Can the Xbox Series X Beat PS5?
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Can the Xbox Series X Beat PS5?

– Kevin Kensen wants to know where are you hiding the Xbox Series X and what hours can I break
into the office to get it? – Okay, so we do not have a Series X yet. – But we gonna get one, we
gonna get 12, thanks Jeff. – Anyway, hello, welcome to this is, it is a very special day because we have the full
details on the Xbox Series X. – In terms of performance, how do you think it’s going
to compare it to the PS5? – Well, considering that we
have no official information on the PS5 performance whatsoever, I think it’s a complete guess. If I were to posit a wild guess, I think that the Xbox Series X is performing probably better. Sony have access to the
same core building blocks that Microsoft have, right? So they’re using those same Zen 2 cores. They have what I’m sure is
the same RDNA 2.0 graphics, the differences is that how
they decide to build it, right? And I think that Microsoft seem they’re being pretty aggressive on not only like the size of the GPU and obviously having all eight Zen cores but also the clock speeds
that they’re pushing. – So people want to know, will we get VR? – Probably not so what we know right now is that Microsoft doesn’t
really care about VR at the moment, or at least
on the Xbox side of things. There’s nothing stopping
this from happening if they want to, right? The hardware is absolutely powerful enough to handle VR furniture across the board. It meets all the kind of minimum specs that you would expect but we’ll see maybe a couple
of years would be crazy for Microsoft to include support because I don’t think it
would be insanely difficult but also it requires a lot of marketing, a big sort of investment
from publishers and stuff, possible not happening in the algo. – Also feels weird they’ve
really gone away from connect. So to move away from that
and then to move into VR, it seems like they just wanna say “No, we’re going to do traditional”— – Fewer gimmicks man. I feel like after the Xbox one launched with the slightly rocky start, I think that they’re
razor focused on gaming, on performance and what
this new console can do. Anything else like VR that
may come in the future would be a huge gimmick and would be a huge distraction right now. I think they’re being
very smart about the way that they’ve launched this console so far. – The Xbox Series X GPU, is it a sneak peek to
the big Navi AMD cards? – Well yes, although I don’t even think it would be NAvi anymore
because actually RDNA 2.0. – Right. – So inside the series X, there are actually a few improvements over current generation PC technologies specifically on the AMD side. So it is the first GPU to
take advantage of our DNA 2.0. So this is an actual step forward compared to the Navi GPS that we have today. So I don’t have the exact
number off the top of my head. But if you compare the
GPU inside the series X to what you get on say like a 5,700 XT, which is currently the biggest, most powerful AMD Navi GPU they make, it has more CUs and runs at
a fairly similar clock speed. It’s right in that right Ballpark. So at a base level is more powerful. Like if you look at like
Teraflops, it’s what, nine versus 12 or something like that. But beyond that, the fact is
that the RDNA 2.0 architecture has a lot of additional features, Ray tracing, better just
general performance. So a Navi Teraflop
versus RDNA 2.0 Teraflop are not the same thing. – Anything about the
variable Refresh Rate? Don’t be looking at your watch. You’re supposed to be in theater mode. You’re supposed to be in theater mode. – I forgot to turn on my watch. Well, so actually it’s
not wildly different than the already built in
support in the Xbox one and the one X. With the Series X, you can run all the way up
to 120 frames per second and I assume that the freezing cranes will therefore go all the way up. Mind you, you still need to have a display that can support 4K 120 or even theoretically 10A
120 I think would work. – But it’s not gonna work
with 144 Hertz display, right? That’s where it’s gonna
differ from the PC side? – Well it depends, theoretically it might because I think they have
technically the bandwidth, there are a lot of things
they can do with the next box However, every single additional feature and option they add, then needs to be supported
by developers and stuff, it gets really complicated,
I think for simplicity sake, they’re probably is gonna be, okay, cool. Here are your two resolutions
or three resolutions. Here are your couple of frame rate options and they just leave it like that. – If theoretically can do 8K but a developer is not gonna be– – We’re not– – we’re not gonna see AK for a while. – I’d be amazed if we see AK games. Short of something like a pixel game or something super, super basic. – Right. Why do you still need
batteries for the controller? – This is one I would love
to have answered for myself. – Look that. – When we walked into the room, right? It was a very cool sort of design center where Microsoft built all
the prototypes for stuff that’s not coming up for
years and everything, I walk in, I’m “Oh there’s the controller”, they’re giving me the whole
spiel explaining and everything. I had the controller in my hand and it took everything
in me not to flip it over and open up the battery door. “Ken, what was that?” According to the Xbox guys, a lot of people still enjoy using brains- – And I’d love to meet the dozen people who actually like using them. – They said it was much more even split between a double As versus rechargeables. I always just use the plain charge kit and to before I can use
my same plain charge kit from the Xbox one on the Series X, I just feel it’s 2020 they
should shape the plain charge kit and if you want to use double
A batteries, just pull it out. It can be the exact
same controllers just as what did they shape in the box and for now at least
it’s double A batteries. – So what I will give them credit for is that they moved to
USBC instead of micro USB. Does it scratch at a Level
6 with deeper grooves at a level 7? – Look man, this thing’s plastic. It probably scratches like
a level 2 or something. – If you look at some of our b roll, it actually does have some stuff. – Yeah, I’ll let you say the
material in the specific, the plastic feels almost the same if not identical to the
Xbox one X, it’s a console. – Will there be a new UI? – I can say that the series X, the UI from my knowledge of it is an evolution of what
we have on Xbox one, I think that you can think
about it in some ways it’s like Windows in that
Windows is constantly evolving but it’s not necessarily like
a new OS from one to another. Just an evolution of that and I think Series X is
likely going to be the same. – And I imagine that the
existing one X is a wondering that it’s all just gonna be unified. Can it run Windows 10? – No. – No. – Is there Ram in the SSD? – Yes, so it’s complicated. Obviously even though
it’s a very fast SSD, you’re still talking
about orders of magnitude slower than GDTR 6, it’s like
a few gigabytes per second versus hundreds of gigabytes per second. Obviously any asset comes from the SSD. Everything comes from
the SSD to start with. Generally speaking though, the CPU has to roundtrip things like “okay here’s a new asset or
here’s a new texture, whatever. I have to go to the
SSD, get it moved over, then copied over to the G6 memory”. Here there are ways where the GPU can almost call stuff from the SSD and bypass them around tripping. But I’m not a developer. I don’t know how robust that setup is. But the idea is that even though you had 16
gigs of G6 memory built in, that you can as a developer
take advantage of the SSD for maybe slower things and flush that in and out
but I’m not a developer. I don’t really know how useful it is and how much it will make a difference. – Can the old Xbox One
controller be connected to the Xbox series X? – Yes, so with the exception
of probably will connect, pretty much any Xbox One
accessory controller, hard-drive, whatever, can
go straight into Series X. And from fact the Series X controller– – Vice versa, right? – Backwards compatible. Well going forward, who knows, right? – Yeah. – But it means like your
Series X controller, you literally plug it straight
in or sync it straight to an Xbox One just works. So yes, for right now
you can literally take, if you have like an Xbox
One S or a Series, a One S or One X, you unplug it,
you take your Series X, you plug it in, same cable,
same figure, a power cable, everything and it just works. – What are the port
selections on the Series X? – There are three USB A
ports, one on the front, two on the back, they’re
all five gigabits, so it’s pretty much
through the exact same– – exact same ones as before. And so one of the other questions we got, which seemed like people
were pretty upset by is there’s no HDMI in. – No HDMI in, yes. – A lot of people are sad that was gone. Will USB 3 portable SSD be the same speed as that expansion card? Absolutely not, yeah. – Your Xbox One games on your
current external hard drives will work just fine. but Series X games specifically, they need that full speed at the SSD, which means that either has
to be installed internally or on one of the expansion modules. – How heavy is the Series X? It’s not that bad. So it’s about 10 pounds. So for reference, I think
One X is about eight pounds. So mean it’s not as dense as the One X. It’s bigger, but it feels not
the much heavier, it’s fine. Honestly it’s a little bit lighter, especially knowing all
the stuff it’s inside, a little bit lighter than I thought when I first picked it up. – Based on first impressions, does the airflow matter if you
put the Series X on its side? – No, so there’s obviously
some slight convection. Obviously he just naturally arises, but really it’s pretty well channeled so that that fan is sort of pulling air in through the bottom. So it should theoretically you may see very, very slight differences. But theoretically it doesn’t really matter if it’s sort of horizontal or vertical. It’s designed to work. – And they designed a
special fan for this, right? – Super custom, 130 millimeter, very sort of complex surfacing
on around the actual fan. They did a lot of channel the air flip, if you have to think about it. That single fan is pulling air through obviously the vapor
chamber and the heat sink. It’s also pulling air through
the SSD on the other side and that center chassis
and you have to consider that you have that 301 power supply, which also needs air flow. So air is having to move all
the way through the console so they have to be very careful with that. So if you say cover the top,
it’s obviously that exhaust, normally that would cost you two problems. They actually have a little
sort of on the backside, there’s a little cutout where essentially the air can go out. So even if you actually put something on top of your Series X, you may have some slight
overhead heating issues, but at least air is still
able to get out someone. – How expansive is the
backwards compatibility? – We’ll see when it goes live. I don’t even think Microsoft
has the final number. The idea though is that if it is a game that ran on the Xbox One, it should run on Series X with
very few exceptions, but– – I think they even said
possibility of 360– – Oh no, I want to say that, I mean anything that ran on Xbox one, so original Xbox games, I know for a fact that that is working at least somewhat on Series X. I know their compatibility team are having to double check
the thousands of titles that they have, but essentially games
like original Xbox games, 360s that are backwards
compatible right now. The only reason why games
may not work is again connect I think it’s probably
not gonna come through or if a specific publisher says, “Hey no, don’t let that
work on the series X”, they may be able to hold it. But generally speaking,
if it worked again, all the backwards compatible games that worked on Xbox one go
straight over to the Series X. – All right, so those were your questions. – Hopefully you guys
have been ex-boxed out. So I know that it’s been a very exciting couple of days here, but I think there’s a lot more
to come over the next year. We haven’t even gotten a
lot of NextGen game play. – Right. – There’s a lot more that
we have to take a look at, so make sure to subscribe here on this is until next time a Sony where you at? – Don’t send me 12 Tony’s. – You’ve said that joke so many times. Jimmy’s going to be so mad that he has to cut all of
these references out now. – I said, don’t send it. I want an expert. – You’re making a reference
to the 12 joke again. – Let’s do another one then. – No, it’s fine. Jimmy asked you that .


  • Hyrum Beck

    I don't see why people complain about batteries. Get a recharge pack from Walmart for $15. Comes with 2 packs. If it ever does while playing, just pop in a new pack, no need to run a wire to it like full built in controller.

  • Ty Jeffries

    Honestly, they probably didn’t build the battery into the controller to save on cost. They also gave us a option to buy the elite 2 controller which has it. Sooooo… I’m actually glad I don’t have to pay extra for something I already have.

  • VantaViper I

    Does anyone know how to transfer all of the Xbox one data on the original Xbox one over to the Xbox series X so all your stuff is still there? Can somebody PLEASE help me?

  • Chris Bentley

    The batteries are smart… Instead of traveling along PlayStations route.. if the batteries die for good, you can easily swap out for new.. rather than if the internal battery dies.. you have to void the warranty to change the battery.. plus there's rechargable as batteries.. so it's more freedom

  • Michael Maslowski

    I don’t understand everyone getting all up in arms about AA batteries.

    I buy rechargeables. Almost everything uses AA’s.

    I have AA’s charging in rotation for all of my daughters toys.

    If my controller dies, I grab two new ones from my wall charger, grab new ones, or steal them from another device.

  • meme life

    My play and charge kit died it doesn't work. It just went faulty in not even half a year. The cable also broke. The cable was probably me but… I want a refund! But, it's a xbox hate message I do love Xbox.

  • Jon Sampley

    Microsoft already has windows mixed reality already, they would just have to put some software in and it'd work.

  • jgadiaz

    Xsx specs seem pretty high according to the analysts so I don't see Sony surpassing them. Not because they can't but because they want to have the best price to compete

  • Carlos Sandoval

    No, and it never has…. sorry but facts are facts. Even if the system IS more powerful, that claim is moot due to it not looking nor running games any different than other systems. Not mention the EXCLUSIVES! Sony and Nintendo are dominant in this TRUE FACT. The only thing xbox wins in, is misplaced pride.

  • Diving Nerd

    For the AA battery stuff, I will say that I enjoy having the option to quickly grab 2 batteries when in a pinch, and don’t have enough time to recharge batteries. Also, some people don’t want to fork over 20 bucks I guess lmao

  • محمد العمري

    the xbox series x is more powerful then the ps5 but the ps5 have far better exclusive games but for me the xbox still have an advantage and that is xbox game pass although yes ps5 have ps now but 75% of the games is still require a POWERFUL internet access

  • Matt Something

    I prefer rechargeable AA batteries I have 2 dozen. Given there are 4 gamers several consoles and 6 controllers in my home, the rechargeable AA batteries provide zero downtime untethered.

  • BeTeLGeuZeX

    PLAY AND CHARGE KIT IS A SCAM… THEY BREAK EVERY 1.5 yrs … You can use a 10ft charger wire or get rechargeable batteries.. or get yourself a play and recharge kit… THATS 3 OPTIONS YOU CUCKHOLDS…….

  • Jimmy Wise

    I'm one of 3 in my small group that ABSOLUTELY F_CKING LOVES THE REMOVABLE BATTERY'S! Try finding replacement for your li-ion controllers out there??? At least you can purchase rechargable packs for the Xbox controller so if the batteries wear out before the controller you can what? REPLACE IT!!

  • samuel solano

    Am i the only one thinking enough talk about backwards compatibility. And just give the new better best new console.

  • Jackson Gartner

    I want vr, people who don’t most likely haven’t used it and have only seen videos, because when you first play it you immediately fall in love. But I can get some people don’t like the movement maybe

  • Just Sayin'

    Seriously?!? If you don't know why we want double A's then you really shouldn't be hosting a show. But I'll explain, I own the PS4 and Xbox one Elite Controller, when the PS4 built-in battery dies it adds to increasing amount of plastic waste, because now I have a wired controller, or have it e-waste which the plastic doesn't get recycled just wasted, and buy a new one. However, when the Xbox one elite controller batteries die, I just replace with recharged double A eneloop batteries and continue to play. When my eneloop batteries die, I recycle them with very little plastic waste. Built-in rechargeable batteries is engineered obsolescence and increases plastic waste. I don't understand how you cannot see this obvious reasoning, please explain your confusion

  • Sitting pug

    No because all Microsoft has are hypocritical duck riders and would do anything to bring down Sony and PlayStation and those fucking Xbox fanboys would always say the Xbox is better no matter what. Fucking hate those cunts.

  • THMBackspace

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  • Goodfight Broman

    I don't like how Sony is handling the promotion of ps5. Too slow with everything and for some reason i don't like this Cerny guy. He's just not the right guy for this imo. Sorry Sony, after all these years, think i'm trying Xbox this generation. Hope i'll get used to the Xbox controller though, after gaming so long with PS controller.

  • ahoy there mate

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  • Nani?!

    Will we have to re-purchase the games that we have now? Like rainbow 6 siege, cod, and other games that people are still relatively playing? I remember switching from the 360 to the one, everyone had to re-purchase gta. I was wondering if it was going to be the same?

  • Cityboy 50411

    Xbox will never beat Sony, if you a true gamer then you know this, check out the current gen Xbox one X a whole waste 40% in power really Lmao, no games for Xbox worth playing outside of gears ⚙️ and halo for online and cell phone ass indie games lol , check the stats people, Kinect str8 flop out the gate, Xbox controller still uses batteries 🔋 really, they just got a share button really bruh, Xbox need more time to rushed no thought put into there hardware are games, check out there presentations they try so hard to compete, they so power struck, see what happened to ps3 going strictly for power, the developers could not tap into the consoles full performance capabilities for some time, the proof is in your face some of you are in denial and pride struck, hands down PlayStation is a fucking monster, check they background 💯 facts💯

  • Carlos

    I still don't understand where choices concerning how you want to power your controller should be bad. In what world is choice bad? I don't get it…really really dont get it but I tried.
    My Ps4 controller is dead, can't change my batteries to…, maybe fix it. So I throw that shit away. On my AA batteries controller, I can change them with AA batteries, rechargeable batteries and so on. I can even use that nice stand I got 6 years ago with rechargeable batteries that are better than any internal controller battery and….I will never open that battery slow again…
    So again…..Where the fuck is flexibility and choices bad. Please explain.

  • Zcal

    I don't see the fuss about double AA batteries. Think about it. Built in rechargeable batteries degrade over time. You'll have to buy a whole new controller to get that back. Where as they actually give you the option to give you the charge kit to buy separately or stick with AA's. It's like a phone or any other device with built in rechargeables.

  • derek eccles

    XBOX WINS, far more power and fully back compatible with game pass and the best online set up in gaming, xbox crushed PlayStation no wonder they announced it early they knew they had a winner

  • Urban Atheist

    It’s not gonna beat the ps5
    I’m definitely gonna buy the series X
    But to be real
    Sony has a dedicated fan base
    Sony has a huge amount of exclusives
    And Sony has already won the console war

  • Dean Hynes

    VR is a huge gimmick, Same as Kinect, they pushed that went all in and everyone refused it! And on top of that most game developers are with the traditional over VR

  • IamJacksColon4

    we have batts because internal batts get weak and after a few years you would need to have your controller plugged in at all times during play. this is why we have batts.

  • xDevMaNx

    The reason we like AA batteries is then in case of emergency and you forget to charge. All you have to do is pop in some AA

  • Isaac Lopez

    I think we all know no matter how powerful the Xbox will be. Sony will still sell WAY MORE consoles because of its bigger player base

  • prof Norgatron

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  • mpoveroni

    I'm glad they're still making removable batteries because when you have built-in batteries at equals a lot less longer-lasting controller batteries do die over time I would rather not have a built-in battery in my controller reason why I didn't buy Elite Series 2 just like cell phones and everything else batteries do go bad after a while being able to remove them is very important

  • Batman The dark knight

    Don't care if the Xbox X 2020 is a little bit better than the ps5, the Xbox X is also a little bit faster than the ps4 but who got the best games is all that matter in the future

  • onlysublime

    I prefer Eneloops versus a built-in battery. Because Eneloops last forever. I could go over a week on a pair and this was with playing 2-5 hours of gaming per day. Plus, if you do run out, you can quickly swap in another pair and keep going. Plus, all batteries eventually lose their ability to recharge. And with Eneloops, you just buy new ones. With game controllers, you end up buying new game controllers. That said, I can appreciate built-in. My Series 2 Elite controller has it and it's nice but I know that it will lose the ability to hold charge over the years.

  • Dreas T

    But the controllers Works excellent especially if you go and buy rechargeable batteries from Xbox but they do provide this option. It's really nothing wrong in that area nothing they really need to change, but ps5 has equipped controllers with internal batteries that works successfully all the time, but just to say if one of those batteries went out what would you have to do buy an expensive controller which cost a lot of money.

  • a pack of sloth

    Reminder that when Xbox games “won’t be exclusive”, that just means they’ll also be on PC, not PlayStation, and Halo Infinite is still going to be a Microsoft exclusive.

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