Disney World | Epcot Part II
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Disney World | Epcot Part II

*Japanese 1 to 3 counting) 3 San=sunshine 2 Ni=knee 1 Ichi=itchy Are you ready? San Ni Ichi Congratulation!!! so I forgot to charge my camera and it’s
out of battery and the charger is actually at home so I’m taking the rest
of the video from my phone and I will try to record myself even tho I’m really
sad as you can see but I’ll do my best I cannot record myself and talk because I don’t have microphone for the phone and that quality is not as good as
the camera Here we go Morocco 🇲🇦 that’s a restaurant! I hope the food taste like our food it makes me when I talked to them in
Arabic but same time they’d be shocked! where you from?
Saudi? you don’t look like Saudi I don’t know how they think we look like? I’m so happy I can talk to them in Arabic My language! My native language! Now I’m gonna
enjoy the food! I think they gave me extra food because I talked to them in Arabic!
Thank you so much! Next! *France 🇫🇷* *UK 🇬🇧* so they had arsenal but not a Liverpool?? Thank You for the coupons Nao
chan! I’ll enjoy for you too! Epcot is so much fun! You meet people from different countries I feel like in all Orlando no one is speaking English you hear Spanish, you hear Chinese, you hear so many languages! My plan was to go to the other parks but I don’t know about now I had a lot of fun in Epcot! With the art event too! It make it
more special! I was looking around I was like I have to see this, I have to see that! and
that’s how I wasted my time it’s not wasting time! it was so much fun but yeah so this was it for Epcot! I hope you guys liked the video and I will see you in
the next one

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