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Disney World Video – EPCOT Food & Wine – Animal Kingdom – Disney Vacation Club

– On this episode
of All Aboard TV, we’re taking you
along with us to the most magical place on
Earth, Walt Disney World. – We’ll check out two
of our favorite resorts, take you to Epcot’s
Food and Wine Festival and an exclusive
after hours party only for Disney
vacation club members. – Plus, we’ll give
you a few tips about Walt Disney World that
only the experts know. Welcome to All Aboard TV. – [Narrator] Welcome
to All Aboard TV, your passport to the
ultimate vacation. Meet your guide, award
winning travel agents and authors, Rob
and Kerri Stuart. They study travel for a living. They’ll give you
the same inside tips and advice that they
share with their clients. The people, the food, the
history that makes each destination a unique and
memorable experience. Behind the scenes
access, whether it’s sailing the seven seas,
cruising to exotic locations or touring Europe, you’ll
learn how to travel like a pro. – [Rob] We love Disney and
pretty much every month, you’ll find us staying on
Disney property for a few days, so we’re definitely
familiar with all of the resorts
within Walt Disney World. – [Kerri] For this
visit, we are at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas. It’s a unique deluxe
resort which opened in 2007 and the minute you
step into the lobby, you’ll feel like you’ve
been transported to Africa. (intense music) – The setting here at the lodge is inspired by the
intrepid explorers and their 19th century
expeditions in Africa. Basically, we’re talking
a Savannah with a view and you will see animals,
we’re talking giraffes, zebra, I gotta check
my guide because there’s a lot more
here, there’s cattle, a waterbuck, antelope, edicts,
things I can’t pronounce, the pink backed pelican
and one of my favorites, the gray crowned crane. – Disney’s Animal
Kingdom Lodge is what I would like to
think that Walt Disney would like to stay
at himself because he loved animals and
if you think back to the original Jungle Cruise
at the original Disneyland, he wanted real animals
to be part of that ride so, I really think that
being here in this Savannah, at Disney’s Animal
Kingdom Lodge, I think Walt would
love the fact that they have animals here,
that are real animals and you can just watch them
in their natural environment. – [Kerri] There are a
lot of activities right at the resort for
both kids and adults. You can enjoy the pool areas, themed restaurants like
our favorite, Sanaa and of course, the
Savannah views. – [Rob] The resort also offers
tours and night time safaris. It’s the perfect place
for a weekend getaway or an extended vacation
if you wanna feel like you’ve been
transported to Africa but still, enjoy
some Disney magic. (lively music) – The first time we stayed here, was an a Disney
Vacation Club member. – Now, if you’ve haven’t
heard of Disney Vacation Club, it’s basically a
membership program. – Disney Vacation Club
allows you to have a deeded real estate
interest with Disney. It offers vacations year
after year for up to 50 years at Disney vacation
club properties. And the use of flexible
point based system, where you choose
your length stay and size of
accommodation that works best for you and your family. – [Rob] Disney Vacation Club
is known to insiders as DVC, but don’t worry, if
you’re not a DVC member, you can stay in the villas,
you just may not enjoy some of the special
member benefits. – [Kerri] At Animal
Kingdom Lodges, you can choose from one, two
and three bedroom villas. Each comes with a full kitchen. Studios are also available
with kitchenettes. You have your choice to stay
in either of the two lodges, Jambo House or
Kidani Village, both offer great views
of the Savannah. – For our stay, we chose
a one bedroom villa with a Savannah view so we
can sit here on the balcony and do a little
wildlife spotting with the convenient guide
that’s left in our room. – Giraffe! After getting settled into
our one bedroom villa, we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon watching the animals
from our balcony. But, let’s talk
about the real reason we chose to come up
this particular week. – It’s time for a Disney
Vacation Club member only event called, Moonlight Magic,
where we get to experience Disney’s Animal
Kingdom Park at night where it’s a members only event. – Lots of exclusive events
when you’re a DVC member and we certainly are taking
advantage of this one this week. But, we do have some time
before the event begins and have an idea of what
we can do this afternoon. – And when she has ideas… – And this is a good
one, so right now, it’s the fall and what
goes on during the fall? Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival. – Food and wine, okay, this is actually one of her good ideas. – So we’re gonna head
on over to Epcot and… – We’re bringing you with us. – Yeah, so, stay tuned,
we’ll be right back. (upbeat music) – One of the things
that Epcot’s known for are the many festivals held
here throughout the year. – And the most
popular by far, is the Food and Wine,
now in its 22nd year. – So what are we gonna do? We’re gonna eat some food,
we’re gonna drink some wine at one of our favorite
countries and that’s Italy. If you wanna experience
a taste of flavors from around the world
without traveling, this is the festival to attend. And this year, there are
35 marketplace to try out. – [Kerri] Now if
you’re new to Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival,
here’s a quick overview. Throughout the park, there are
several marketplaces set up that each feature small bits
and drinks for purchase. Each offers dishes from a
country or a culinary theme. Epcot’s Food and
Wine Festival holds a special place in our hearts. – It’s where we first
met and got to hear Disney legend, Marty
Sklar speak about Disney for Epcot’s 30th
anniversary, which happened to be on October 1st. – And, which also happens
to be our anniversary. – And hearing Marty
speak at that event really ignited our passion
for all things Disney. Speaking of that,
we’re about to take a trip around the world
with our passport, which you always have
to have with you. Stop at each little
food and wine booth and use the sticker, fill up
your passport and have a blast. – And we’ve got a
ways to go so… – Which means we need
to stop talking to you, we got to get eating. The festival also extends
beyond the food and drinks. You can still enjoy some
of the attractions at Epcot or take in an eat
to the beat concert. And don’t forget
about the festival seminars or culinary
demonstrations. At Epcot’s Food
and Wine Festival, you can literally eat and drink
yourself around the world. – So, here’s how it works,
at each of the different kiosks in the
different countries, you’ll find small plates of food and sampling size
drinks to enjoy, so it’s a great way to sample multiple dishes that you’ll
probably never would have. So, here’s a couple of
ones that we’re trying out. We got the Indian bread and
sauces from India of course. – And then this
one I have to read, the zesty cheeseburger and
cheddar cheese macaroni hamwich. – And we decided to pair these with a flight of
beers from Germany. So we’re gonna dig into this
and we’re be right back to you. – Yeah, less
talking more eating. – And drinking. – And drinking. Now we’re onto round
two of eating our way around the Epcot Food
and Wine Festival and I really cannot
come to this festival without going to Italy so I had to get my pasta and my cannoli. – I on the other hand,
wanted to try out Spain, which is back this year, it
hasn’t been there for awhile. So I got… – Welcome back Spain. – Yes, welcome back. And I choose to get
the Spanish piaya, which is absolutely fantastic. The shacritteri
in a cone and I’m looking forward to this
flight of wines from Spain. – All the wine is for her,
I’m gonna drink water. – That’s good. See, now that you’ve had a bite, now you wanna go
back and see exactly what it was that you’re eating. Again, that’s why you
wanna pick these things up. I think you’ve
earned your sticker. – And, if you’re a DVC member, you can attend an
exclusive beverage seminar hosted by Adventures by Disney. – And if you like tasting
wines from different regions along some other
rivers like the Danu, like you would on
a river cruise, this is the perfect seminar,
exclusive to DVC members. – So come check it out
at the festival pavilion. I think that’s what we’re
gonna do right now, cheers. – Cheers! The festival runs
through November 13th and our pro tip, if you can,
try visiting during the week. The crowds will
be smaller but the food and drinks are still great. – Another incredible
benefit of being a member of the
Disney Vacation Club, the members only
lounge here at Epcot. – This is a great
place to go and relax, get out of the sun, recharge and get some free
coffee, soda and tea. – Now, we’d bring
you with us but, you have to be a member and
you have to have your card. Sorry. Let’s go. – So here’s our pro
tip on how to do Epcot’s Food and Wine festival. As soon as you
get into the park, pick up your Disney gift card, preloaded with whatever amount that you have for your budget. Then, as you go
around the world, just use that to pay for
your food and drinks. It makes it not only easier
to stick to your budget, but also, going through
the lines a lot quicker. Cheers! – Cheers! A great day here at
Food and Wine Festival. – Yep, we’ve just about
filled up our passport book which, it’s been a great day and we’ve got our styling gear from Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival. – So make sure when you come to Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival, get some gear, I’m sporting
the shirt, this is a hat and it’s a bottle opener too. I mean, who would
have thought of that? – He’s pretty
excited about that. – A very wise person
who likes beer. – It makes sense. But what I’m excited about
is what’s coming up next, we’re gonna take you to
Disney Vacation Club’s newest resort, right here
at Walt Disney World. – If you’ve ever been to
the Pacific Northwest, you’re gonna feel
right at home here at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. – This was one of my favorite
resorts on Disney property because the
landscaping is unreal. And, it’s also
home to the newest Disney vacation club resort,
Copper Creek Villas and Cabins. – Wait, did you say
Villas and Cabins? – I sure did! – I’m out of here. (lively music) – [Kerri] This
resort is the 14th and newest Disney
vacation club resort. It’s located at
Wilderness Lodge. – [Rob] The unique design
capturing natural elements like, wood and stone and
our favorite touches of the subtle nods
to the American
Transcontinental Railroad which of course, Walt was loved. Copper Creek Villas
and Cabins also have a few resorts
where you can take a short water taxi
directly to Magic Kingdom. – [Kerri] And
there’s accommodation for every sized family, even up to 12 people in the Grand Villa. (lively music) Now those studios and the one two bedroom villas and the
grand villas are amazing. But the highlight here at this
Disney vacation club resort, are the cabins. – The cabins, we’re going,
we’re gonna take you with us and I promise you,
once you see this, it’s the only place you’re
gonna wanna stay here. – [Kerri] There are
26 Cascade Cabins and this definitely
is a highlight in the Disney vacation
club properties. They are very large and
sleep up to eight people. – [Rob] You’ll feel
like you’re totally separated from the
rest of the resort. We love the fireplace
you can enjoy from either inside or outside, if you’re hanging out
on the wraparound porch. And one of the really nice
features, the private hot tub. A great way to unwind
after a day in the parks. No visit to Disney’s
Wilderness Lodge is complete without a stop at
one of our favorite little out of the way places,
Geyser Point Bar and Grill. – We love this
place, one, because the amazing views, we’re sitting right on the waterfront and
the weather’s beautiful, we can just sit
here for hours and we can enjoy some Pacific
Northwest inspired cocktails which, I’m pretty excited
to test some of these out. – So we order stuff
and they bring it to us right at our table as
the water taxis go by. You can take a water taxi
from here to Magic Kingdom and we get to sit here and
experience the entire thing. – And it’s really just
steps from the cabins too. It’s pretty nice. – We first came to Geyser
Point shortly after it opened. We were hearing a lot about it and just had to check
it out, so we popped on over to Wilderness Lodge and
walked down to the waterfront, some of the best resort views. And you don’t have to be staying
at the resort to dine here. – Okay so we have ordered
quite the feast here. – Almost everything on the menu
is right here on the table. – Starting with some really
nice cocktails and… – No, no, these
are fake cocktails. – And I’m looking
forward to digging into the Shrimp On A Wire. – Yes. – Clearly, it’s made on a
wire and this right here? – Okay, this is
called, Charcuterie. No idea what that means, all
that I know is she loves it. – I love this kinda stuff. So, a very eclectic
menu which is great. And then of course,
for our main dish, we got some little
dessert going on, a Bison Burger and a
Portobello Mushroom Salad, so, I say we dig in
but we’re gonna need to get some friends to help
us, this is a lot of food. – Yes. (upbeat music) – So after an
incredible lunch at Geyser Point Bar and
Grill, it’s time for us to head on back to our
resort and get ready for the DVC members only,
Moonlight Magic Party at Animal Kingdom tonight. – It’s an exclusive
event but guess what? We’re bringing you with us. – So stay tuned! – Let’s get out of here. – Yeah. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) – So we made it
to Animal Kingdom and the reason we’re here is
an exclusive private event just for DVC members and
it’s called, Moonlight Magic. – We love being a member for these very exclusive events that well, you gotta be a part
of the Disney Vacation Club. So tonight, we’re
excited about the low to no crowds that
we’re going to enjoy. – [Rob] Being a
DVC member is more than just access to
beautiful Disney resorts. DVC also offers
exclusive experiences throughout the year
like Moonlight Magic. – [Kerri] We attended
our first Moonlight Magic this past summer
at Typhoon Lagoon. We normally don’t
do water parks, so the DVC event was a great
way for us to experience the water park without
having to pay for it. – [Rob] These after hours
events for DVC members are more than just
access to the parks. Yes, the rides will have
a little to no wait time, but there’s something
that’s really extra fun about hanging out in the park with a bunch of
other DVC members. – [Kerri] There’s special
character meet and greets, fun dance parties, exclusive
DVC members only merchandise and, who doesn’t
love free snacks. – If you like Pandora by day,
you’re gonna love it by night. This place comes
alive with light. – [Kerri] Nothing beats Pandora, the world of Avatar after hours. We have to say,
Flight of Passage is by far, the best ride ever. You truly feel
like you’re flying on the back of a Banshee over the seas and through the jungle. And if you haven’t
visited Pandora yet, definitely put it
on your must do list for your next Disney trip. You will see,
floating mountains, beautiful waterfall and
lots of beautiful plants. – [Rob] And you can
enjoy some very tasty food and drink at
Satu’li Canteen. Like one of our favorites,
the steamed pods. – [Kerri] We’ve been
to Pandora many times and it is worth enjoying both
during the day and at night. – [Rob] We want you to
experience Disney like a pro but before we get to our
Disney vacation tips, we have a special bonus
event to share with you. (spooky music) In a trip to Disney
during the fall is even more fun when you attend Mickey’s not so scary Halloween
Party at Magic Kingdom. This is a separate
ticketed event when the park becomes a huge
Halloween party for the night. – [Kerri] You can trick or treat at several stops in
the park and yes, even the adults can do that. Watch a special hocus pocus
villain spectacular stage show right in front of
the castle and, enjoy select attractions,
some dance parties, unique character meet and greets that are there
just for Halloween and end your night watching Happy Hallow Wishes
Fireworks show. – [Rob] Come dressed in
costume or come as you are. Even as adults, we had a blast
collecting treats all night and we end up with
quite the candy stash. (upbeat spooky music) (evil laughter) (upbeat music) – [Kerri] When planning
a trip to Disney, here are a few pro tips. Book your stay as
early out as possible, that way you’ll have
the best selection of rooms and resort options. There are several
resorts to choose from ranging from value resorts
to moderate to deluxe and even more
choices when you’re a Disney Vacation Club member. Like, the Copper Creek
Villas and Cabins and Disney’s Animal
Kingdom Villas. – [Rob] Always stay
on Disney Property, there are a number of
perks like, free parking and you get to book
fast passes early. Plus, the resort is a
destination within itself. We understand how planning
a Disney World vacation can be pretty
stressful, especially, let’s say you’re gonna do a
seven day, six night vacation, and you’re like, “oh my
gosh, I need six park days.” you probably don’t, there are so many different
things to do, like here at Animal Kingdom
Lodge where you don’t even have to
leave the resort to have a great time
with your family. – [Kerri] And tip number
three, don’t overplan. You’re on vacation, enjoy
it, don’t worry about just going on rides,
enjoy a parade, shop, watch a show, – [Rob] Or try some of the fun
activities at Disney Springs. – [Kerri] Enjoy a
festival or a concert. Or, just sit down for
a really nice meal. – [Rob] One of the
things we love to do is, at some of the resorts,
you can rent a seri bike and we really enjoy
just riding around. And if you do find yourself
wanting to visit Disney once every year or
two, we recommend you learn more about becoming
a Disney Vacation Club member. Stop by one of the
many booths around the parks and resorts
for more info. – And, to stop and
get your free sticker. – I got mine! What? Walt Disney World
is so much more than just having
fun in the Parks. – And when you’re a Disney
Vacation Club member, you have several resorts right
on property to choose from. – And we travel a
lot, so we found that being a Disney
Vacation Club Member, just works for us and we
always love hearing those two special words, welcome home. – We encourage you next time
you’re at Walt Disney World, to stop by and talk to somebody
with Disney Vacation Club. Thanks for joining us this
weekend at Walt Disney World. – If you wanna see what it takes to go behind the scenes
of a making of a TV show, check out our Facebook
page, All Aboard TV. – And as they say in Walt Disney
World, have a magical day! – Until next time,
never stop exploring. It’s a hat, that acts like a
bottle opener, it’s amazing. – Oh geez! – See, that’s why we can’t
stand so close to each other. Good save. – I got a little bit. – This will make
the blooper reel. – Into our one
bedroom villa at… – That place, the kingdom
place, that’s where we’re going. One of the things that
Epcot is known for, the many festivals
they hold here at… For more travel adventures
and tips on how to do Disney, go to allaboardtv.com and let us help you plan your
next Disney vacation. You can also call
us at 727-846-0077. (upbeat music) Special thanks to Walt
Disney World Resorts and Disney Vacation Club. Clothing provided by Exofficio. – [Kerri] Closed Captioning
provided by, Stemedix, Adult Stem Cell Therapy.


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