/dev diary: March 2020 – League of Legends: Wild Rift
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/dev diary: March 2020 – League of Legends: Wild Rift

Hey everyone, I’m Brian Feeney,
Design Lead for Wild Rift. It’s been a little while since we revealed
Wild Rift back in October, and since then we’ve all been overwhelmed by
your excitement and support. It’s been really inspiring for all of us. The team here has been working hard on all
elements of the game. At the moment, we’re focusing on champion
design, and we wanted to give you a quick update on how we’re bringing the champs
you know and love into Wild Rift. During champion development,
one thing became clear to us pretty quickly: We have to retain those memorable,
galaxy brain, heart-racing outplays from League. We want to keep the spirit and the essence
of the champs you know, so they feel great for both veterans and newer players to League. For example, champions like Ziggs,
Nami or Orianna should feel pretty similar to PC. Many champs are almost identical to their
PC counterparts, but with League coming to new platforms, we saw an opportunity to make
a couple of small changes that we feel really shine on mobile and console. We’ve adjusted elements of champions’ purely
passive abilities into actives—keeping the feel of the champion intact,
while also giving you more control and agency over how they play. So for Vayne’s Silver Bolts, in addition
to her PC passive, pressing the button temporarily increases your attack speed like this. In our playtesting, we also saw that some
point-and-click spells were pretty hard to cast with dual stick controls, so you’ll
notice slight changes to spells like Annie’s Disintegrate and Miss Fortune’s Double Up. This also opens up some new gameplay tricks! In some cases, we’re just
putting some iconic abilities on overdrive! We’re not planning on going crazy here,
so please— let us know if you think we’ve gone too far. Now, real talk—I know many of you really
want to know when you can get your hands on Wild Rift, but we still need some more time
before we move into our next round of testing. And seriously, please don’t download anything
unofficial; there’s nothing out there just yet. We’re still heads-down at work on Wild Rift,
so don’t expect too many updates any time soon. We’ll be back later this year with another
update on our progress. From all of us on Wild Rift,
thank you for all the support, and we’ll see you next time!


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