Anita, Iga i Zosia, piłkarki
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Anita, Iga i Zosia, piłkarki

My name is Anita Abramczyk. I am a football coach in the group of girls in the Legia Soccer Schools project. My name is Iga and I play in the Legia Ladies team. My name is Zosia and I play in the Legia Ladies team. We train groups of girls in the Legia Soccer Schools project. We train twice a week and play matches on weekends. We train girls from an early age. Professionally, nobody was teaching me how to play football. I did it myself because I never had such a chance. I grew up in a very small town where boys played football and I joined them and I was a goalkeeper, because no one else wanted. Woman in football? Coaches? People think: they are just having fun, it is nothing professional. But we gain experience, learn, finish the courses and train. There are examples of Ola Sikora and Ewa Pajor – football players who play in Europe and are very good at it. Why people think that football is a boy’s game? There are no logical arguments. I think it’s because the social pressure and stereotypes that girls have to be gentle, instead of fighting on the field and be physically active. Can girls play football? Yes It’s clear. And why? Because they have the same rights as boys. Are girls good at football? They are better than boys! Better? Yes! / Sometimes. It gives me great satisfaction when I prove to someone that gender doesn’t matter. I can be as good as men are. Such stereotypes that this is something masculine… So what? Am I supposed to lock myself in a room because football isn’t for me? But I love it! And that’s the end? No! So I’m proud that we show them that we can do it, and we can be strong and happy. Just like I am. The film was made as part of the project “Expanding Gender Equality Charter Mark” Starring: Anita Abramczyk, Iga Demkowicz-Dobrzańska, Zofia Bartoszek
Legia Soccer Schools
Production: Martyna Tokarska | .kolektyw
Video available under license Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND

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