DISNEY VLOG | Spring at Epcot Flower & Garden Festival 🌼
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DISNEY VLOG | Spring at Epcot Flower & Garden Festival 🌼

Hello friends I’m reporting live from
the cutest festival at Epcot at Walt Disney World
today I’m just popping over for a couple hours and wanted to take you along gonna
try some goodies look at all the pretty flowers and just get from Hershiser alone Alexis and we are just you know
having a time here we’re gonna find some food she’s like what are you being in or
you just like to evening it I am meat free and dairy free
okay she’s meat and dairy free which means she must love seafood yeah but for
special occasions only for special occasions okay but there’s like this
little vegan challenge I’ll show you in our little book but she’s gonna try to
knock off some of the challenge here’s some of the really cute
merchandise this tie-dye one is precious yeah that’s like water-resistant fun I
love this this is so adorable oh wait that’s actually so cute I would
wear that for real I would still wear that I got these ears on good idea turn
it I have some cute services in my backpack I gotta show you this is my
favorite little stand with all the pineapples
it looks so summery and happy so this is the garden grave and it’s like the
little vegan challenge so all of these things are vegan and if you complete
like if you get every single one of them and get a stamp you get a complimentary
item we got some iced coffee to give us you all Cheers they just started spitting rain typical
Florida so we ran inside Morocco to get some shots Alexis got the fried
cauliflower from Morocco and it looks so yummy I had it last year and it’s
delicious and super spicy look at these cute little Noah’s Ark topiaries how fun I’m getting such garden inspiration oh hi drain side you can’t pull me away
from the flower I’ll see is this it’s a miniature
carving with little houses and flowers oh my goodness I’m in love the little things in life haha no pun
intended they should put little fairies just sprinkled out in the village so
sweet the first snack I got are these potato
pancakes from Germany and then came with house-made
applesauce it’s so so yummy I love the contrast of like the salty potatoes and
then the sweet apple sauce so good I want to try to make them soon too
the fun thing about these passports is that they have little stickers so once
you visit one of the little stand you can take the sticker and mark your
passport so you can keep track of all your food at destination they’re making
a fresh Street corn I love making Street corn we always make
it in the summer on our girl so this is the kind of putting terrarium chocolate box made out of us avocados
who Nance’s meepo impossible so it’s all vegan right yes amazing how does that
make you feel so hard see the last stop on our little Epcot
adventure is the butterfly garden and one of my favorite parts is so magical I
hope we get to see a lot of them check out the wet all the butterflies draw we know are you friends that’s all for today’s
little Disney trip I hope you enjoyed following along and got some spring
energy and inspiration all the flowers are just so beautiful and you guys know
how I feel about flowers I love them thanks for watching guys I cannot wait
to see you super soon bye


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