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Can We Eat Every Ice Cream From Kwality Walls? | Ok Tested

Today we are here for a quality video. Yeah, it’s gonna be top quality. Kwality with a K. Exactly! And there are going to be tall walls too.Oh shit, so not just the four walls that you see around us. Or just this one wall because they are gonna see only one wall. But we are going to imbibe more walls because we eating a bunch of ice cream from Kwality Wall’s. Bad jokes, good taste. In 2018, the spice guys came together for the first time. Then again in 2019. And now 2020 the spice guys become the ice guys.But it quite funny that nobody gives us ice cream when we eat the bhut jolokia sauce. I think at that moment the ice cream might immediately melt on your tongue.It’s a time where winter is coming into summer. I didn’t mean cumming.You said it. Why do you think we are in this video? Because we are damn cool bro. Let’s make our cool faces.The important question is why did we choose Kwality Wall’s? Because they know how to spell Kwality. What was your favourite ice cream, man? I won’t say where it’s from but it’s Coffee walnut ice cream bro. And I also like guava ice cream with chilli powder on top. Now my favourite ice cream is the feast. Because of it has chocolate inside and outside as well. It has chocolate everywhere. I like chocolates. For this video to begin we need just one thing. Socks? I mean an ice box.And that is Taneja Sir.♪ Ice cream, Ice cream, Ice cream, Ice cream. ♪ That’s a lot of ice cream. That’s really nice to see. If we had 35 mouths each we would love to eat all these ice creams. But since we have only one mouth so we will eat one ice cream at a time. So bye-bye ice box. I know why you want 35 mouths. So that I can have 35 different kinds of dishes. Please clean your dirty mind. ♪ Ice cream, Ice cream, Ice cream, Ice cream. ♪
Dream for ice cream, I scream for ice cream. We better have this fast or it will melt. It will melt. (x2) My favourite part of a cone ice cream is the end. So if anyone asks you for that bite, then it’s a bloody conspiracy.
They are trying to fool you because they want that part. I’m glad that they took us for the ice cream flavours video and not the condom flavours video. That’s true, man. (x2) Because I think now a days there are more flavours in condoms than ice creams. Like you may get a Cassata flavoured condom but you won’t get an achari ice cream. That’s true, man. Eye contact, cheers! Tastes just like butterscotch.None of the ice creams will be wasted today because if we don’t finish it then people from our team will eat it. Yeah. This is not about finishing each ice cream but it is about tasting it, giving feedback and then moving on to the next one. It is very different from what we usually do because we eat a bunch of stuff in a stipulated time and competing like crazy. This time we are just gonna describe these ice cream’s texture and feels. Amazing! Oh, butterscotch.
BUTTERSCOTCHHH!! So it is just basic butterscotch with a little bit of caramel. It has nothing special in it. Let’s go to the next one. We gotta take a risk because this ice cream has a disc. We will have the second ice cream of the day. I have never seen this before. Dude, it’s very tasty ice cream. Times have changed and 2020 keeps surprising me, bro. Why are you looking at me, I’m Akshay, not 2O2O.Sounds like. Noises heard from your room at night. How long have you been listening to me at night bro? No, I just assumed. Wow, dude. Let’s begin since you are ready. F**k! look at that, it looks amazing. And I’m an Oreo fan, I love Oreo. It’s a new age ice cream. It’s like he was almost there. Why are making those sounds, man? These oreo ice creams and shakes are relatively new for us. For young people, it must have existed since eternity but it is not like that. Oreo came into existed recently and now they put it in everything. That all is fine but how did it break, man? Bro, it’s okay you can’t take mine. We are going for the next. ♪ Look who’s here, it’s the third one. ♪ OMG! Double chocolate! Double chocolate! Did you ever go on an ice cream date? I went on dates where we had a lot of momos, then Golgappas and then a lot of ice cream.F**k up your stomach and make bad decisions so that your date goes badly. We should eat at a young age because metabolism is great. But Rohit Bhattacharya your metabolism works fine even now. What a guy! I ain’t that old. It feels like a chocolate delight because the chocolates in this ice cream are exploding. There is chocolate everywhere in this. You can see little chocolate babies in this. Yeah! I like the end part.
You wanna go for it? Amazing! It’s shocking to know the statistics that Vanilla ice cream earns 33 per cent in the, market while chocolate earns only 19 per cent. And another fact is that people who eat vanilla ice creams are serial killers. Yeah, if you eat vanilla there is a high chance that you’ll kill bunnies. Exactly!Don’t touch me with your ice cream hands, bro.
Black forest, Kaala jungle. Oh, I thought it is Rasberry or something. Yes but it is not. Rohit’s insights are the best in OK Tested. Because he has realised that this actually looks like a strawberry flavour. Yeah, this looks like berry, bro.It has melted. It tastes like we have added some berries in chocolate. So it’s a little bit sour. Every Cornetto cone has a different top. Have you seen their commercials? If you ever wanna win somebody’s heart, Cornetto ice cream is the best. Go up to them and lick it like this.It is okayish for me. It’s a maybe for me too. I can’t say yes or no because I will eat it if I was hungry and there was nothing else to eat. Get it out of here, please don’t get a f**king cone again. I can’t handle the fruit and nut ice cream and the jelly ice cream but look at this. OMG dude! The name is a unicorn. I am gonna straight away lick it with my tongue. If you take this ice cream for kisses then you’ll get only hugs. Some high on drugs made this. Actually no then they would have better taste than this. It tastes like raspberry and strawberry made in a factory. So it’s factory raspberry and strawberry. You know rotten strawberries. This is shit, bro. This is really bad, man. It has melted a little but it’s alright. Oh no, this is an interesting taste, I have never had this before. I didn’t get all of these things so I am not enjoying it that much. F**k bro you didn’t get the full part? You deep throated your f**king cones, man. It is very good, there were chocolate and vanilla on top and there was cone in the middle. You tell the rest. It the most dependable combination when you mix vanilla with chocolate. Okay, now the next one. Look at the top of the ice cream, it tells you a lot. Mine was removed.And that’s how RDX’s son survives in the wild. Oh that’s sweet man. Is it nice or what? No, it is sweet as f**k, bro. The top is rich in chocolate. It’s got a high cocoa content. But this is tasty, man. Yeah. It’s freaking sweet, man. But it’s a no for me, bro. It’s a really cute cone and I challenge that I can have it in one bite. Yes, yes. OMG bro! WTF! Am I turned on right now? Eat it and tell them how good is the ice cream? It’s the smaller version of the regular cornetto. It’s great for a kid who doesn’t have money just like most of us. Go and buy this and f**kig enjoy. Exactly because Rohit is used to small things in his hands. You are used to big things in your mouth bro. Okay, next one. This isn’t just a cup but this is a cup of ice cream. This is memories in a cup. Yeah, man. Is this vanilla?It is like settling. Like you settle for an arranged marriage, a lame job and a stupid kid. But you are eating vanilla ice cream with me, friend. That’s true, man. Oh, it’s nice ice cream. It’s vanilla and actually not bad. It’s not bad that’s what I’ve been saying. It’s not bad Rohit, but you gotta give it a chance. It’s not that sweet as a chocolate brownie. My favourite is Vanilla hot chocolate fudge. Oh that means we have become lame. Oh f**k, dude. Cool, next one please. Thank you. Thank you so much for this great vanilla ice cream. Gems is also a British name. But they say Gems- Gems bond!. Dude, I am opening it. Oh, it looks nice. But it is pretty wild on the inside. It looks very colourful and enticing. It looks like rainbow poop actually. Yeah, it is rainbow poop. Now the gems are gonna burst in my mouth. This is very lame. But I liked it. It doesn’t taste like gems. But I liked it. It has a chocolate base but there is a little taste of gems too. It’s too creamy so it is not tangible. If you know what I mean. The texture is very gross. I am not a big fan of strawberry ice cream but I’ll eat this and give it a try. Nope I still don’t like strawberry ice creams. I don’t know how people eat this because it sucks. It is the fakest tasting thing in the world like chocolate and mango are accurate but this they can’t replicate. Stop making strawberry ice cream. Strawberry shake with fresh strawberries is the best. We have had cones and cups now it’s time for more cups.Bro, this is very good. It tastes exactly like a freaking coconut bro.That’s good, man. I think this is for adults but for kids, it’s the strawberry ice cream. I want this ice cream on a hot summer day. This could be my new favourite. Next one, man. Do you know what is ice cream’s favourite song? Mere gully mai, mere mere gully mai. (x2) Because its DIVINE. So are you spooning DIVINE? Apne maa ke lie jee raha hu. This has a good chocolaty taste with nuts in it. This is a very good chocolate flavour actually. The texture is not that great but it’s less sweet. I think you and I have gone in the really opposite direction because I don’t like it. I feel this isn’t rich in flavour as the earlier ones, maybe you don’t like rich stuff. I don’t like things that are too sweet and this is less sweet than the rest of them. You loved the choco brownie but I would have loved that if I was 5 years old but not anymore. I like this one more. Anyways this is a thumbs up for me but not for him. This is a thumb in the middle for me. This is a thumb in your butt for me. I don’t want the f**king thumb in my butt, man. That’s what you said to me last night. Let’s get the next one, guys. I think magnum is the best ice cream but I have it once in a year if some rich uncle calls me in his house and orders it. What is he getting in return? What is this uncle getting in return? Are you a sugar baby? You are a sugar baby because some uncle is buying you ice creams. That’s weird, bro. I’ll kick your a** in front of everyone. Something is off. Guys, I always tell you not to eat too many sweet things at once because you will have a sugar rush. That’s really not nice because you should hold the drink, hold the food, hold the ice cream.
This is Magnum chocolate truffle, just look at the packaging. There is a golden ticket to the Charlie and the chocolate factory inside, Usually, you don’t buy and eat a magnum, someone else buys it for you. According to me, it is the most desirable ice cream. Still, it’s really amazing. This is good, this is actually damn good. You haven’t had this before? Yeah but years ago. This is so good that we don’t want to let it go but let’s get to next one. Bye magnum, enjoy buddy. This is Feast 2.0, bro. This is feast on steroids, bro. They have used different ingredients in this. You can feel it, man. Higher quality. It has almond. Cool, let’s eat the next one. Let’s get the next. After this, I am not eating for four days. Very bad. I didn’t like it. This is the one magnum that I’ve never eaten in my lie and I’m glad that I didn’t because I think this is too much. It is very sweet but keeping that aside it is nice. Rohit what is happening man? Be honest, did they tell you not to agree with me? I’m sorry, bro. Let’s eat the next one. But this is good because I have been eating ice cream every night but now I will never. Our teeth are going to benefit from this whole process. I will eat Namkeen after this. I never knew magnum had so many flavours. It’s like since we liked Rolls Royce now they have given us 10 varieties of it. With no cost of maintenance. Magnum has really crazy properties it is hardly dripping. It’s good. It is very good. Is it good? Better than the chocolate brownie. Oh no, they have stuffed extra dry fruits in it. It’s so confusing. It’s not good. How could they f**k up, hazelnut? Hazelnut is always good. That’s what I am saying. I would like to have the next ice cream because this one is really bad.Kaju hi kaju hai. In my family, everybody used to have Cassata like my third grade’s teacher’s name was Mrs Kambaata. This shit looks like freaking Teletubbies dude. Pinky, Lala, Po and that’s the sun. I have never really enjoyed Cassata. What about you, man? I have not. But I will have a bite anyway and then I’ll explain. It’s a strawberry ice cream and that’s a strong no go. This is a family ice cream that the parents and grandparents like but the kids have to eat it. Why can’t families have good things? Well, they had us. Ganda hai but dhanda hai ye. Anyway next one please, thank you. For me, my favourite ice cream of all time has come. This is the chocolate feast presented by Kwality Wall’s. It has chocolate on the inside, outside and on the stick. After everything you said, look at what happened. I am sorry dude, you can have a bite of mine. I’ll have a bite of this then you can have mine. This is mine. No, no sorry but you can have this bro. That’s life, that’s life. This is murphy’s law. It is tasty, man. Take a bite. It is really good. It has the Cadbury crackle feel in it. It’s a little fun. And let’s hope the next one is better. Eat it son! (x20 Do you wanna eat Namkeen? This ice is totally ruined.It’s become a frappe. That’s true it has become a liquide. But I can’t understand why some people like the ice creams melted. This is a kesariya ice cream. This is Kulfi gone bad. This was a good kulfi until it underwent some darkness in life and now it’s ruined. When you eat a kulfi, you get a wholesome feeling but it feels a weird substitute of kulfi. I think the best kulfi is the ones we get at the local street vendors. Let’s get the next. I am usually a big fan of ice cream sandwich but I think this one is not rich. Do you think the artwork on the biscuit is cute? Yeah, this artwork is the story for kids that means this ice cream is not for kids like us. I think these are for kids who are actually kids. The biscuit part of it is harder and bit smaller and thick. Maybe because it is melted. I like the Kwality wall’s ice cream sandwich. I ate ice cream sandwiches much later in my life. What are you saying you ate it so late? I ate it in the late 2000s and then I was awestruck My stomach is almost full so let’s get the next one. This might be good after all the chocolate we ate. It is nice to take a refreshing break from that. Every night at 11 pm, I used to eat ice cream. Yeah? Yeah man, I used to chill but now I can’t.Not the best. This is a kulfi with a hard outer layer. It’s like a feast with some lame ice cream in between which tastes like one the layers of Cassata. Absolutely! It is really bad dude, what is it? Alright next! These are the one that you have to finish really fast. Especially during the summer because it drips a lot. The 10 bucks are affordable, cost-effective and it says, ” Ahaa!”. Ahaa! This feels always nice because it is very refreshing. It is like a glass of juice in a cone. Even if I don’t like the flavour I just like sucking the orange out of it. Yeah, straight up. That’s why it is called a Chuski. Amazing! On a hot summer day, nothing is better than lick lolly or a mahabar. Have you eaten two rupees lollies, I don’t remember what it is called but there was a thing which we could suck out of the packet. If you know it, then comment and tell us because we forgot what it is or we will have to google it later, so it will be better if you tell us.Good, it’s very dependable, now let’s bring the next one. From a Kwality wall’s. I don’t know what her best friend’s name is but his best friend’s name is Paul. Balls? Paul man, not balls. This is what happens in a sugar rush. Never go in front of your loving crush. After having ice cream, getting sugar rush. But if you are going to, don’t forget to clean your teeth with your brush. Very nice. That’s a Cola-T rap. Yeah. Kanishk had the opportunity to have Kaala khatta condom. What do I say about this? It is coca-cola in the frozen form. It is probably half cola and half water but it would have been better if it was rum. That’s a f**king amazing description. (x2) He has killed it. I feel like when I was a kid and that too when I didn’t feel hungry and I used to play with the plate. I used to move things around and make it look less. When my mom gave Karelas. Kwality wall’s, your ice creams are very tasty. Why do you wanna be spoon-fed? I want to sleep. Oh, it says there is a naughty in all of us. My beautiful golden syrup will smother you. And sweet french kisses. What is this? Is this lubricant? No, no. Eat it dog! Do you want to eat caramel?(x2) Look at this pictures of caramel-like gooey syrup. This is the last fucking spoon. We must make eye contact at least for this one. Oh sugar! Very good, very good. It has come to this that it tastes like cheese to me. By this point, I had too much ice cream that my pallete is frozen and I have no idea what I am eating anymore.So now we are just here.So now Akshay is unable to speak because his tongue has turned into a lick lolly. We have given up at 25 and the crew has agreed to let us go and they will untie our feet now. One scoop of ice cream has 207 calories if you multiply that by 25 we get a lot of calories. And if I become fatter in the upcoming videos and I put on weight you know the reason. And if Rohit Bhattacharya doesn’t put on weight that’s because he has a great metabolism. Thank you so much for watching this video and being on this journey with us. If you liked it, then please like, share and subscribe to OK Tested. Also if you thought this video was sweet then go to the Playstore and download the OK Tested app. There is a lot of exclusive content there and now it has a comment section as well where you can say what you want. Not it, it’s us because we all are a part of it. Alright we have a comment section. I scream, you scream, we all scream for the OK Tested app.


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