boyfriends vlog first time at disney world | DAY 1 + 2 | BROCK + CHRIS
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boyfriends vlog first time at disney world | DAY 1 + 2 | BROCK + CHRIS

(gentle music) – [Brock] Today’s the day. – Today’s the day! – [Brock] What’s the day? – Disney World! – [Brock] Ooh! – Ahh! – We made it to Orlando. – I’m so happy! (upbeat music) We ordered all the bread. Oh my gosh, there’s a giraffe
outside of our hotel room! Oh wow, what a handsome man. Ah! – You’re creeping on me? – [Chris] I’m not creeping on you, I’m just staring at you, ’cause you’re cute! – You’re cute. – And pretty and handsome.
– You’re excited for tomorrow? – [Chris] And you’re
probably being very creative on that phone. What are you making?
– What are you excited most for tomorrow? – [Chris] The Snow White Mine Train. – That’s your number one? – [Chris] That’s my number
one tomorrow, for sure. – And then Slinky? Or that’s Disney Studio? – [Chris] No, that, that’s
Hollywood Studios, yeah. There’s only one ride tomorrow
that I really wanna go on. – That’s easy, then. – [Chris] Proof that we eat salad. (coffee machine humming) (water splashing) – Oh! – [Chris] You’re so cute. There’s already so many people! It’s not even open yet. We’re waiting. – We are waiting. – We’re waiting. (laughs) (crowd chattering) (children yelling) Oh my God, here we go. Mayhem. – [Woman] Alright, no, it’s gonna take, it’s gonna take five minutes. – Oh my God.
– The Mine train! – We’re on the Mine Train! (laughs) (squealing) (bells jingling) We made it to Disney. – This is our new home. – We’re moving in. (celebratory music) – Hi everybody! – I am so excited to be here.
– It’s time. (yelling)
(upbeat music) (laughing) (rollercoaster clacking) Wow. – [Brock] Uh oh, that’s a big doughnut. – Eat his ear! That is good. (crowd chatter) – [Brock] We got the corn nuggets. – [Chris] Corn nugget? – [Brock] Corn nuggets? It’s the corn dog nuggets. The corn dog nuggets and a
chili-cheese dog and fries. – It’s so big. (crowds chatter) – [Brock] How is it? That’s a big one, huh? – This is the best day ever! – We have the whole weekend. – We have four more days. – I’m having a good time.
– I’m having the best of time. Wooo! Ooh! It’s spooky! – [Announcer] This chamber
has no windows and no doors. (evil laughter) – [Brock] What’d you think? – Oh, I loved it. – Yeah?
– It’s different. – [Brock] Spooked? – Yeah, I’m spooked. (gentle music)
(crowd chatter) (laughing) Oh my god, oh my gosh, oh my god. (gentle music)
(laughing) – [Announcer] …which has
three adults and children sitting on their lap… – We’re visiting my boyfriend here. – [Chris] Oh, and we’re
visiting my boyfriend, Triton. (laughs) – Since when are you into him? – That’s true. I’m more of a Eric kinda guy. You look like Eric. (dramatic music) – [Brock] Yes daddy, Tritan! (laughing) – [Chris] Oh my god! (dramatic music)
(laughing) Congratulations!
(laughs) (chatter) – Witch. – No, you look like Prince Eric. – I look like a witch.
– No, Prince Eric. (funky music) – [Announcer] Exhilarating
traveling across in a vehicle, one of the greatest and
fastest ride ever created in the whole history. You’ll be able to meet
some of the favorite items and pals from Disney Pixar’s Finding Nemo. – We left Magic Kingdom.
– And it’s Epcot. – We’re here in Epcot. – [Announcer] All parts of
this place mean the flower… – We’re in the greenhouse right now. – In a boat. – A ferry boat. – [Announcer] …counts
for nearly two thirds of our food consumption, whereas the produce from our greenhouse… – Those pumpkins are hanging! – [Brock] La Cantina. Isn’t there a ride in there? – [Chris] Yeah. – Saucy. It’s hot. Are Disney food vloggers yet? – (giggles) That would be the life, if we could just do that. – [Brock] What you got there? – A Sichuan Dumpling. – [Brock] Ooh. Is that a two-biter? – Mm. – [Brock] So what’s initial thoughts? How’s the texture? – Texture is good. Cooked. – [Brock] Spicy? – Yeah, it’s called Sichuan Spicy Strip. Got chicken in it. – [Announcer] …which offers
alternative space training activities for all astronaut… – We just got out of Mission Space. – And I’m an Astronaut now, so. – Yeah, we’re Astronauts. But, it was so much fun! – We are going to Mars
on our next vacation. – We going to Mars? – Yep. – Let’s go to Jupiter. (soft music) (crowd chatter) – [Chris] Now we’re in Japan. Oh my gosh! It’s all videos of Brock
walking around. (laughs) No, I got you. I got you. – [Brock] Where are you? – We’re in the American Adventure. – [Brock] Whoa! – You did that. (giggles) – [Brock] Are you making
a documentary again? – Always. Always. I got things to shoot. (crowd chatter) (dramatic music) ♪ Happily ever after ♪ (fireworks booming) – Keeping up with our skincare. (giggles) – Never not. – Never not. – Masking right now. Using our First Aid Beauty fave. – And then I’m using this one, by Fresh.
– By Fresh mask, I tried it last night. It’s nice. Also, this is good. – I haven’t even put it on yet. – We’ve been using this toner, that’s like a really
thick toner as body lotion for the last few weeks. And it just absorbs really nicely and I feel like my skin is really smooth. – I know, I love it. I feel like it’s great for winter. (lips smacking) (upbeat music)


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