A Lucky Day At Disneyland Resort Anaheim 🇺🇸 Star Wars, Special Characters & Magic Happens!
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A Lucky Day At Disneyland Resort Anaheim 🇺🇸 Star Wars, Special Characters & Magic Happens!

Good morning everyone.
– Good morning to you all. We’re back in Disney.
– We’re here again. We’re very early in the park, day 2, and I had my Starbucks already. Me too.
– I just want another boarding pass for Rise of the Resistance.
– Yes, we’re going to try. Another day with Rise of the Resistance and Magic Happens. Magic happens indeed! We’re going to see it during the evening. I’ve already seen that it’s actually a night time parade as well. Yes, but you wanted to go home.
– Home??
– Hotel room. Let’s start our second day.
– Yes. Oh that’s why all those people are here. It will start at 8. It’s something in our minds. But because it worked yesterday over here, we’re going to try it again over here at Jolly Holiday Bakery. And hopefully, we’ll get another boarding group.
– I hope so, we’ll see.
– We’ll see. Hopefully I got the magical hand again.
– Yes, indeed! Time for breakfast. Oh, guys. Here we go again. Boarding group day 2. We’re going to try again.
– 1 more minute.
– Just 1 minute left. I’m still watching to myself over there but I need to watch over here. Don’t panic if it’s not.
– No, we saw it yesterday. That’s what we have to do. Slap the phones from other people on the ground. 15 more second.
– No Barteljaap, no!
– 15 more seconds, good luck everyone. We got one!
– Yeah, you got one?
– Yeah! 39? Wauww!
– Ohh that’s good!! Thank you so much. We’re here with Chloë and Chloë got us Boarding group 39.
– We got a Boarding group! Well done Chloë, well done! We got it.
– Got it again. I’m so happy, I’m so happy. Rise of the Resistance is fun. But meeting the princesses is fun as well. Ofcourse, Rise of the Resistance, Indiana Jones and all those rides are fun Jordy.
– But Pirates is fun as well. Yes, ofcourse we’re going on Pirates as well. I was back in Disneyland yesterday. And we haven’t been on Pirates yet.
– Nope.
– So, it’s time for Pirates of the Caribbean. And I got a new lens on my camera now that’s gonna be better in dark scenes. I’m curious how it will film Pirates. Let’s go. Okay, how amazing is this lens? I can film Pirates better as before. And we went out of the attraction and our good friend Jordy saw something I really wanted to have for a long time. Redd, the Funko Pop! It was released when they’ve changed the ride. And now it’s back. The lady behind the desk asked us if this was a new one. So, I think they’re new in stock since today. I got it. Very happy. I’m happy with this lens as well. I can film the dark rides like a pro right now. Jor, I think we went on Pirates just in time. Omg, the line is so huge now. That’s nice.
– It’s the Rise effect. Potverdompies hey, it’s 9:15 AM and our boarding group 39 had been called already. Yes, it’s insane. We got a message, “Guys, it’s group 35 already”. Yes,
– And I looked in the app. And I was thinking like, “Serious?!. Can’t believe it, so cool. So now we’re going to Rise of the Resistance. So fast. Yesterday they weren’t open yet at this time. This is so cool. So cool. And I’m excited. We going to defeat Kylo Ren and all the others. Boom boom! So cool. Well, I hope so.
– It’s gonna be like that. This was awesome! Rise of the Resistance. Guys, this is such ohh.. No idea what’s happening in there. The first order will catch you and after that you’ll escape. I have to recover a little bit. And what’s a better way to do that here at Docking Bay 7 with a Moof Juice? It’s a drink from Star Wars. Let’s try it. It’s a cold drink. This is delicious. Very fresh and full with fruits. Good recovering from Rise. Rise of the resistance is having a very good day today! It’s 11:05 AM and they’re already calling boarding group 60. That’s so cool.
– We already did it and we enjoyed our time here in Batuu. Fantastic. Such a nice thing. We’re walking here at Big Thunder Trail. This was a Smoking Area before. Just next to Big Thunder Mountain which is aways smoking. But Jor, can you remember when we walked here before?
– It was hard to breath here. Yes indeed. It was hard to breath over here. But now… Fresh air. Hello. What a ride. From Batuu to the Matterhorn. It’s a bit different. But I love it. Yes, we had a lovely… Oh my gosh! Jor, I haven’t seen you running like this in a while. We’re walking out of the castle to show you how beautiful everything is. And Jordy sees Foulfellow and Gideon. And he runs to them like an idiot. But you have to admit guys, it’s so nice to see them over here. But actually, we saved a little girl, Jordy. Did you see that? They already took another child with them. Stop doing that guys. Omg, there they go again. So Jordy, 2,5 hours later. You can say 3.
– No, 2,5. 2,5 is fair enough.
– But Magic Happens is a beautiful parade as you know. But it’s the same as Stars on Parade here in America.
– You have to wait a little while for a good spot. Omg, the whole parade route is already packed for two hours. So you have to wait. But I don’t mind. We’re standing in the sun. Sometimes a little bit too hot.. That’s why I’m wearing my cap. But we have an amazing spot now.
– Beautiful spot indeed. We’re standing around Small World. So, it’s coming soon. We can watch above all those people over here. So nice.
– I think I got a sunburn after the 2 hours. I think so, you didn’t wanted to use some creme.
– I thought it shouldn’t be necessary but when I look to my arm now… Yes and your nose.
– My nose? But anyways, the parade is starting soon. It’s worth the wait. But funny thing, Jor. What are we going to do after this? We’re going to wait for the parade again. Magic Happens is on his way. Nice show, parade. No show. It’s a show as well. Parade, show. It’s all the same.
– Enjoy. So Jordy, Magic happens during the night it’s a whole different vibe as during the day.
– Yes indeed, it was so cool. Beautiful. So nice. All the lights on the floats. Just like a night time parade. So cool to see. This was worth the wait. But now I waited enough for parades. Now it’s time for other things in Disneyland. It’s getting cold at the moment in Anaheim. So, we put our jackets on to get it a bit warm. It’s getting cold. We had a nice meal at Hungry Bear Restaurant. So Jor, let’s get it a bit warm with this other hungry bear. Winnie the Pooh. Are you excited? Excited or not. I’m going to do this. Because it’s very cold here. It changes so quick over here from Sunshine to this cold. It’s insane. It’s dark and it’s cold in a minute. Well, that was kinda sad, Jordy. We went to Meet Mickey because we haven’t done that yet during this trip. And it was just 5 minutes of waiting. You went inside the big building with the nice poster from Mickey. And where you could watch the funny video again about the croissant and other Mickey shorts. And then you see the lady over there. And she says that Mickey Mouse is filming a lot of movies over here. Just like, Steamboat Willie. And we were so happy. We thought if was finally time to meet Steamboat Willie! You could see how happy Jordy was. And then we came inside. And indeed, the was the steamboat. But no Willie. His hat was there. Mickey Mouse was dressed in his regular park outfit. Nothing is bad about that. It’s always nice to meet Mickey for sure. But oh, we were so close this time.
– Yes.
– So close. But now I know that we have to do this again during the evening. It’s not that busy and I think he’s filming some more movies during the evening. Let’s do this again later this week. I have to say, it’s nice to see the original Small World during the evening. Just the regular lights instead of all the Christmas lights. It looks nice.
– Yes, exactly. It looks beautiful. But let’s be honest, I love christmas. But that’s over now at the moment. Are you kidding?
– Yes, Christmas is over. But I really like it to see Disneyland without Christmas decorations. I was thinking I was going to wait for The Festival of Fantasy parade. If you’re waiting for Festival of Fantasy parade, you have to wait a very long time over here.
– A Christmas Fantasy Parade. A Christmas Fantasy Parade? Indeed. But I prefer Magic Happens.
– Yes me too. Are you coming? Dude? You can see a guy over here walking down Main Street. He’s tired but satisfied. He’s a little bit disappointed that he didn’t meet Mickey in his Steamboat Willie outfit. But he did Rise of the Resistance today. And… He saw Magic Happens twice today.
– Hey.
– What a day. So, this was our day in Disneyland Anaheim. We got a shot right now where you can see the castle.
– You can see a castle? Normally there’s a Christmas tree in the front. Now we can see it from this side as well. It was a fun and long day today. I’m tired and it’s cold now.
– He’s tired and it’s cold. It was very hot during the day.
– It was hot during the day but cold during the evening. I had a very nice day.
– It was a nice day. We’re tired. Jetlag hits in.
– A little bit. Let’s go and sleep in the Disneyland Hotel. Guys, I would say… Oh but guys, tomorrow is going to be a rainy day. Oh yeeeeeey.
– We have to vlog with the IPhone again. Hey.
– Hey!
– What’s going to happen with Magic Happens when it’s raining? Rainy day? Let’s see. Guys, we’ll see that next week. I would say, till the next one. Bye bye. Till the next one, bye bye.
– Bye bye. How does this work? I got it in my hands. .

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