❌  Cómo BORRAR HISTORIAL de BUSQUEDA de Play Store 2020
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❌ Cómo BORRAR HISTORIAL de BUSQUEDA de Play Store 2020

In the description of this video, you have the link to the FULL TUTORIAL in text and more info Chapter 1: Clear Play Store search history from app We open the Play Store. We see that in the search bar our historical appears To remove it we go to the left menu and click on “Settings” Here we will click on “Clear local search history” If we click on the search bar again, we will see that our history no longer appears Chapter 2: Clear Play Store Search History from Google Activity Another option is to enter My Google activity (link in description) Click on the 3 points on the right and choose “Other Google activity” Now you will have to look for the “Google Play Library” section and select the “View activity” tab Now you will see all the activity you have done on Google Play. If you want to delete the history from that date, you must select the trash icon at the top If you want to delete an activity, you must display the menu of the three dots. You will see that the option to delete “Delete” appears


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