Disney Cruise Line : Croisière Disney sur le Canal de Panama Épisode 2
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Disney Cruise Line : Croisière Disney sur le Canal de Panama Épisode 2

Hey Disney Cruisers, today is our first day at sea. Saturday March 7. We are not going to do a lot today. I think we will rest and check the ship out as we have
not done so yet and there are new facilities
that we really want to see. Well follow me. let’s go! well it’s rocking a bit this morning We are on our way to Cabanas We will see what the day has to offer. so if you like to run or
stroll in the morning for your little jog I strongly recommend deck 4
for me it’s the coolest on the ship so here we are in the queue to go
see Ana, Elsa and Olaf this is one of the rare experiences with
characters where you have to book in advance so today at 2:30 p.m. we’re invited by Cruise Director
Ashley at an afternoon with all Castaway club members who are either
gold or platinium. We are waiting for the presentation but we have already started
with a kir like every time we had a behind
the scene tour where we saw what was going on at the technical level on the shows
and finally we had a rice krispies mickey We just got out of the Golden Mickeys I will show you some scenes
and now to the captain’s party with free cocktails, let’s go! tonight we’re at Animator’s Palate
for the evening and that’s what the menu looks like and don’t forget if you need the
menu in French or any language, flip it.


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