Disney California Adventure Time! Food & Wine, Disneyland, Magic Happens & More! 🇺🇸
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Disney California Adventure Time! Food & Wine, Disneyland, Magic Happens & More! 🇺🇸

Good morning everyone.
– Good morning to your all. Day 3. We slept a little bit longer today and we got no Boarding group today. Because what are we gonna do, Jordy
– We’re going to California Adventure.
– We’re going to California Adventure. And guys… There are some clouds.
– It looks like it’s always raining when we’re going here.
– Yes, it’s gonna be a rainy day. Let’s go inside and see what this day will bring to us. I’m excited. California Adventure.
– It’s gonna be fun for sure.
– It’s gonna be fun. Bright and early again. It’s 9 AM and that’s not even park opening in Paris. But Jordy says something.
– Yes it’s less busy as the other days because of the rain. Those rainy days can’t be here enough for me. Yes, the last few days were very busy as you could see in the videos. These crowds are Disney crowds on his best. Well, our first stop over here in California Adventure was getting a Fastpass for Soarin’. Because what’s special about Soarin’ during this trip?
– They got Soarin’ over California. Yes, the original Soarin’ is back now for Food & Wine festival. I’m not sure if it will be during the full festival. It’s gonna be here for like a month. Something like that.
– I saw something like that. But Soarin’ over California is back and we haven’t done that one yet.
– Nope. So, as true Soarin’ fan we can finally experience this one.
– Yes. We have to this one now. I’ve got a rumbly in my tumbly. So, let’s search for some breakfast.
– Let’s search for some breakfast. The sun is shining.
– Yes the sun is shining and we’re waiting for our Mobile Order. We’re having a perfect spot over here with a view over Radiator Springs Racers at Flo’s V8 Cafe. I’m excited for breakfast. I’m very hungry. So, my mobile order may arrive soon. And indeed, it’s very sunny. So, our breakfast has arrived. Some delicious bacon and egg. Everything. Delicious. Just look at those delicious potatoes. We’re sitting here in Carsland. And all the cars are passing by. Jor, cheers. Enjoy your meal. Cheers on another day of fun. Look I’ve made a delicious sandwich with bacon and egg. That’s the way how you should eat it, I guess.
– Enjoy.
– Delicious. It’s a good one.
– Having a nice diner at Route 66. Yes, it’s a good one. First ride of the day and we got a red card. What’s a red card Jordy? You can see how long you’ve been waiting in the line for this attraction. I think it’s gonna be 1 minute. The waiting time is 5 minutes now. They gave me a red card here in at the little mermaid. And I think it’s gonna be 1 or 2 minutes. So, it will stay at 5 minutes I guess. They won’t put 5 minutes on there. Or they’ll say there’s no waiting line at all.
– Exactly, look over here. This card is used to help us provide you with the most uccurate wait time. Please hand the card to a Cast Member at the end of the line. Thank you. I’m glad I’m not doing the subtitles.
– Haha. For now, this rainy day is full of sunshine. Amazing.
– Yes, amazing.
– Love it, It was supposed to be a rainy day. But for now, I can only see the sun.
– Yes exactly That’s a good thing.
– Sunny rainy day. We were taking our photos with the one and only Bo Peep and Buzz lIghtyear wanted to say hello as well.
– Yeah.
– So much fun. So nice. Here at Pixar Pier is a standard meet and greet with Bo Peep. Not even during the Toy Story Play Days. Our fastpass for Soarin’ is ready to get used. Yes, we can go Soarin over California.
– I’m very excited.
– Me too. All over California. We’ll leave the world behind us. Let’s go inside. Soarin’ over California. Jor, we can finally say that we went on the original Soarin’. That was cool.
– Yes indeed. Your flying above all the beautiful things here in California. Above the original orange field and you can smell those delicious oranges.
– Yeah, that was cool.
– Delicious smell.
Amazing ride. But what did we both experience? You’ll get more dizzy on this one. Yes indeed. This one is way older and they’ve used a different camera as Soarin’ over the world. So, it wasn’t very steady.
– Yeah, the camera made some movements. Your eyes couldn’t handle it sometimes. When we exit the ride we were both a little bit dizzy. But not anymore. So good to finally ride this one.
– Exactly. And we even saw some Christmas.
– Yes that was a little bit weird. You’re flying above a Disneyland full of Christmas. It’s just because we were on the ride. No, but it was a little bit weird.
– But check! We did the original Soarin’.
– Yeah. So nice. Because of the Food & Wine festival, they gave Goofy a nice Meet and Greet location in his chef outfit. We’re going to meet him. Since a few weeks they’re using a Fastpass line for Monsters Inc. Mike and Sulley to the rescue. And as you can see, it’s not very good for the regular line. This was a ride that you always could do without a huge waiting line and now they’ve destroyed that because of the Fastpass. We also just took a nice photo with one of the guards from Black Panther.
– Yes, she was standing next to the plane from Captain Marvel. The plane must stay safe while Captain Marvel isn’t here. It’s not a full DCA day when we haven’t seen Frozen Live at the Hyperion. Now it’s very nice. Because it wasn’t planned to see this one.
– No, it wasn’t planned. But the show is starting in 15 minutes and we can go inside already.
– We passed by and we were able to go inside already. And it’s gonna be the first time for Jordy to see this show on the balcony. I haven’t been there yet. I’m going to try to take some nice photos over there.
– It’s something different. I hope it will work out.
– I’m sure it will work. Is the spot approved?
– It was very good.
– You took some nice photos?
– Yeah. That’s nice. For the Food & Wine festival, little children can bake their own snack as little chefs on the stage here in Hollywood land. They’re not buying them but they’re making them.
– Yeah, they’re baking them.
– Oh baking… They’re baking some cookies over here and they prepare everything together with chef Goofy. That’s so nice.
– Yeah. Look this is a festival, season, over here in DCA. And it’s way better as a lot of seasons in Paris. Let’s take a look if we can get something from this Food & Wine Festival. Because I’m getting hungry. How about you?
– Yes indeed. So, let’s take a look for something nice if it’s not too busy over there. It’s not something from the Food & Wine festival. But we took a Chimichanga here in DCA. I’ve heard about it but never had one before. It smells good. It’s a kind of spring roll. But trying new stuff is always a good idea. I’m curious. It’s a mix from Mexican food. Some beans. Inside a spring roll. I’m a fan. It’s a good thing when you’re very hungry.Delicious. Cheers. I have to admit. This was a delicious snack.
– It was amazing.
– A Chimichanga. Another amazing thing was our spot for Frozen. That was amazing. Perfect view for everything. I took some amazing photos.
– Show us some?
– How many? 20, 30, 40, 50? Show us 3. That’s gonna be a hard one. That’s amazing right?
– Amazing. Another amazing thing are these clouds full in constructions. So, you can see that a lot of things are fake in Hollywood.
– Everything is fake. Everything is fake. But something that’s not all fake is Guardians of the Galaxy, Mission Breakout. And something for Disney nerds. Since a few weeks they have this kind of ground leading to Avengers Campus that’s going to open during the summer. Just take a good look. We’re going to get kind of the same land in Paris. So, I think we’ll see this ground as well very soon. No Guardians for now over there. But we got a nice planning for Fastpasses. Tonight we’re having a Fastpass for Radiator Springs Racers and Guardians. So, we got two amazing rides waiting for us. Nice, right? Very nice, yeah. Carol Danvers liked my shirt.
– Yeah, that was cool right? That was nice.
– The best place to meet Captain Marvel in front of her own plane. Carol Avenger Danvers.
– I hope something worked out.
– What worked out? I hope so.
– If it worked out, you’ll see it now. Yessss.
– So nice. So nice. Here in the shop next to the animation academy here in DCA you can meet Disney Artist Dirk Wunderlich. He’s also the father from a famous artist in the Netherlands. Marcelino Wunderlich. He’s signing his own work and there was a pretty long line. Look, there he is. Father from Marcelino. Marcelino Wunderlich. Look, with a horn. With a horn. He’s crazy. Marcelino Wunderlich. Nobody knows him over here. We’re going to meet Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. During our first trip we saw them over here and I really wanted to meet them. But when we were waiting in line they went away and didn’t came back. I was able to take a photo for Davey but not for me. So, today we’re going to meet them. I’m looking around over here if I can see them. But I can’t see them yet. I hope I’ll see them. We finally met Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde.
– Finally. I was so sad for you, you couldn’t meet them during our first trip. It was our last day when we discovered that they were here. We didn’t knew that they were there.
– No indeed.
– Otherwise we did them earlier. Now we’re pro’s and now everything over here now. And now we met them for the first time. They’re not here during the Christmas season. But now Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde are on the list for Jordy and Davey. Finally.
– So nice. Another first meeting with a character. Yeey. Oh guys. So sad. It’s cold. But there’s an amazing water ride over here, the Grizly River Run, and Jordy is scared to go on it now. I’m not scared. But I don’t wanna be cold for the whole day after this ride. Commitment.
– Yeah right. So, that was our morning / afternoon in DCA. Now it’s time for… Disneyland. Jordy is very excited. And I have to say. It’s very sunny on this rainy day. Yes indeed. Plenty of sunshine heading our way. But now we have to go. It’s 3:20 PM now and Magic Happens will start at 3:30 PM. We weren’t supposed to see that one. Only the nighttime version. We’re going that way, it’s faster over there. I don’t think we’ll find a spot.
– Maybe somewhere in behind some people. Some things are higher. Who knows. Without waiting, we just saw Magic Happens. It’s insane.
– Not normal. So nice. What a parade. We got the perfect spot at the end of Main Street. We could see everything. And we just arrived five minutes before it started. I can’t believe it. This is so nice.
– So, we didn’t lose a lot of time to see the parade. And we still saw it. If you’re getting crazy about this parade. We’re not even sorry. Let’s go for another parade. Yeah man. We just had a delicious meal at our beloved Red Rose Tavern. We’re going back to DCA now to use our Fastpasses.
– Fastpasses! We got two just after each other. So, we have to be two goofballs to get them both in time. Fastpass 1 is here now. And we got something else for Fastpass 2. Guardians is broken at the moment. So, we got a fastpass now in the app to use at every other attraction over here. Maybe it will open again soon. So, we got more spare time. And now we’re going to use our Fastpass that we took this morning for Radiator Springs Racers. Nothing is better as Radiator Springs Racers here in DCA. This is the best attraction over here, right Jor?
– Yes. Oh, you’re just a little kid when you’re on this ride. Jor? What did you do? I waited 1 hour in line to meet Anna and Elsa. That’s insane. I told him that I wanted to meet Anna and Elsa.
– Just Elsa was there.
– And Olaf, that was fun.
– But no Anna, But I told him that I was going to sit over there in the building. I’ve made the waittime a little more fun. I’ve made a timelaps from the whole loop in the Animation Building. That’s so cool with all the movies in there, You may expect that on the channel soon. Then you’ll see Jordy walking in the line. But that mean s one thing, we have to go back tomorrow. I don’t have Anna now. Right. Well, we’re going back to Disneyland. And you have to be honest, this is the best park hop music. Are we going to Rise of the Resistance?
– Do you have a boarding group? No.
– Me neither. But it’s the best park hop music. We’re back in Disneyland. What have we done when we came back in the park? We’ve met Pluto, Mickey and Minnie.
– We’ve met a lot of characters. Now we’re waiting for Mickey’s Mixed Magic. It’s a fireworks and projection show here in Disneyland. But they’ve just announced that there will be no fireworks due to the wind. I’m sad about that but February, Disneyland and the goofballs are not a perfect match. It’s not a good match. But I’m curious. It will be a fun show for sure. I still don’t know the lyrics. Even though the fireworks weren’t there it was a nice show. It was so nice. With all the projections on main street. All the time they added some snow and all the lights were on. I’ve only missed the cupcakes.
– Yes the cupcakes. It’s a good good good, good time. This is a very good day. Yes it’s amazing.
– We did a lot. Almost everything. We’ve met a lot of characters, did some nice attractions, a lot of entertainment and Jor, it’s not over yet. We still have our Fastpass that we can use everywhere. We got a Fastpass that we still have from DCA and we’re going to use it now. Okay, we were a little bit too happy about that. If you’re having a Fastpass from DCA and it’s been canceled. You can only use it in DCA for another ride. Not in Disneyland. That’s kinda obvious. But we’re not crazy henkie. Jordy just saw that we could take another Fastpass for Space Mountain. We just have to wait a little bit. We just have to wait 15 more minutes and I just saw that there was a waiting line from 5 minutes for Buzz Lightyear. Or Star Tours. Well, we got something to do now. Now we can still do two rides. So, Buzz lightyear is closed in Paris. Now we have to do it wherever it’s possible. So, now we can still go on Space Mountain. 10 Minutes later.
– Love it. Have a safe flight.
– Have a safe flight as well. . I’m curious because I didn’t really liked it last time.
– I liked it. You’re right. I liked it the second time. The lights we’re all of during our first time. What’s happeniiiiiiiing????!!!! My knees! Oeh ah! I can’t see anything.But it’s so much fun. Omg.
– I did this when they’ve made the picture. What happened here? It was so cool with all the stars but I can’t feel my knees now. Blurgh. I really hope they’ll delete those photos very fast.
– It was fun.
– Don’t save them. We just had a perfect day. A full day in Disneyland with everything that was possible. A lot of characters and entertainment. A lot of rides and delicious food. And now we’re leaving Disneyland with a ride. What are we going to do Jor?
– Monorail! We’re going to take the Monorail back to Downtown Disney. And then just 100 meter to the Disneyland Hotel where we’re sleeping. So guys, I would say “Till the next one”. Bye bye.
– Till the next one. Bye bye. Jor, it’s food and wine, right?
– Yes?
– Do you know who I am? Food?
– King Alcohol! Makes my whole life fun!
– Idiot. .


  • DisneyGame

    Geweldige vlog Disney Goofballs echt cool dat je Bo peep daar gewoon kan meeten en Magic Happens blijft prachtig ik heb weer genoten.

  • Michael Overell

    That was my last day at the parks before they closed, and I went down because I knew the weather was just threatening enough to scare people off, especially once it got dark. I must have just missed you at Space Mountain, because I finished the night there with 3 rides in the last 15 minutes.

  • Troj TV

    Wow… Wat een schitterende subtitles… Je ziet gewoon dat daar veel werk en liefde in is gaan zitten 😎

    Soarin over the world is grotendeels digitaal en zelfs CGI, terwijl Over Cali echte opnames zijn. Op een enkel puntje na is er daardoor minder vertekening. Ook het vlieggevoel is meer aanwezig, maar dat is daardoor wel vervelender voor mogelijke "motion sickness"

    Eén klein detail op de subs… Die chimichanga is een "egg roll", geen "spring roll" (verschil zit 'm in het vel en hoe het is "geplakt"), als ik dan toch iets "te zeuren" moet hebben 😉😂

  • Magical Rides

    Amai wat een geluk dag zeg 🙂 Zo tof die Bo Peep en Nick en Judy . En hoe geweldig dat jullie nog een nieuwe Soarin ervaring hadden met Kerst. En ook geweldig die tekenaar daar 🙂

  • Harry Reinders

    Heerlijk video weer, mooi om Soarin over California weer eens te zien, deze was in WDW ook altijd te zien.
    Heb je de hidden Mickey gezien 😀👍

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