Disneyland Overnight Confidential – What Happens at Night?
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Disneyland Overnight Confidential – What Happens at Night?

sfx: turnstiles turning Sound in the distance: Disneyland has now ended it normal operating day. We hope you enjoyed your visit to the Magic Kingdom.>>Narrator: It’s midnight, closing time at Disneyland.>>bye bye.. good night.>>Narrator: Thousands of guests walk down Main Street, U.S.A. for the last time today. Many have no idea what happens when everyone goes home. sfx: crickets>>Erika: Well, they don’t know that it actually goes on and on for 24 hours. Basically though they think once they leave here and we close two gates that’s it.>>What do you think, what do you
think happens when the gate closes? (laughter)>>hum, the characters sleep. [music]>>There’s a lot of people here, at night.>>All the workers get to get together and have a big party.>>and the character go to sleep in the castle, maybe. (laughs) sfx: crickets>>Narrator: Maybe, but on most nights up to 1,500 Disneyland cast members on the overnight
shift don’t sleep a wink. They water plants, wipe down benches, trim trees or like animation tech Mike Real. [music] give character is a check up. Tonight he’s
inspecting Buzz Lightyear’s space suit.>>Mike Real: It’s very busy at night. In fact I had those same kind of ideas also. When you come down here at night
there’s trucks, there’s people going by this construction and in the area
attractions are checked every night and lots of work it’s done, extensive work.>>Narrator: Not far from Mike is Jared Pyle at the Autopia attraction. [music] Jared is one of a handful of oiler
truckers on the overnight shift who refuels seven attractions every night. Including all 104 Autopia cars.>>Jarrod Pyle: This is nice, we come up here do do our jobs get around pretty easily so I like a better at night.>>Narrator: For some, working by moonlight it’s a little spooky at times. sfx: Yeti grawl>>Mike Burmiester: It was going to grab me. sfx: violens screeching>>Narrator: Mike Burmiester seen some strange things happen on his shift. Like the night he was watering
plants inside the Matterhorn.>>Mike Burmiester: Three things happen all at once. The lights, action and sound of the snow monster on the Matterhorn. sfx: Yeti grawl I was about 5 inches from
it. It was and it was going to grab me and eat me alive. It and it was loud too,
the piercing sound the that kind of thing those things happen
after midnight.>>Narrator: Over on Splash Mountain, Disneyland firefighters are inspecting the fire extinguishers. [music]>>Captain Larry Reigel: Perfect, alright on
to the next one. We go to places that the public can’t go to. It’s a lot of fun there’s no crowds. It’s like being a kid here at night sometimes sometimes I wonder why they pay me.>>Director to actor: Ready and press… and look.>>Narrator: Not everyone in the park tonight is used to working needs unusual hours. Over on Main Street, U.S.A. there’s a crew shooting a new commercial for Disney parks. This is
their fifth day on the overnight shift. Director Kinka Usher sums up how they
feel with two words.>>Kinka Usher: Super tiring.>>Narrator: Production Manager, Donny Hall doesn’t have time to worry about the time.>>Donny Hall talking to crew: We’ll figure out another way to go.>>Donny Hall: I don’t really don’t even know what day is right now. Wait a minute let me check 6:02 on Friday
on Saturday morning actually right, see?>>Narrator: There’s a reason why the commercial has to be shot while the park is closed. Disney Executive, Marty Muller explains.>>Marty Muller: We shoot here at night because we really want to to be able to shoot our television commercials and not interrupt the guests experience during the day.>>Narrator: After several takes the Sun starts to come out and that means oddly enough
the third shifts’ day is over. The next shift of Cast Members comes in, the guests line up at the gate, the daily countdown begins, Crowd: 3 Crowd: 2 Crowd: 1 Crowd: Let the magic begin (woo hoo)>>Narrator: And the park that never really closes, opens once again. sfx: turnstiles turning

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