‘Beauty and the Beast: Star Stories’ Readalong | Disney Princess Bedtime Stories
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‘Beauty and the Beast: Star Stories’ Readalong | Disney Princess Bedtime Stories

(magical music) – Hi, everyone, I’m
sleep expert Lauren Olsen and I want to invite the
whole family to join me as I read through one
of the Disney Princess bedtime stories. This story is all about Princess Belle, who uses her creativity to solve a problem for the whole castle. Sounds exciting, right? Let’s read all about Princess
Belle and the Star Stories. Twilight was falling as Belle and Chip strolled through the castle gardens. “Look!” Belle said, pointing at the sky. “There’s Draco the dragon.” “A dragon?” Chip gasped,
looking around. “Where?” “It’s not a real dragon,” Belle replied. “It’s a constellation.” Chip scrunched up his face in
confusion. “A consta-what?” “A constellation,” Belle repeated. “It’s a group of stars
that look like a picture.” Belle traced the air with her finger, outlining the image of Draco the dragon. “See? Those stars look like a dragon.” Chip jumped up and down in excitement. “I see it, I see Draco!” Then he stopped. “How many other
constellations are up there?” He asked Belle. “How
did people find them?” Belle smiled. “Follow me, I know where
we can learn about them.” In the library, Belle found
a book about constellations. “Long ago, people searched
the star for hidden pictures,” she read aloud. “These star pictures became
known as constellations.” “The constellations inspired many stories, some of which we still tell today.” “What kind of stories?” Chip wondered. “Sometimes the stories are
about great adventures,” Belle replied. “Other times they explain how something extraordinary happened.”
She turned the page. “Look! There’s a map of the sky showing all the different constellations.” Chip peered at the book. “Let’s go outside and
find them!” He shouted, hopping down from the table
and bouncing toward the door. Belle followed Chip, but
when they got outside, the sky was dark and cloudy. “I’m sorry, Chip,” she
said. “It’s too cloudy “to see constellations tonight.” “No fair,” Chip said sadly. “I really wanted to see
the constellations.” Chip looked disappointed. Belle wanted to help him
feel better, but how? Suddenly, she had an idea. “Maybe,” she began, “we could
make our own constellation! “We could hang it in the library “and come up with a story to go with it!” “Yeah!” Chip cheered. “Let’s do it!” “First we’ll need something shiny “and sparkly for the stars,”
Belle said thoughtfully. “I know just who to ask.” Belle led Chip upstairs to her bedroom, where the Wardrobe was setting out a dress for her to wear the next day. “You two look like
you’re up to something,” the Wardrobe said. “We’re working on a project,” Belle began. Before she could finish,
Chip interrupted her. “But we can’t tell you what
it is. It’s a surprise!” he exclaimed. “Do you
have anything sparkly “or shiny we could borrow?” “Do I ever!” The Wardrobe gushed. Two of her drawers flew open. One contained shiny buttons made of gold, silver, and bronze. The other held crystal beads in all sizes. “Take as many as you need. I’ve got “lots more where these came from!” “What else do you think we need “for our night sky?” Belle asked. “We need planets!” Chip exclaimed. He raced down the hallway and burst into Cogsworth’s quarters. “Cogsworth,” he shouted,
“can we borrow some gears?”. “Gears?” Cogsworth repeated, confused. His clock hands spun
wildly around his face. “We need them for a very special surprise “in the library,” Belle explained. “In that case,” Cogsworth began. He opened up one of his cupboards and pulled out several gleaming
gears. “Will these do?” “They’re perfect!” Chip said. “Thank you!” Belle called as she followed Chip out of the room. “Now we need a way to string our “stars together,” Belle told chip. “Maybe Mama has something
we can use,” Chip said. As always, Mrs. Potts was
delighted to see them. “How about a nice spot of tea?” She asked. Chip shook his head. “No thanks, Mama. We’re working on a big project! Do you have any wire or string?” “Why, yes, I believe I
do,” Mrs. Potts said. “This egg basket’s not much
use to me with that hole. “You could unravel it for the wire.” Back in the library,
Belle and Chip arranged everything they had gathered on the table. Then they began to build
their constellation. “Chip, we’ve almost
forgotten my favourite thing “about constellations,”
Belle said. “The story!” “Don’t worry,” Chip replied.
“I know just the story.” Chip told her his idea. “That’s perfect!” Belle said. “But how are we going to hang “our constellation in the
air?” The little teacup asked. “I think I know who can help
us with that,” Belle said. “I’ll be right back!” Belle hurried to the Beast’s quarters. When she explained what
she and Chip were doing, he happily followed her to the library. The Beast climbed on top of a high ladder and hung their constellation. Then he covered it with
a large black curtain. Finally, it was time to invite everyone to see their surprise. Chip raced around on the tea cart, inviting everyone to the library. When their friends were settled, Belle blew out the candles in
the library to make it darker. Then Chip began his story. “Once upon a time, a girl named Belle “got lost in the woods. It
was dark and cold outside. “And then it began to snow.” Belle scattered paper
snowflakes in the air. “Oooh, lovely, dear,” Mrs. Potts said. “A fine way to set the
mood!” Lumiere added. “Suddenly, a pack of fierce
wolves began to chase her!” Chip shouted, making everyone gasp. “The girl was terrified, but
she was determined to escape. “She ran through the woods,
but the wolves followed her. “They surrounded her. She was sure “they were going to devour her. “And then, out of nowhere
the Beast showed up “and attacked the wolves! “He roared and snarled,
fighting off the vicious wolves. “He tossed one of the wolves so far “that it went up, up, up into the sky, “where it turned into a
constellation for everyone to see. “And there it is, to this day, “as a reminder not to
hurt the Beast’s friends!” As Chip finished his story, Belle pulled down the curtain and unveiled their constellation. Everyone burst into applause! “Wait, wait, wait,” Lumiere said, making his way up to
where Belle was standing. “I think you are forgetting
one important detail.” Belle and Chip looked
at each other, confused. They had stars, planets,
and a wonderful story. What had they forgotten? “The stars are supposed to shine, no?” Lumiere asked with a smile. He pointed his candles
up at the constellation, making each bead and button sparkle. Everyone agreed, now the
constellation was perfect! I think it’s really wonderful how Belle really created something that brought everyone in the castle together, to make something special. That’s part of what being
a princess is all about. I hope that you guys will join me again for another story soon, and until then, remember, you’re always a princess. If you dream big. (magical music)

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