Disney Secret: Tips Tricks Hacks You Need Planning A Disney World Vacation
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Disney Secret: Tips Tricks Hacks You Need Planning A Disney World Vacation

what did that kid just say hey everyone thanks for stopping by
today I’m going to share some tips and tricks we’ve learned that can help you
make the most of your visit to three Disney parks Magic Kingdom Animal
Kingdom and Epcot securing fast pastures arriving before opening the best
strategies for character memory enjoy let’s get started our favorite
method for fast passes is securing them as far prior to your trip as possible
and focusing on your three must-see attractions now here is the secret we
like to schedule Fast Pass turns to start after lunch around 12:30 to 1:00
and later. We’ll explain why in a minute. Getting to the parks early is pretty
self-explanatory it will help the strategy
that we will discuss in this video be sure to LIKE and subscribe and click
that notification bell. One of the best-kept secrets you will ever learn is
based on human psychology did you know that most visitors to any theme park or
amusement park travel in a pack going towards the right our secret is to plan
your attraction schedule starting at the back left corner of the parks and go
immediately to your must-see spot that is closest to the back left then you can
work your way toward the front from there. This will give you time for your
must-see and maybe a few unexpected surprise short lines, also without
wasting your fastpasses. Using this method has never failed us and is the
main reason you want to be at the parks on opening. This tip not only works in
Disney World, it will work in any theme park around the world! Getting to see
your favorite show Disney can be a challenge.
Did you know if you can’t get in to see the show you wanted while waiting in
line, there’s a little known secret? As a courtesy, Disney reserves seating for
those with disabilities in the first several rows if these these seat are not filled near showtime a cast member will come outside and allow visitors
without disabilities to have those empty seats. It pays to hang around the ientrance
after everyone who didn’t get in has already left the area. We’ve gotten
front row seats because of this and just kind of lucked into this theory.
Always be courteous to those who may need the seat after the show starts!
Eating out these days is extremely expensive especially in a Disney World
park, but don’t stress we’ve got a solution. thankfully Disney World allows you to
bring insnacks in a backpack. you should always take advantage of this and
plan accordingly and don’t forget all service counters give out free ice water
we recommend splurging once a day at one of the Disney food services places like
Casey’s hot dogs and Pecos Bill give large portions we can easily feed three
people with one of these plates at both of the restaurants.
oh and I must say Casey’s footlong hotdogs are amazing! please remember to stay hydrated and
don’t let yourself be hangry, sometimes a drink of water and some trail
mix can turn a bad day into the best day ever
many families plan their entire vacation on meet and greets! Are you ready to meet those
Disney Princesses and have other character meet and greets well we’ve got
a few tips for you that can’t be beat. Akershus royal dining hall in Epcot the
princesses are top-notch it may be a little pricey but is quality all the way
if you want to meet princesses at the fairytale hall we’ve got some tips for
you immediately before during and after the fireworks is a great time to go
we’ve been able to see for different Disney Princesses using this technique
in only 20 minutes meeting Goofy and Donald near the barn stormer is pretty
much a walk on all day long. Belle’s enchanted tales is a very popular Magic
Kingdom attraction it’s also a perfect example of how going back and left can
work Ariel’s Grotto is a hit or miss this little mermaid is a must-see you
should go early or later in the evening for the shortest lines now here’s a
quick montage of me enjoying Disney World using these very tips if you have any questions or comments
about your Disney vacation please leave a comment down below I will try to
answer those questions using these Disney vacation tips may seem simple but
they will have a dramatic effect on your experience a little planning and common
sense goes a long way when it comes to Disney World vacation planning now get
out there and have the time of your life with the advantages I share and leave
the worries to the newbies here’s a checklist of Disney tips I have prepared
for you be sure to study them and print them out as needed and be sure to have
an amazing day at Disney be sure to LIKE and subscribe and click
that notification bell I hope you enjoyed my video be sure to LIKE and
subscribe please come back and visit my next video is gonna be super awesome

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