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Are These Bizzare facts True? | Ok Tested

Hi! how are you? The summers are back and it is a beautiful morning. Today’s quiz is about ” Are these facts real or did we just make it up?”. I really liked crazy facts. I have read Bizzare sections in newspapers but I don’t remember the last time I read a newspaper. I only read gossips in the newspaper. Which filmstar is having an affair? Do you know what is a chainsaw? Do you know why chain saws were invented? To help with childbirth.
To cut the pelvic bone to make childbirth easier. And now they use it to cut down huge trees and murder someone. If you close your nose you cannot hum, try it now. Since your nose is closed you cannot hum. As a punishment people will apply weird Mehendi designs on our palm. I have never tried Mehendi so this might be my debut. Oh yes, I am ready for the quiz. This is crazy. Bullseye! I have never thought about the animal’s sex life because I have a great one. I have heard about the pig’s orgasm. If it is true the I want to become a pig. C’mon humans, we have not evolved yet, bro. 30 minutes! I think this is true. Why did you make a fact about pigs?You won’t think that much about pigs. So, I think it’s a true fact. Final answer is true. Yeah! Okay! Pig’s orgasm is very weird and a little long too. So this is true. Woah! Pigs have a colourful life. That’s why they make a lot of noise they are still enjoying their orgasm. And our orgasm vanishes in just 8 seconds. Finished! And boys finish in 3 seconds. Now I will take pig as a compliment. It has an orgasm of 30-90 minutes and what do you do in life? We have been taught since childhood not have ice cream. If you eat it you will get ill. This fact is sponsored by my mom, your mom and moms all around the world.She used to get me medicines to ea when I had a cold. And I used to argue that only iron can cut iron. Do you believe that if you leave your hair wet you’ll catch a cold? That’s not true. If you leave your hair wet you won’t catch a cold it may be because of some other reason. So, sometimes doctors prescribe having ice cream. Because if you have a fever and your body temperature is high so you need to consume cold things so that the temperature goes down. This is true that you must not eat ice cream when you are ill. You don’t catch a cold by eating cold things according to me, so I think this is false. My logic was correct. But since you are asking me about an obvious fact I think there’s something fishy. So, I’ll say this is a wrong fact. It’s false. It’s a false statement.So my final answer is false. Woah! I knew this. I’ll say it’s false. Mom, listen to this carefully, “Ice cream can soothe your throat”. Did you just say what I think you said? F**king hell! Not just turtles even we do it at times, we also pass gases. They breathe from their butts? So do they shit from their mouth? Yukk! No, c’mon! I don’t think why but I think this is true. Like some species of turtles. Do they even have a butt because they are covered in a shell? C’mon man, yuck! There are other things we can do with a butt. My final answer is true.I don’t know, I think this is false. Okay, I should have trusted the algorithm because my gut feeling has proven out to be a waste. No, false. Ok, they can breathe.
Yeah, there is a certain species of turtle that can breathe through its butt. Is it true? Do you know what species is it? Freshwater turtles! Freshwater turtles! Some freshwater turtles do it but I know only about the rest of them. Do they die? Why do they have to die? You know what? This scares the shit out of me right now because I am a left-handed person. I want to know what are these right-handed products? It could be scissors that can kill you. Oh shit! Even doors. Doors are made for right-handed people. We use scissors to cut like this. I forgot how a scissor works. I even change the car gears with my left hand. That’s not made for right-handed people because you can’t drive like this.Is there a clutch on the right side of the car? You made this up to make the quiz interesting. This is false. What the f**k! I think the answer is wrong. This is false. My instincts are always wrong so I’ll say this is true. I’ll say that this isn’t true. Shit! I feel it’s true. Yeah! Why are you putting so confusing facts in this quiz? I am scared so I want to know what are these products because I don’t want to die now. What? Seven years to digest one piece of chewing gum? You can’t digest ghum( sadness) in just 7 or 10 years, it depends on the amount of pain. Kids tell each other that never swallow your chewing gum because one guy swallowed it and then it was stuck in his stomach… And then they have to do an operation and when they opened his stomach they found gum everywhere. Nothing like that! I have swallowed a lot of gum because my mom stopped me from doing it.
Chewing gum is undigestable, it comes out while you shit. I have never found chewing in my poop, I once found corn in my poop. Everybody watches their shit. I have swallowed chewing gums many times by mistake so I never had trouble. So, this fact is false. Woah! No, it’s false. Yeah! True. This is false. I read somewhere recently that chewing gums are undigestable so don’t swallow it because it comes as it is out of your body. By penny you mean a coin, right? No chance! No, you can’t get killed if a coin hits your head. I remember reading about this. But I don’t remember whether it is true or false. No! (x3) I don’t believe this. Let’s look at the science behind this, the acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 m/s² and the height of the building is 108 meter.What is it hits here? But the hailstorm falls from higher altitude but it can hurt you but not kill you. According to science, this is true. Okay, I don’t know enough science. At a 108 story building, the grander scheme is not high as compared to the atmosphere. So, I am gonna say that it is not true. Did I say it’s not high enough? This fact is wrong. I think there is a possibility that this might be true. This is possible. If it is true then it is so beautiful to know. Wow! Shit! I have no clue about this. It is not possible because the flag is too old. Because young people are the most creative people. But we trash them for being young and tell them to respect and follow their elders which is shitty. You know I’m not just thinking whether this is true or false but I am also thinking… will you guys give me two false questions in a row. This is true. This has to be true. Yes! Wow! I want to know the name of this guy. Let’s say this is false. It’s not true. What is the logic behind this? This is illogical. This is false. I just know that this is false. His name was Heft who designed this flag and I really like the colour scheme he used-red and blue. It’s not a big deal! So according to me, this fact is true. All my answers are correct.The most shocking fact is something not part of this quiz about the dragonfly. Imagine three to four female dragonflies chilling and as male approaches, they fake their death.A very lesser-known fact about me is that I am ambidextrous so I can play almost all the games with both my hands. I can even write with both my hands. So that is a fact about me that not many people know. Everybody keeps asking me about my hair so let me tell these are totally natural and I haven’t used any artificial items on it. I grew it naturally. This is an actual fact. My hair are natural. One shocking fact about me that was even shot on a video that I am f**king scared of pigeons. I don’t like them and if you wish to never talk to me or do anything hateful to me you can bring me a pigeon. That is the beggining of the end. I can break marriages, friendships and even leave my parents if you bring a pigeon near me. See you in the punishment, guys. Punishment! Okay!Okay guys, so today’s punishment is quite easy. We have to apply Mehendi I have no problem applying Mehendi. I have thought of what I am going to write You can start then. – Should I start?
– Yeah.Josh is writing very fast. Sexy Bouy! Oh, he is writing OK Tested. OMG! Finish writing it. Not the strongest perfume or deodorant can suppress the smell of Mehendi Sadhika has gone crazy! Why do feel like an actual Mehendi ceremony? Josh drew a plant and now he will write it’s name. He is using it like Ketchup.Kaus, No! I won the quiz and I answered all the question correctly so I deserve respect. I don’t respect you. The truth is that no facts in this quiz were as bizarre as the fact that Kaustubh won today. I gave all the answers!


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