#132 Обзор посылки с Китая, Проводной геймпад для Xbox360 и ПК

hey there obvious to parcels
China came in two parcels in the attack
this premise presumably
Gamepad this assumption khalyavnykh system
temples porsche each bag with cinema writings
that is not easy to curious can I get it
real prerequisites free then here’s one
then came see that
trade began start gamepad
came to China 118 bucks and I have it
the second day under first gamepad in addition
who me for this This does not fit
Wireless us here come wired so I ended up
a very long long time wireless as a result there gis under
Anapa pallium back and money 1 at this point, until
Money appeal until there is practiced here
Walls thought that I would glad I ordered a study
not ipad because then
turned out that this hypothesis was
money return it from I had to order another
money at Thule landed what I will
do already and while it is not
brought back so had where do you wait for the second
Gamepad experiment will hold a year there is a hand
well with the other then hand him a place
I do not understand Strygin because
it is inconvenient the more he tries like this man Yegor Stroyev
inspection but even curious what will happen to him
it is easier to work there was not the the the the
when the battery is all it will be the one who can good enough
conditions besides, the support the ruble I personally do not like meat
birds from nets instead of Telichenko say so
it is not so so sit still
packed Again this cases rather than words
I became the vessel Gamepad Kuznetsov report
throat still not means something
clarify this situation this 2 acidity years like that on a plane
Services this is our the female put on
this price originality
seconds in any way as to distinguish
original and original on a uniform but there is
Criticism is deleted there I am familiar with boxing Clooney original
just a solid silver
Silver is here I do not know that this club
hold officer button percentage that is they do not
Pirates of others m profitable rehash
friends called but just them on the map
they are all just as well These products
use but housing the way here
just noticed with responsibility imagine him
Vadim to the next rubles and that as a general such that about nothing so n but there is no
no debt and then another year
end also do well but shorter man
collection of more help less but here come
really noticeable when that they do not like it
but absolutely critical these are today do not understand
which leads to motion like all
order made devote only such an honor here such
Shcherbachenko China sitting in the UOC bodies
to operate sale 70 years why
this is all there is market with batteries
it is much warmer and he softer besides here
But under the fingers nothing not to save the Party work
yes to support the Moto aunt departed find
little notes Loose finger rub
whatever you like hold with or without
so it would be At this point there
shown from without as something that
who foot finger can hold it
there are more than a shovel Douglas can say
with time it matter of habit to this
You can also easily get used to ITAR-TASS keep it in the course of this
plan a bit better yet also in May
joysticks as I do not know I can
have already been developed and more because but say their group
Some have gone already developed recently
that is, no you tugovato so I would
said here hated
my heart cross rather
community of love and xbox then crossbar Boat
just awful when the machine is admissible
hepatitis generally can not but in general, work
very deep regions was better
would separate like trip we are waiting for all the good
goes on so long that Kirov traveled
Mlyn officially because tunneling and
xbox and anthem front projects they are
exactly in love depth and there
take Akulina plug just imagine but there is such a any year stalemate center of the bottom of the
so is very similar to the bottom Wireless
confirmed that print wire and back
we have the contrast this we have the fact that there
not used the cover inside those when
Mecca well come more convenient but protos
limit so that these are still possible
is not suitable for all but Overall everything was done
good enough A. Dyukov that in fact it
khalyavnykh Links it is more a question of me
distinguish coin just quickly assembled me more forehead
surprised that it had We have a goal that is
is the US Group features parcel from New York
Even so, you can then call and so we
here is aiming Valuev lost $ 1
asset will be your present as it is from the
Gift is the topic church that only well
there is generally UNICS guardianship make money
do not like it at all like that one fact and you know go into
press Kabutov Sandwich see it
such as during a search of a sign that
write night in general is not
will their views on say about it
because penetrated 3 people
belong to the elite seriously and jpmorgan whether wrong
understood by dad see it
such garden can not simply be
curious for free package that you can
to get so he brought
get at least could from the street this is the success of which is then there khaljavnogo
structures and besides you
can not know glad that
TJS posting York however came so in the village more
cost nothing so there is piracy
at least envelope that is, we can
see use that can be found at
navigating here we consultation filling grandson
I love this thing purity another question which want to estimate
called Andrus what garden 1 I honestly not really reading with
claim all the same kind of experience and
we have icons to the fullness stickers if the sticker so again
hands and claws ask we do it here
it is, they have during want abad asset Afte
party young technologist type of crisis
holy water yet just curious what
it is a challenge What happened to the
Court is a freebie really pack water
there is something having called it the most
perhaps even what it is the church that
that is that the water alone as she is
there is Arshavin with a
long distance to us water it has come to this
may not even know who brag
some sale we are
attacked widget it lands for
Prospect channel on car to somewhere
cling and here we have some sort of
a chain probably so to speak
husband we now have a strong and here we have and all things
unlit hell Tambov shalicha
Spartak simply cross What is made of what he
interesting Yusufov th here at all
awesome have to listen to
buried Monica Forum phosphorus bent rubles he mistook ie
movie talking about the city allocation of these
highlighted class land of here
only for the sake of can be ordered I love challenges such
I love the theme that topics Here is a flash except the kibbutz someone may be
because in fact Women Izhevsk people fucking
woman in short can be like it
from the attack of the CSTO beads I have this year, I do not
strong in Omsk classes this premise for free
so for free and Libya gift horse in the mouth
do not look so to speak could after his
creativity lists she came choral
perhaps someone it will be interesting postal and gums that
it follows from this Such are the bosses
are made at this session of the Board
honestly do not dismantled state
phosphorus no phosphorus such as phosphorus
protectively so it is called in general, that its same
Oksana sign up
rates huskies and wife under

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