Disney Cruise Line : Croisière Disney sur le Canal de Panama Épisode 1
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Disney Cruise Line : Croisière Disney sur le Canal de Panama Épisode 1

hi Disney Cruisers.
After two years of waiting we’re going to board the Disney wonder, finally, well we
hope; we still have to take our temperature to see if we’re not
infected with the virus, covid-19; If everything is ok, les than 37,8 celcius, we shall be able to board. Come with me on a 14 day adventure on board the Disney Wonder! We just checked-in.
Now we are waiting for our group to be called. Our group is number 28.
We got here a bit late as planned.
We shall board soon but first they will check our temperature.
The answer on whether we can board or not will
comme shortly. It is done. No worries.
We can now rush to board the ship with Fabrice, Charly and Anne-Claire! Hi all The party is over and the ship
is sailing down the Mississippi River We should reach the ocean within
8 to 9 hours but we shall be in bed by then.
Tomorrow is a sea day. Now it is time to
see a show at the theatre. A magician is performing tonight.
Then, time for dinner. It’s a wrap for our first day on board the Disney Wonder. Time for bed as jet lag is really
hitting us at the moment. See you tomorrow during a day
at sea, then we shall be in Cozumel.
Sea real soon Disney Cruisers.


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