever gonna be okay with and having that be a prerequisite for Oscar
nominations and everything I just I think what’s gonna end up happening is
you know even things like Arkansas I feel like it’s gonna be pushed back
which is gonna there’s still room for all of these things to land but there’s
going to be a great sharing of the wealth so Top Gun is I’m predicting it
now it’s gonna come out soon it is so Wonder Woman is being moved to August
14th so it’s still there but then that means Black Widow and New Mutants
they’re definitely not gonna be anywhere here I’m thinking this is the most
conservative estimate so then nothing’s gonna be released in
September cuz that’s everybody’s going back to school no that’s a that’s a dead
zone you’re not gonna release your your movie then October I already see what is
it you know that’s gonna be where a quiet place part two is gonna go it’s a
horror film or you know that’s gonna go in October and everything might stay
there all this looks like it might stay there they might add a desperation put
movies there and this is they’re already saying that the coronavirus will
probably have a resurgence but in in winter especially if everybody doesn’t
if you know people don’t practice social distancing now and kind of keep it like
squash it as much as possible so then you’ll probably have you know November’s
getting filled the only thing that is open right now is December and that’s if
you know the virus doesn’t come back you know this December 11th is looking you
know I was saying this a while ago that this is the only thing that’s really
open I could you know Black Widow is going to go somewhere in here and it’s
probably gonna go somewhere more in December buddy brought up that Marvel’s
never done a Christmas release I feel like that’s gonna change it’s also you
know dune is Warner Brothers so there’s no real nothing here is with Marvel or
or Disney I could also see Mulan getting plugged in here it’s just gonna be a
complete I feel like there’s gonna be some cannibalization going on I think
that’s gonna kind of work out so I think it’s I think all box office you know
there’s no way all box offices are gonna hurt and get hurt from this I do think
it’s not going to sing you know I it’s almost an excuse now so if dune doesn’t
do if it’s if it’s more in line with the Blade Runner 2049 and doesn’t do stellar
at the box office it’s got a major excuse all of these movies do no time to
die is probably not going to do nearly as none of these movies are gonna do
nearly as good as they they were going to do
I think Hollywood knows that so it’s kind of like a silver lining I guess so
I think we’re definitely gonna get part two no matter what
I think just because because of this and that’s if I could easily see it for
safety reasons being taken out I could easily see all these movies like being
moved down the line all those other ones being put put in place so now I almost
don’t want to see I rather the hype stay you know everybody’s been saying when
are we gonna get the trailer I don’t what you know now I’m thinking at this
point I would rather not see anything like I think if Black Widow since it’s
already kind of had its stuff come out and everything and it’s like riding
momentum I think if it’s released you know in November or December it’s gonna
almost be old news I think it’s gonna really hurt the film so I would rather
do not I would you know we haven’t seen anything yet just turned that into a
positive just I would hunker down because we don’t know about this it’s a
trick yeah I would not want to be in marketing right now I’m doing because I
feel like it’s a very tricky situation you got a factor in now is it going to
be moved if it’s move definitely don’t show anything yet so it’s uh you know
way too many things you’re in flux I would much rather have a late build up
with a lot of momentum than you know give us something you know early and
then have to move it back several months and then kind of get the wind out of the
sails so that’s my official take I I’m switching I’d rather see until we don’t
know for sure you know maybe until you know July into
June for sure what’s gonna be going on I would just and even then if it comes
back I don’t know this is this is this is a complicated situation so right now
I would just say play it very safe and don’t release anything you know what
everybody went when it does come it’ll be great but I’d rather that then like
dripping and then you know drip drip drip and then nothing really really
getting any kind of momentum and I’m just I just you know with Wonder Woman
moving their Black Widow is definitely going to have to it’s going to be
somewhere up in here I’m calling it now unless it
they go to 2021 I think that will be extremely bad for it
so yes it’s just not looking it’s not gonna be it’s it’s not looking it’s
there’s no way it can be as good as it was going to be but I think everybody in
the world including the studios is gonna have that understanding I don’t think
Godzilla’s gonna make a lot you know all of these movies are gonna I think the
box office for 2020 is gonna be severely impacted across the board I think
everybody knows that so I think we’ll you know I think that’s it may be a
silver lining to this I don’t know kind of a just bad all around


  • Mc Coozie

    Agreed. Starting to think it’s a positive we haven’t seen anything the more this goes on. I’d even be down to postpone it a year and get started on part 2 now then release them in consecutive years when it’s ready. Ride the momentum of the first and be well clear of the virus. Already got another McCoozie in the Axlotl tank just incase I don’t make it myself.

  • Jorge Barrau

    Hi, excuse me, but could you turn the subtitle option back on for this video? I've seen you turn it back on the last few times, but not on this one, if you can, I'd appreciate it.

  • Rammstein117

    Also consider that post production on the film has likely stopped, assuming it was taking place at legendary studios burbank or a warner bros building in socal. Plus some CGI studios that were outsourced could also be closed. People assume post production can be done at home, but that isn't the case with these big budget highly secretive films, it's all done in an office like building which is very likely closed down. People don't get to take these computers home with them, they don't even get to do that in video game companies.

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