2020 DISNEY LOOKBOOK : 8 Disney outfit ideas for all seasons | Angie Au
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2020 DISNEY LOOKBOOK : 8 Disney outfit ideas for all seasons | Angie Au

Hi I’m Angie
I love Disney. And I’m a cast member at Hong Kong Disneyland. And this is my ultimate Disney lookbook. Featuring eight Disney outfits. The outfits I’ll be showing you today are
for all four seasons. And each outfit is inspired by one Disney
character. These outfits are perfect for everyday life
or if you wanna go to Disney parks. Without further ado, let’s get into the
video. To start things off, we have Maleficent. This outfit is perfect for chilly days in
spring. This top and mini skirt are from GU. The backpack is of course from loungefly. Boots are from oriental traffic. Even my umbrella has Maleficent on it. How cute is this? Next off, we have Bo Peep. In this outfit I’m Disney bounding as her
in toy story 4. If you have a pink belt, wear it. I don’t, so I skipped this step. This pink cap I borrowed from my mom. So I don’t know where it’s from. Off shoulders top is again from GU. Pairing with this pink crossbody from Coach. Jeans I bought from Zara. Shoes are from Palladium. They are waterproof. This is actually my first time doing Disney
bounding. So forgive me if it’s not too good. The third outfit is inspired by Mickey Mouse. This top is from Bershka. And I’m just pairing it with my GU leather
mini skirt. This cute Minnie ears I bought in Tokyo Disney. The earrings I bought in a street market in
Hong Kong. How cute is this backpack? It’s from cotton on. Shoutout to Rachel for buying me this. The next outfit is Star Wars themed. Sorry to say I bought this t-shirt a long
time ago in japan. And I’m just styling it with a mini skirt
I bought in Monki. I just love this way of styling t-shirts. White sneakers are from Nike. This awesome lightsabers necklace I bought
in Hong Kong Disneyland. Outfit number 5 is inspired by Alice. This look is a little similar to the last
outfit. This tee is from Uniqlo. And this colorful mini skirt is from Zara. This clutch is definitely the star of this
outfit. I bought it in japan. Same goes to these earrings. How cute are those? Outfit number 6, Tinker Bell. This green dress I’m obsessed with is from Bershka. These green vans I have for ages. And of course I have to talk about this bag. This bag is designed by Danielle Nicole. She designs the best Disney bags. If you don’t know her, check her out. This hair scrunchie has Tinker Bell patterns
on it. But it’s not really showing on camera. My friend Samantha bought me this necklace. I believe she bought it in Hong Kong Disneyland. Moving on to outfit number 7, Rapunzel. I just love this scene from tangled. This top is colorful enough. So I’m just pairing it with white shorts
from Bershka. And white sneakers from adidas. Last winter outfit, we have Minnie Mouse. This look is more casual. I know this outfit does not look too Disney
right now. But surprise is in the back. This clutch bag I bought in Japan. Jeans is again from Bershka. White sneakers from adidas again. Look at the back of this sweatshirt. How cute is this? Again this is from Bershka. This necklace is from Hong Kong Disneyland. Thanks for watching. If you like this video, please gives it a
thumbs up. Subscribe to my channel. And follow me on Instagram. Until next time, stay beautiful.

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