Disneyland Secret History:  The Ghosts of Walt Disney Land
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Disneyland Secret History: The Ghosts of Walt Disney Land

DISNEY LAND Walt Disney Created one of the most magical
parks on earth, Disneyland. He also created a park with a secret history.
This is the top 5 ghost stories of Disneyland NUMBER 5
The Haunting of Walt Disney The creator of Disneyland, Walt Disney, had
an apartment hidden above the Disneyland fire department inside the park.
Each time he was in the residence, he would leave a lamp turned on so that everyone knew
he was there. After his death, many employees heard noises
coming from the apartment. One day, a cleaning lady saw the light turned on, even though
there was nobody but her in the apartment at that time.
Could it be, that Walt Disney still lives?? NUMBER 4
The Tower of Terror There are stories that some rides at Disneyland
are haunted, but this one was caught on camera. A ghost was caught on surveillance camera
during a maintenance run. The technician was the only person on the
ride, so who or what was sitting next to him? NUMBER 3
Employees ghosts in the park Since the employees eat, live, and play while
working at the park why not make this there eternal resting place for the afterlife?
Some visitors have claimed to see an employee, dressed in a janitor suit. People say they
saw him bend over to gather a piece of paper on the ground and then disappear in the crowd.
Do you get paid overtime when your a ghost? NUMBER 2
Ghost sightings on rides Employees working on the attractions report
strange occurrences, such as the lights turning on and off by themselves, and the animatronics
moving when the electricity is off. At random occasion at the Pirates of the Caribbean,
the ride operators can sometimes see an apparition riding one of the boats on the video monitors,
but when they go to investigate, there is nobody to be found. NUMBER 1
Disneyland has dead people….EVERYWHERE! Whats the best place in the world to have
your ashes dumped…..hmmmm let me think….OH I KNOW !! How about DISNEYLAND!
The park tries to stop this from going on but some people still get the job done.
For years this has been going on. Pretty much everywhere in the park someone left ashes
of someone who has passed on. Other die hard fans try to hide relatives bones at the park.
Once, an employee found jawbone at the Haunted Mansion.
The next time you are at the park and you see what looks like dust …..ITS NOT DUST,
its Grandma!!!.


  • zbiboazizo

    Except the park goes to great lengths to avoid this and will stop the ride immediately and clean it up. It's a biohazard.

    Also, you should really do something with your voice. You sound really mush-mouthed and instead of adding to the atmosphere of your spooky videos, you just sound like some doof from Michigan with a microphone. Write a real script. Get someone with a good voice to read it.

  • Taylor Guy

    Dude youre weird as hell. Did you just wake up one morning and decide you were gunna make some creepy ass video about torture devices? Fuckin creep

  • Mike H

    The picture of the maintenance guy was a camera effect. The picture was taken quickly and the camera couldn't stabilize. In another video, they said that this had never happened when there were guests. That's because the image of an other person would cover the ghost like imagine

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