BEST Disney Backstage Subscription Box Yet! Unboxing & Review! || January 2020
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BEST Disney Backstage Subscription Box Yet! Unboxing & Review! || January 2020

It’s time for a bonus video Happy Friday. We got another Disney backstage subscription to open. Let’s check this out As you guys know I’m not the biggest fan of this Disney backstage subscription service some of the Boxes that I have received have been weird and just haven’t been what I expected So I’m gonna see what is all inside of this box 10 Capsule things as I open this up makes you guys check out my video from yesterday There’s a giveaway happening the giveaway ends on Tuesday So make sure you guys go check that out and enter for my five-year anniversary tomorrow If you guys are watching it the day that I posted it. All right. Let’s see what it is. Oh This is what I was hoping for okay, we got the Haunted Mansion for this particular themed Capsule tin it’s been a long day. This tent is really really cool So it has the purple bands on the top and bottom. This is our fourth subscription tin here just has the classic kind of mentioned logo, which is beautiful and then we have one of our Skeleton characters that’s pretty exciting I’ll have a link down below my other disney backstage Subscription service on boxing videos if you guys have to check those out I post the videos right whenever I get them So you guys can check them out as soon as they come out you guys can kind of Join me on this little surprise here Oh Oh my gosh. I hope this shirts really cool. So our first thing here on top Is our pin before we take a closer look at the actual pin, this is the first time I’ve actually seen Pricing on our little bag here. That’s really interesting 1295 for this pin, I don’t believe that I feel like this is just a random bag. They had they put it in there because This is a lot of 1295 pin. I guess they are concerning it being like limited release or limited mission That’s why it’s so 95. So I guess that makes sense. I personally don’t think I’ve paid off 95 for this pin though That’s what I meant by that. So here. I really love the outline of this pin thing looks really cool Looks like one of again the mirrors or frames you would see in the haunted mansion really really love the detail I’m not a fan of this Screen-printed thing that they’re doing with the Disney backstage subscription service. I don’t understand it doesn’t live up to the normal quality of like the normal like engraved pins like similar to The outline of it. I’m just disappointed in that I feel like think like if this was all metal, and there wasn’t the picture in it I feel like it would be a lot better. That’s just my opinion though Let me know and you guys think about that down below. So can we just talk about what the picture arc is though? Why is there a cat like that? doesn’t like me in the haunted mansion like it’d be cool if it was like a picture of the Attraction or like the hitchhiking ghosts or something? but why is there a cat this doesn’t scream Haunted Mansion to me now if I had to choose an attraction that this would go to I’d say Haunted Mansion because that’s the only thing that makes sense for but I mean if You didn’t tell me this was Disney. I wouldn’t really pick that here on the back We have the Disney parks backs a subscription service logo. We have the official Disney paint trading logo And of course the Disney logo, so I think I pin you don’t like you could always trade it but for how expensive the subscription is I I Expected better pins or something different. I really really like the pin that was in the first box again I’ll have that video link down below. So I just don’t get it I don’t know if I’m gonna continue the subscription for the rest of the year because it’s not Not what I thought it was going to be based on like what I saw one shot Disney and everything if you guys have also Purchased a subscription or one of the tins. Let me know Again, what you guys think about it? I really would love to hear your thoughts on this cuz I think it’s really interesting Also, make sure you guys subscribe to my channel for more unboxings in the subscription videos like this one We’re getting very very close to 10,000 subscribers, and that means another giveaway. So again, please subscribe. It would really really help me out Let’s check out our shirt. I hope our shirts cool. I love Disney shirts So much. I’ll post my Disney shirt collection video down below Lots of Disney shirts out there and I’ve been pretty disappointed with some of me shirts that I have gotten in this box Let’s see here Okay, I can oh okay, I Think I think it can be on board with this one. This is a kind of thinner gray shirt. It’s a little bit see-through Ish and it has that skeleton that we saw there on the tube I love what’s black and white kind of sketchy looking very neat It definitely fits the vibe of the Haunted Mansion and it kinda looks like a concept piece Which I think that’s what they’re going for here But I really really love the back it has this really cool Haunted Mansion logo. I’ve never seen before big big fan of that I wish that was just on the front of the shirt And then kind of had this guy next to it that we’ve been really really neat But I’m still glad it was incorporated on there And I also love here on the front of the shirt there this cool little 13. This is a great little Disney bounding shirt It’s super subtle looking at the front You just think it’s like a random skeleton, but like only Disney fans like know that that’s from the Haunted Mansion So I think that’s pretty neat again. I really like the logo included there on the back I just wish it was incorporated a little bit more or less little piece here. We have our little card I keep referring to this as a coaster because it feels like a coaster that you would get at a restaurant Why is there this cat? Why is it he can’t I get it like it’s creeping everything like this may have been a concept for Haunted Mansion I just I don’t it doesn’t scream on in mansion to me So I had this little punch-out if you guys like like hang it on something Or like display it somehow so here in the back It has the history kind of inspiration for this box, which was that particular drummer Skeleton is the only description on this card It says nothing about this cat and the cat is on more merchandise than the skeleton. So I think that’s pre interesting. They didn’t really explain This cat right here overall. I have to say that wasn’t the worst books that I got I wish they focus more on Disney attractions or like the Pixar ones. I thought were pretty cool I just have really mixed feelings because some of the shirts I’ve got definitely look more like men’s shirts Than just t-shirts like how I took was gonna be in this subscription The pins they’re cool, but they’re all screen-printed. They’re not like super super well detailed I feel like this being like an exclusive subscription that it could be something more than that I don’t I don’t I’m not a huge fan of the screen printed pins It’s it’s not the same as like the like an actual Disney pin. I don’t know I wish they focused more on the Disney attractions Disney history the backstage subscription It’s supposed to be Disney history and everything and I feel like that’s hopefully what they’re going towards with this But I hope they get better or else. I might not do it the entire year But again, I’d love to hear your thoughts your opinions your ideas all that down below in the comments I will be reading those or playing to them and answering any of your questions so thank you guys so so much for watching this video as always make sure to subscribe to my channel like this video and really really help me out and make sure to check out all of those other videos linked it down below and at the end of the Video. I hope you guys have a wonderful day Remember to do it you love and it makes you happy and I hope you guys enjoyed this bonus Video. I’ll see you guys next time. Bye


  • Mason Schulz

    Thanks for the bonus video!!! I was going to try this subscription box until I saw your first review and I ended up not because I felt like Disney could of done a wayyyyyy better job on it! 8.91 thousand!!!!!! Almost to 10,000 you got this!!❤️

  • Kristal

    I'm so happy for you.. 5 years.. such a wonderful milestone and getting closer and closer to your channel goal.. You will be there before you know it. Another great video.. I think maybe this subscription would be so much better if they included a book of some sort explaining the reason or symbolism of each item in the tin.. Maybe it would make more sense.. You handle them very well and you do an amazing job..

  • Jessie Ross

    OMG you're getting so close to 10,000 subscribers! Like you, I have very mixed feelings about the subscription box, I feel like it has been very disappointing so far. I was expecting the box to be more about the "behind the scenes" of the Disney Parks. I love your channel! 🙂

  • The Horton Channel

    I am only on the second one, Toy Story. Liked the 1st canister. I didn’t like the big neckline on shirt 1, otherwise was happy with the 1st one. Disappointed with the Toy Story can. The only thing better was the shirt neckline. Thanks for your video!

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