Disney Cruise Line Unveils Disney Dream Ship
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Disney Cruise Line Unveils Disney Dream Ship

[music]>>Narrator: When the Disney Dream cruise ship debuts in 2011 so will AquaDuck, the first water coaster ever aboard a
cruise ship anywhere in the world. 765 feet long and four decks high AquaDuck is filled with twists drops uphill acceleration and a 13-foot translucent
swing-out loop letting you look down to the ocean 150 feet below. But AquaDuck is
just one cruise industry first Disney Cruise Line has filled the Disney Dream
with innovation. Virtual portals in all inside staterooms will offer a real-time
view outside the ship from high-definition cameras placed on the
Disney Dream exterior. While guests enjoy the view,
they may also glimpse a magical surprise as peach the starfish from the Disney
Pixar film Finding Nemo or Mickey Mouse stop by the virtual portal. Disney Cruise
Line first revolutionized the cruise industry by catering to the unique
vacation needs of individual family members, and that innovation picks up
speed aboard the Disney Dream. Young children play at interactive
spaces recreating Andy’s room from the Disney Pixar classic film Toy Story, and
Monsters Academy, inspired by Disney Pixar’s Monsters Inc., teens and tweens
each get their own high-tech clubs aboard the Disney Dream. The exclusive
swipe card teen Club vibe includes a media room, Wi-Fi, video editing, juice bar
and access to their own private deck area with fountains and two wading pools. Parents can also get away to The District, an adult exclusive
entertainment area of sophisticated bars and lounges including pink a champagne
inspired elegant cocktail lounge and skyline a Metropolitan Sky bar with
high-definition views of city skylines that change each night. From the three deck atrium lobby reminiscent of ocean liners in the 20s
and 30s, to restaurants with romantic atmosphere and upscale cuisine to
sunshine thrills at 20 feet per second. The Disney Dream and Disney Cruise Line
continued to create and innovate, delivering a vacation experience that
every member of the family feels was created especially for them.


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