Buying Disney Vacation Club Direct or on the Resale Market | Explaining the Confusing DVC Market
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Buying Disney Vacation Club Direct or on the Resale Market | Explaining the Confusing DVC Market

Hey everyone! It’s Jacqueline for
Pixie Dust PhD. When you’re deciding to buy Disney Vacation Club there are two
primary ways you can buy this: direct through Disney, or on the resale market
today we’re gonna go over some of the differences between the two methods. At the end of the day either buying DVC direct or resale principally gets you
the same thing: you’ll have a contract with an amount of annual points at your
home resort for both methods. The rate of price per point for your annual dues is
the same, so that’s not a consideration when comparing direct to resale.
Additionally, at any given time the inventory when you’re buying direct
through Disney varies. They may not have the home resort or the use year that you
desire. You can be put on a waitlist direct through Disney to get your
desired home resort and/or use year, however, just generally speaking there
tends to be much larger inventory available sooner through the resale
market. But when you buy resale there are restrictions that Disney imposes. One of
the main ones is that you are not an official DVC member. Now this only became
true recently, so if you previously bought a resale contract you don’t need
to worry. But if you’re watching this video I’m assuming you’re thinking about
buying a contract in the future, so this does apply to you. When you’re a DVC
member you get a physical membership card and it allows you access to several
things that are restricted to DVC members only.
Now perks of course are subject to change, but in recent years there have
been exclusive park events such as Moonlight Magic, you get access to the
DVC member cruise on Disney Cruise Line, there are exclusive DVC member discounts on things like shopping, dining, merchandise, and occasionally you’ll see
reduced rates for Disney resorts. Also there are often discounts on hard ticket
events such as Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, and other similar events.
Plus there are sometimes discounts on behind-the-scenes tours. And with that
membership card get access to DVC lounges. Now if we circle back to cost:
when you buy direct through Disney there is a point minimum in order for you to
be considered a DVC member and get that physical membership card. Currently, that
is 100 points. So when you look at a 100 point contract at Bay Lake Tower if you buy
direct through Disney that is currently priced at $225 per point, so you’re
talking over 22,000 dollars just for your initial purchase price. If you look
on the resale market Bay Lake Tower contracts are typically going for
$145 to $155 per point. That’s a saving of $70 per point or seven grand. That’s
not an inconsequential number, and that’s certainly something to consider when
comparing buying direct versus resale. As of early 2019 there are also
restrictions on resale contracts on where you can stay. If you buy a resale
contract at one of the 14 original DVC resorts, which at this point is most of
them, you can only stay at those 14 resorts.
So this excludes the new Riviera Resort, the upcoming Reflections resort, and any
other newly made resorts. On the flipside if you buy direct from Disney these
don’t apply to you. But note at the Riviera, at least for now, there are terms
on that contract too. When you bought directly through Disney at Riviera
Resort there are no limits on where you can stay, but if you decide to sell your
contract on the resale market the resale buyer will only be allowed to stay at
Riviera, so that may devalue your contract slightly more than we’ve seen
in DVC past. And while limits to the original 14 classic DVC resorts may
sound bad, honestly those are some great resorts. You’ve got Animal Kingdom villas
in there, you’ve got Beach Club villas, Bay Lake Tower, Aulani in Hawaii. Go ahead
and take a look at the list; anything built before Riviera will be eligible
for you to stay at. Another point to consider regarding member benefits is
that a lot of those member benefits are available through other avenues. For
example if you’re an Annual Pass holder many of the benefits overlap. Annual Pass
holders also get discounts on dining, shopping, merchandise. Throughout the year
they get offers for discounts on Disney resorts. There sometimes discounts for
hard ticket events and the like. So you will lose out on some DVC specific
things such as Moonlight Magic and the DVC member cruise, but many of the member
benefits in terms of discounts may be available to you through other avenues.
In my opinion being a DVC member officially through Disney guarantees you
all of the DVC magic in the world. However, note that these extras are
subject to change at any time. So it’s really up to you if these extra sway
your opinion on if it’s worth the initial price being much more expensive
than buying on the resale market. If you own DVC let us know in the comments down
below if you bought direct or resale, and if you’re happy with that decision or if
in retrospect you wish you would have done the other way around.
Thank you so much for watching, and if you found this helpful I hope you like
the video and consider subscribing to the channel. Ring the bell
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