AtGames Legends Ultimate – How To Play Arcade Racing Games!
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AtGames Legends Ultimate – How To Play Arcade Racing Games!

in today’s video I’ll be showing you an
innovative method that allows you to play some of your favorite arcade racing
titles on either your at games legends or arcade cabinet on your favorite
modded arcade running on a Windows 10 PC so pull up a chair grab a drink
make sure you’re subscribed to the channel as we go ahead and race towards
the exciting world of racing games coming up right after this let me introduce to you the hyper can s
wheel for Xbox one and Windows 10 this is a wireless racing wheel that has a
very sleek design in a rubberized exterior grip metallic trim and a
dedicated paddle shifters on both sides that allow you to change gears in a
flash this wheel also has built-in dedicated xB a Y buttons shoulder
buttons as well as an analog stick and a d-pad it’s lightweight and has a small
form factor for comfort and ease of use and it measures only 8 inches across now
in order to utilize this thing with your at games legend Saltzman arcade cabinet
or your favorite modded arcade cabinet running on Windows 10 PC you’re gonna
need one of these this is the official Windows 10 wireless adapter simply plug
it into the PC pair it with the controller and you’re good to go
alright let’s go ahead and check out some gameplay via KOIN ops on my at
games legends ultimate arcade cabinet I’m running coin ops on my gaming PC and
I’m streaming it locally across my Wi-Fi which is not ideal but I’m streaming it
locally over to the cabinet via the arcade net link so we get this already
connected to the PC everything’s synced up the great thing about this is I
didn’t have to do any controller figurations or anything like that I
literally just plugged in the dongle it synched it up with the controller and
it’s working just fine with coin ops as you can see as I rotate the controller
it goes to the settings so that’s a little wonky but we’ll go ahead and pick
some racing games I’ll show you just how well well this works so for starters to
select things I can either rotate or I can use the d-pad I want to go to our
racing games now to select up and down which games I want to pick I want to go
over here and hit my trigger button it’s gonna scroll through the games and we’ll
go ahead and pick a game let’s do scroll through here let’s do outrun everybody
loves outrun so my coin and Start button are going to be these face buttons here
on the front so I’m going to insert a coin all right on out runners the accelerator
is gonna be the a button for most of the games it’s particularly the trigger
button but here we are no pedals necessary just holding the button and
steering as needed it does take a little bit to get used to just holding a
steering wheel in the air though but as you can see it actually works
pretty dang well coming in hot and back out we just normally do our
hotkey thing our start and select button and we’re back into our coin ops menu let’s pick a couple more games to test
out so many good ones to choose from let’s
go with VR racing virtual racing this one my favorite games selected with our
a button let it get started up again answer at
the coin with the face button go with the big intercourse looks like the right trigger is our
accelerator so I’m gonna assume the left trigger is the brake this one is definitely touchier alright let’s pick it out and let’s test
this on steam because yes that’s right it works on steam games as well alright
as you can see here we’ve got Horizon chase turbo loaded up on steam again
sink through the arcade net over my local Wi-Fi connection there Start
button on our steering wheel and this is the demo so we’re just going to test
this out real quick rotating the wheel to go through our
let’s go let’s go good old Dodge Viper looking car again looks like the right trigger is
our accelerator why button wants to be our turbo make it’s a progress
oh I say that just as I crash for starters let me tell you a couple things
that make this steering wheel very unique as far as how it integrates with
the at games legends and some arcade cabinet first and foremost it’s very
small and it doesn’t have a big bass and pedals and everything and concluded with
it you can use it freestanding if you like or you can attach it with something
and one of the cool things I especially like is on the very back here you’ll
notice it actually has a thread and that thread lines up perfectly with something
like a tripod ball mount so you can screw that on there attach it to the
tripod ball mount and then you can attach this to the cabinet if you like
so you can a tab with probably somewhere down here by the control panel still
allowing you easy access it’s still about waist level high and you have the
adjustability of the tripod ball top so you can sit there and adjust it forward
and back to suit your needs if you don’t want to attach to the cabinet
permanently you can actually just do the same kind of thing using this track but
ball mount and attaching it to the steering wheel and then attaching the
ball mount to say a tripod so if you got a tripod there you can kind of create
your own standing pedestal for the driving games and none of that is appealing to you
then you can just do free willing free standing like this and you stand in
front of your cabinet and control willy nilly but it works like a charm honestly
and of course there are a few drawbacks of using this wireless racing wheel with
your at games Legends ultimate arcade cabinet or a different modding PC that’s
running Windows 10 first and foremost you’ve obviously probably noticed that
there’s no pedals now that may be a deal-breaker to you me personally I
didn’t find any kind of issue having to use the triggers or the buttons on the
racing wheel as my pedals however for those of you that really want that
authentic racing arcade experience well this may not be the option for you
because there are no brake and gas pedals or even a clutch pedals all you
get is the steering wheel so keep that in mind
number two is yes you absolutely do need this Xbox wireless adapter for the
Windows 10 PC to get it to work and that kind of limits you with your streaming
options from a gaming PC point so if you’re streaming on arcade net be a
local streaming with your at games legends ultimate arcade cabinet and
they’ll say your gaming pc is in a different room or a different floor or
something like that far away from your Legends ultimate and you’re sitting
there staying in front of it trying to drive well unfortunately that’s not
going to work for you because this thing and this thing need to communicate
therefore they need to be actually pretty close to each other so I plugged
this into the USB ports on the legends ultimate arcade cabinet and
unfortunately it doesn’t recognize it does it turn it on doesn’t really do
anything so maybe that’s something in developers over at games can work on
wink-wink nudge-nudge just a suggestion because if we could plug this into one
of the USB ports on the control panel and we get it to communicate with this
cheering well well by God that would solve all of our problems with
communications and distance and that would allow people to have gaming pcs in
different rooms or on a different floor of their household all the options they
needed to potentially just stand there in front of our cabinet and use this
type of device and lastly of course is the price now this thing is anywhere
from $75 to $100 depending on which retailers you get I think going right
for it right now is about $100 and the Xbox wireless adapter dongle is about
$20 so you’re looking at about 120 dollars all in which when you really
think about it it’s not too bad considering the fact that most console
steering wheel kits are about $120 to 150
depending on brand names of course yes you can get them cheaper yes you can get
them more expensive but for all the bells and whistles and all the intents
and purposes they’re actually about the same one of the things again that
oppressed me the most is the versatility of this you could mount it you can stand
there you can put it on a pedal stool you can put it on a tripod you can just
stand there drive it as you want it’s got these really cool clicking paddle
shifters which actually work really well and the compatibility of it I found it
to work perfectly well with coin-op Civ work well with steam games and also got
to work well with a lot of my techno parrot emulated games things like Sega
sonic racing all-stars say GT Mario Kart DX just to name a few games that I was
playing this and got it to work just fine so keep that in mind and that does
it for today’s video guys I hope you enjoyed the content I hope somebody out
there finds this information helpful if you’re interested in playing these
racing games well by god give it a shot because currently this is the only good
way we can really play racing games with a racing wheel and so the legends
ultimate community gets something figured out four USB connectivity so if
you like the content make sure you hit that like button if you’re new this
channel I highly suggest you subscribe for more great nerdy content like this
and as always thanks for watching guys it really means a lot


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