Disney Clue Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Unboxing
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Disney Clue Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Unboxing

Hello, I’m going to open my new game clue
that it’s special because I got it for Christmas. Now I’m going to open it up and see about
time wise I’ll see how long it is and if it’s long we’re not going to play it tonight. But if it isn’t we will. So I’m going to open it up. Let’s have a look at the game board. Here is the cool game board. It it’s called Clue The Twilight Zone of Terror
… Tower of Terror. These are all so these are the game cards. And then they go here. So these are the props and then I’m going
to open it and show you. So this is the camera. I think … I .. the camera goes in the guest
room. This is a book . The book goes in the library. No the camera stuff goes on the top floor….
sorry. Alright, I’m going to open these. I forgot what they’re called. They’re open. And now this is a picture of Daisy Duck but
looking crazy. There… This is Goofy also known as…. The … I don’t know, the worker or something. He goes in the lobby. This is Donald. He goes right … ummm… here. This is Mickey Mouse. He goes right here. These are the score sheets. This is the Clue envelope. That’s the back. So this is the dice.. it has a 4, 1, 2. There’s a 1 and a 2.

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